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  1. Yes? What answer did you think you were gonna getting asking her fans in her thread?
  2. She just didn’t sign a sport contract. There are different categories (lingerie, swim, beauty and sport) and some girls just don’t work for those areas of the brand if they have pre-existing contracts. (Or negotiate out of at resigning.) ie) Taylor with Lancôme, therefore she won’t work with the beauty line. Candice won’t shoot for swim because of her brand.
  3. Yeah, my best guess is she left Next without fulfilling her contract and there's legal stuff to deal with. Ginta Lapina was sued by Women for the same thing a few years ago. And yeah, I was checking and both of them have deleted their posts. Ali still has his up though.
  4. That's really odd. I wonder why- she's clearly still with them as she was working with Jen last week.
  5. Her portfolio is down. http://www.thelionsny.com/newyork/talent/lorena-rae/portfolio/ I'm getting a page not found error, and she's not on their main board anymore.
  6. I'm watching VS instagram story for Alexina's event and I'm really puzzled why they have a random influencer with her. It looks like this is the first time they've met (they're playing some get to know each other game) so it's not like Romee pairing up with Negin to work the BFFL angle. Do they not think Alexina can carry the event by herself? I'm sure Grace will get a solo event like Barbara. Leomie has the smallest following so maybe she'll get stuck with someone as well, but they should have put Leomie and Alexina together if that was their concern.
  7. The press will call any model who works with the brand an Angel. (And models that haven't tbh.)
  8. This is a new to me shot for VS Bombshell.
  9. I love that VS shot. She's doing dress fittings according to her IG story- I'm going to assume she'll be at Cannes again this year.
  10. Time to retire these boots for forever, Lo.
  11. ^ She worked with the hair stylist that usually works with Romee and a different make up artist for her Coachella looks and I love the looks. Hopefully she works with them more in the future. I'm also in LOVE with the floral pink dress she was wearing.
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