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    Taylor Hill

    https://scontent.cdninstagram.com/hphotos-xfa1/t51.2885-15/s640x640/sh0.08/e35/11248109_869089096513805_626150018_n.jpg @hungvanngo: #CaptionThis .... @taylor_hill @victoriassecret #TaylorHill #HungVanngo #victoriassecret #victoriassecretangel #OnlyAtVS #TheNewestAngels #nofilter ❤️ Sorry, but we don’t allow the posting of images using only image tags and an external URL. Please use an image hosting site (e.g. imagebam, imgur) or alternatively, upload to the BZ server. The rules regarding this can be found here. (~ Michael*)
  2. dreamgirl

    Taylor Hill

    @victoriassecret: Ready, Chicago! @Taylor_Hill has taken over our Snapchat for a day in Chi-town. Follow us UN: victoriassecret as she tours the city & ends up at #MichiganAvenue store 7pm TONIGHT! #TaylorTakeover #TheNewestAngels @hungvanngo: Spending the day in Chicago today with this insanely gorgeous & genuine angel @taylor_hill for @victoriassecret ❤❤ #TaylorHill #HungVanngo #victoriassecret #victoriassecretangel #OnlyAtVS #TheNewestAngels
  3. dreamgirl

    Candice Swanepoel

  4. dreamgirl

    Taylor Hill

    @benoitmoeyaert: Taylor in the disco booth.Instagram video https://instagram.com/p/50R6HwAxb2/
  5. dreamgirl

    Taylor Hill

    @tracydeleu: #discopanties @taylor_hill ✨ and that's a wrap! #thankyou @willdavidsonphoto @lizmcclean @deannahaganmakeup @benoitmoeyaert #victoriassecret ❤❤
  6. dreamgirl

    Blanca Padilla

    @blaancapadilla: Kinda @victoriassecret day @kennalandny
  7. dreamgirl

    Taylor Hill

    @keikohiramotos: Pretty in pink @rachelhilbert @taylor_hill @888dre @gnamariac
  8. dreamgirl

    Romee Strijd

    You're welcome, Edernez. Large size More for Victoria's Secret
  9. dreamgirl

    Romee Strijd

    @jeromeduran: BABY ANGELS @josephineskriver @taylor_hill @bragadany @romeestrijd @victoriassecret #VSFashionShow #Screening #latergram
  10. dreamgirl

    Taylor Hill

    @jeromeduran: BABY ANGELS @josephineskriver @taylor_hill @bragadany @romeestrijd @victoriassecret #VSFashionShow #Screening #latergram
  11. dreamgirl

    Taylor Hill

    @taylor_hill: Happy birthday @taylorswift!!! Hope you had the best birthday weekend EVER! #Tsquared @taylor_hill: Things are getting a little heated this holiday season @michael_shank
  12. dreamgirl

    Taylor Hill

    VS Live