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  1. I thought I couldn't dislike her more, yet here i am.
  2. They need to make Grace E. an angel ASAP. She has the body, the face, the HF background and the comercial one, the personality. I could go on but well, she's just a bombshell and they should know it by now. I'm just waiting to see when she's going to have a beauty contract, if she doesn't have one by now.
  3. Do you have some thoughts about why could it be?
  4. Agree, and I hated the double opening. Camille and Constance were sooo different. They were uneven, didn't walk at the same time, different vibe... jeeeeeez awful for me tbh, I liked more when they did that with Gigi and Binx at the Versace closure... they were in sync, loved it. (10:03)
  5. Is this Kaia's walk debut? Is not HD like Bella's or Alexander Wang but I don't see anything wrong with it. I mean she doesn't slays as in AW but is not bad.
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