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  1. I'm ready for Sansa to win this whole fucking thing
  2. I love being completely unspoiled for the show. Honest to god we all (the ones who havent seen the leaks) know nothing about what happens in Episodes 4-6 and they are all 80 minutes long. thats beautiful
  3. Sansa and Daenerys wooooooooooooooooooooooo
  4. I guess she might have good sales stats, along with Barbara..I'm gonna stick around for the fumes if in the next few days Grace doesnt get an announcement. Also if Lameka gets one
  5. I would definitely NOT recommend her to be on a Portuguese soap opera. Also, let's not forget she's a Victoria's Secret angel, she cant afford to spend 9 months shooting in Portugal and she def wouldnt do a side role on one. Just no they're awful
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