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  1. I thought I couldn't dislike her more, yet here i am.
  2. Jourdana looks incredible. She's gorgeous and has a WALK. I would love to have her as regular.
  3. They need to make Grace E. an angel ASAP. She has the body, the face, the HF background and the comercial one, the personality. I could go on but well, she's just a bombshell and they should know it by now. I'm just waiting to see when she's going to have a beauty contract, if she doesn't have one by now.
  4. I thought it was a performers confirmation - the BA looks like the Bad Reputation font. But I don't like Balmain and Olivier irritates me so... we'll see.
  5. OMGGGGGGGGGGG I can totally see that hahaha now i need to see that film, thanks!!
  6. Do you have some thoughts about why could it be?
  7. Sorry, english is not my first language; what does 'single white famales her' means? And I love Ming but I can't stand her over-cutiness. Like childish, I don't know, I really can't.
  8. Agree, and I hated the double opening. Camille and Constance were sooo different. They were uneven, didn't walk at the same time, different vibe... jeeeeeez awful for me tbh, I liked more when they did that with Gigi and Binx at the Versace closure... they were in sync, loved it. (10:03)
  9. Is this Kaia's walk debut? Is not HD like Bella's or Alexander Wang but I don't see anything wrong with it. I mean she doesn't slays as in AW but is not bad.
  10. What a cheap-looking cover don't like it
  11. LMAOOOOOO I didn't know that the lack of show in 2004 was because of that!!!
  12. Noooo, I like Nana She has a classical beauty and a lot of appealing. Glad to hear about Abby being axed, I can't stand her.
  13. Yesssss but I'm okey with Sui or Ming and then Grace ♥ After they let go 3 or 4 models from the Angel line-up
  14. So do we confirm she posted the VS bag just TO TROLL US? Like, a day before confiming her pregnancy?? LMAOOOOOO
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