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  1. Alt Shift X posts mostly show stuff with books excerpts, but it was clear that the show wasnt going to adress everything, I mean, how could they? I never expected them to get to every detail. George on the other hand,...
  2. Agreed. there are big changing times for TV, VS could try to bid several streaming platforms for their VSFS catalogue plus new shows..kind of a missed opportunity actually
  3. I hope no one posts spoilers here Also, I have nothing good to say about Game Of Thrones right now................
  4. She went to the MET wow Sara!!! This has always been a big milestone for her
  5. Same!! Still, if anyone wants to talk about those spoilers, could they not talk about them here anymore? It's just very tempting! Also, are they good twisty at least
  6. Score, cinematography, editing, visual effects were perfect tho
  7. @Cult Icon I knew they had to meet again wooo I'm not sure how I feel about the writing of this episode...I feel so pressured about the next 3 episodes, they could for sure fuck this up idk
  8. Arya and Melisandre better meet this season, I've been waiting for it since Mel said it in S2
  9. Best non-battle episode in AGES, felt like we were back in an episode based on a book. Honestly, I'm super pleased with this season so far.
  10. Game Of Thrones leaks again yikes
  11. I'm ready for Sansa to win this whole fucking thing
  12. I love being completely unspoiled for the show. Honest to god we all (the ones who havent seen the leaks) know nothing about what happens in Episodes 4-6 and they are all 80 minutes long. thats beautiful
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