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  1. Elsa Hosk

    Elsa's killing it so much lately, she doesn't stop!! I remember when Sara had a season when she did so many new shows and events, so I imagine the thrill this must be for some of Elsa's more hardcore fans. She's awesome lately
  2. Sara Sampaio

    Hoping she heads to Milan!
  3. Sara Sampaio

    But I'm not sure if it was today, plus he didn't tag VS and he always does when it's VS related
  4. Sara Sampaio

    OH MY
  5. Sara Sampaio

    where have you seen this
  6. Sara Sampaio

    Ugh the brazilian media is putting Sara and Neymar together ugh ugh
  7. Sara Sampaio

    She's going to be in NY for 24h and she'll be right back in Milan!
  8. Sara Sampaio

    Here it is @jay_hk
  9. The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    Elsa has been a nice surprise and I like it. Sara and Stella seem to have taken the month to chillax
  10. The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    Taylor has walked for 7 shows during NYFW, making it the most from any angel this season.
  11. The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    Makes sense, MFW starts tomorrow
  12. Sara Sampaio

  13. The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    Presuming Sara, Taylor and Jo there for Tommy Hilfiger show, Romee is in Barcelona.