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  1. Parabéns Sara!!! Happy Birthday!!
  2. I see it like this July Week 4-August Week 1 ->> Fall stuff August Week 2 ->> Holiday August Week 3/4 ->> vacation idk September is fashion month but only 3 or 4 of them do it religiously (Tay, Sara, Romee, Stella) so I'm guessing castings+shooting more holiday here October is prepping everything November is the show December is wtf idc
  3. i think these are for store pictures. Lily, Stella, Sara and Martha did those kind of shots with Russ a year ago. Lily is shooting in a different place.
  4. Annnnd Candice is posting more weird stuff
  5. lollololo. She shot something today that wasn't Mackage or VS or Elle China (her previous jobs). I think it's either an editorial with Gucci or Gucci (naahhht really). Also, Elle China had a caption on IG with a post of a video with Sara and mentioned ''covergirl'' Sara Sampaio, so I think she and Martha might be getting Elle China covers around the time of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in October-December. China is a huge country so it' really good for visibility.
  6. I'm lovin this year's show!!
  7. Let's add Gigi Gorgeous too
  8. Salsa is pretty awful indeed. Maybe just Sara and Elsa would suffice. I like Sara and Lais, but Sara and Jasmine yek. Lais honestly just looks older than all of the NA and it's hard to look good with either with them.
  9. Are we really forgetting the real queen of the runway: LELEPONS
  10. Pulerier all the way
  11. I just want Megan Puleri to be an Angel honestly
  12. I feel like the holiday commercial shoot will be in the beginning of August.
  13. I have noticed that Sara looks great in pairings. Saylor is gold, Salsa is silver, and she looks pretty god with almost every other angel. I've come to realize that that also happens to Taylor IMO.
  14. The documentary shows a great deal of how almost everything we eat is bad for us and increases our chances of getting diseases. That's I'm anxious and careful right now about what I eat