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  1. Alright, I've received a few reports about this now and I really don't know what to say. I don't care if you guys want to speculate about Candice's sex life, or lack thereof but take it to pm because I certainly don't want to have a bunch of people start crying about it either. I don't know when sex turned into such a taboo but holy fuck at this point it seems like if one of you wanted to say the sky was blue and another wanted to say the sky was green someone would report it. Enough! Speculating if Candice had sex at Carnival because it's a highly sexualized event is not degrading to the model it's speculation. That does not warrant a report. Unless someone comes in and calls her a whore or a slut don't report it. Put on your big boy/girl pants and ignore it if it bothers you.
  2. Laleto 24362956_353187041812158_2904060722699646622_n.mp4 24250115_380318235713704_8514262672110548754_n.mp4 23100290_153853518691751_2357938849390264320_n.mp4 22460180_377987175966274_9010503931427553280_n.mp4 22431296_128730607839930_976308966176849920_n.mp4 21876839_926616690819431_4323553408616235008_n.mp4 19512651_2283084218583983_4102950552420220928_n.mp4 19090842_1054327501367544_5084942258545885184_n.mp4 18832804_1917451108531972_1114429505188921344_n.mp4 18488226_790878211080592_5198829058770599936_n.mp4 18468664_1276153442505425_4723627421805314048_n.mp4 18427308_335559940192849_819783457214300160_n.mp4 18400852_997010020434791_654032032082427904_n.mp4 17157143_161461384366032_5671853551043739648_n.mp4 16734632_1825255974390489_4665353460152008704_n.mp4 16544537_776470069167896_859542433329840128_n.mp4 16472183_666483740197283_9007096119691313152_n.mp4 16442303_1390037904402584_1939482595217637376_n.mp4 16404592_1239727846114981_8172096993506623488_n.mp4 16386113_1873618026251406_128974427630075904_n.mp4 16378503_740891842735011_5003996487386923008_n.mp4
  3. Yes the fact that they don't care about what we have to say and the fact that even if they read this they wont take any of it to heart. Ed literally said he got rid of his instagram because of comments like you all are making. It just pisses them off and makes them even less inclined to take any criticism. Holy fuck, you all literally rip everything they do apart before it's even out, what makes you think they'll take that negativity to heart after the fact when they're judged before the final product is seen. They do not give two shits what a bunch of random people on a forum have to say, especially when 90% of what is said is negative regardless of what they do. What you guys are doing isn't constructive criticism, it's just straight negative and it's depressing. Literally it makes people not even want to come on here because it's all just bitching.
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