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  1. Or they are targeting the wrong demographic, (teens and tweens/College students) and their quality doesn't appeal to the demographic they should be targeting, (women aged 25-40). Their quality doesn't warrant their price and half their marketing doesn't appeal to women above the age of 25 and those under 25 are to busy spending money on university and/or booze. Also closing store fronts isn't as detrimental or alarming as some might think. A lot of sales are moving towards online as it's cheaper for the company and online sales are generally increasing across the board for most companies. People don't want to go shopping anymore, why go out when you can do it from the comfort of your own home, or while killing time on the bus or subway.
  2. I’m actually not that unhappy with casting this year. Sure there are some models I’m not a big fan of but I’m more apathetic about them then anything. As for a few of the new girls being cast I’m quite excited!! Some great looking walks. A more well rounded group of body types and just all around it just looks pretty solid. So fingers crossed the decent choices continue in music and outfit choices. Bring back the glitter!! Send someone to San Francisco to raid their supplies goddammit. I miss the sparkles. @Kevork89 hey hun!! Good to hear you’re doing well. I took a bit of a hiatus as well. Works insane but what’s new we we should catch up though! Glad to see you’re back
  3. By the above logic shouldn't we be looking at where they were from versus their skin color. I never brought up percentages or degrees of how "white" someone was, I was merely pointing out that many people from certain regions draw their roots from culturally more diverse standards. But I guess diversity is only factored in if you are anything but white as all Caucasian countries are lumped in as one thing even though their culture and backgrounds are quite different in many cases.
  4. Hungarians are typically considered to be of Nomadic Steppe descent or Romani descent as the diaspora that is Romani has a fairly large concentration within Hungary. I never said she wasn't white, but some people don't consider Mongolians or Romani to be Caucasian. As for Sara Sampaio she is Portugese, take that however you want, but if you're going to equate her to being white you might as well group anyone who has "pale" skin as white as well considering large swathes of the South American continent especially through Brazil and Venezuela have intermingled with many of European descent especially following WWII.