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    She has some identifying tattoos
  2. Frida made several posts on her IG a year or two back about sexual misconduct in the fashion industry. I specifically remember one that read "my work should not include abuse!" I hope she never experienced anything traumatic but it gave me a strong impression that she was having ethical questions about the industry she was involved in which may account for why she doesn't do much modelling anymore. Plus. I think she may see more creative opportunity in acting. She's a smart woman with a lot of depth to her so I can't really blame her.
  3. From a recent Italian publication. Wow, this is photo really audacious, even for Marloes. edit: I'm not sure that the photo was actually of Marloes, so I removed it.
  4. Just as an update, I found this model a while back. I cannot remember her name but she is Ukrainian and gets about 90% of her attention from her nude modelling but seems to have an ambition and small portfolio for fashion-oriented stuff (I'm kind of pulling for her on that front). I realize "tasteful nudes" is somewhat subjective but what I briefly viewed of her work (which I will NOT be posting here) shows way more...er...anatomy than what is usually in that category. But then again. I don't claim to know what's acceptable in art and fashion any more. I was recently looking at a foreign fas
  5. Well it would be a shame if this were a last resort thing for her as she looks to have potential. I get the impression sites like that scout out failed or hard up fashion models who are actually signed to an agency since most have your very tall/lean catwalk look, rather than the typical busty bombshell thing. I guess there's a market for that. I only care because I was going to reblog her to a fashion inspiration site I run before seeing the rest of her portfolio. If she has a drug habit, her skin still looks good. Here are a couple more if it helps.
  6. They are both really pretty, I abstain from voting lol
  7. I feel a kindred connection to this model as we share the same first name
  8. I saw this girl's photos on a fashion-related tumblr. She looked familiar but then I clicked and got linked to the soft-porn site "met-art.com" and that she was a model for it under the name "Sigrid". I was pretty shocked, I am all for people doing whatever they want in life but apparently she is 5' 11'' and could easily be a top model, IMO. I'm not sure how she ended up in a career path of doing explicit spread leg/butt type nudes. I was wondering if she had formerly done any legitimate modelling work?
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