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  1. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/nov/06/steve-bannon-banned-by-twitter-for-calling-for-fauci-beheading Steve Bannon banned by Twitter for calling for Fauci beheading This psycho was rightfully banned from a social media platform where inciting hate and calling for the MURDER of someone is veehmently forbidden. Censorship!1!1! "
  2. A sitting president is scared to lose elections in various states so he's igniting his MAGAites to protest in the ballot centers, just slowing down the vote counting process...
  3. While ep5 lost some of its momentum for me, excited for today!!!
  4. The way Trump was lowkey right to change WHO funding
  5. The Elle shots are absolutely killer. She's taking over the world + having all these greats shot. I'm obsessed.
  6. Her dog is 6!! uhh I remember when he was a lil baby so cute!
  7. Elsa's also 31, that's a classic age to retire from VS
  8. Especially with corona, but I don't think it would come back anyway. There's 0 demand for it rn.
  9. The way that two days ago, I thought Corona was still something far away, but that I still had to be careful with it. In the space of 48 hours, I've learned of 7 new suspect cases of people that have been in contact with me in the last 9 days. people that probably contracted the virus while they were away, meaning that they've had the virus for longer than it officially reached our country. Scary. Hope I don't get sick enough to require a hospital bedroom so that I don't take one from an elderly person.
  10. It's November and it's Christmas time. I don't wanna leave the house, it's cold and rainy. I want to stay inside until March.
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