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  1. Elisabetta Franchi FW17
  2. +1 Some of the looks last year were so painfully lazy. I don't mind them having a big cast, but I do wish they would give the Angels 3 outfits. They really haven't gotten anything in the past years to let them stand out or seem special- even non-Angels were getting closings and openings.
  3. Your math is off. 14x3=42 Even if they stay with in the 80-85 outfit range like last year, it's completely plausible to give all the Angels three outfits, but I imagine VS will probably cast more girls/give more girls two looks.
  4. ^ I want to see Elsa and Candice do press together. I don't actually think they would play well off each other, but it would amuse me.
  5. New cast announcements. Season 3 Trailer
  6. Could you link the video? I didn't see it! Or was it on his story?
  7. Ok, it's technically not a tramp stamp. It might actually be worse.
  8. Lord, what is happening. I don't even mind Sarina's body but that smile is the stuff of nightmares. And I'm with Pink on Olivia. Gorgeous body, but the fact does nothing. Steph Mi is my pick out of this casting call. Her Hello Kitty tramp stamp gives me life.
  9. I very much doubt it's holiday commercial. It could be a fragrance commercial, or just a solo campaign for a specific bra or product line. Sara just left for vacation, and assuming they'll use all Angel again, the commercial will probably shoot the beginning of August, with castings near the end of the month.
  10. Nothing? VS and the models hype it up every year- this biggest, the best, you won't know what to expect!!! And they never deliver. There is probably no surprise at all, and if there is, I doubt it'll be as mind blowing as y'all are expecting.
  11. That's what I was hoping, but didn't want to jinx it. VS Instagram
  12. He wishes Gisele happy birthday every year. You guys are seriously reading way too deep into everything.
  13. She's shooting for Vogue with Pat McGrath.
  14. Yeah, I think castings will be the 3rd week of August, and then fittings immediately after that before fashion week starts. Disappointed by the lack of #TrainLikeAnAngel posts at this point. We're a month out girls, stop slacking in the sucking up department.