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  1. Hi

    Happy Holidays to the most hard-working person I know for compiling all the fashion videos :)

  2. Меня начинает жутко раздражать осознание факта, что всем похуй, что мне не похуй. Удалите мой аккаунт, идиоты, меня заебал ваш ебучий спам.
  3. Here are my settings. Nevertheless, I still get the notice. Apparently I'm stupid, so please adjust everything for me.
  4. Today: Really? Here's how to do it really is: 1. Deploy the new software on a subdomain beta.bellazon.com 2. Create on the old site announcement like "We try to make a better site for you, please take part in the testing." 3. Profit.
  5. I still get a notification about new posts in threads I follow. Also I get a weekly summary. I don"t know why you updated software, but now it has become worse and much more: design terrible, site terribly slow, often not open for hours, a bunch of spoiled posts, notification bugs. Haste makes waste. Isn't it?
  6. Dear administration. Stop sending me any e-mail. I didn't ask. New software? I don't care. And I don't want to configure anything ... again. Just stop. Or delete my account. Riley user.
  7. "Park Hotel, Room Number 26" by Venetia Scott for W Magazine May 2015
  8. Urban Outfitters "Fading To White"
  9. By Karim Sadli for T Style Magazine May 2015
  10. By Emilio Tini for How To Spend It Magazine
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