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  1. I think it’s Brittni Tucker? But I’m not 100% sure honestly. Aiden is the star of this Miami shoot.
  2. I think it’s more unlikely she was never walking. The caption comes from Getty, and they’re inaccurate with a lot of them. They see a model on the street near a model who was at a fitting; and assume they were both there.
  3. I’m personally more surprised by the inclusion of Behati, honestly. I really thought she’d be peacing out after the last show. Same with Elsa tbh. She’s only shot once so far this year, with all the other signed Angels working a lot more. Feels like she’s on her way out too.
  4. I don’t know why anyone is surprised by Lily not being an Angel anymore. I’m pretty sure the last thing she shot was the holiday commercial in 2017. Like people have already said, she had a good run with VS. She was never going to be one of their front runner Angels like Candice or Adriana, but she got her Fantasy Bra and plenty of love from VS during her contract, and it makes sense for her to move on, given that VS seems to really be switching to a younger, girlier look and demographic.
  5. Yeah, they’ve already been shooting swim since January, it should be released fairly soon in time for spring break. And they already have been slowly reintroducing clothing on their website since last year, I remember it being discussed around the time of the VSFS.
  6. Seems like she’s skipping FW which I’m little surprised by after she did her first couture week.
  7. But yeah, she must be mistaken. They’re not going to have a location of two/three girls in the Bahamas only. Also there’s still the athletes shoot.
  8. This really was the worst year for the Valentine’s campaign. Half of it was a cutesy childish campaign that would have suited Pink, and the other was a tacky neon nightmare. What was supposed to be seductive, sexy, or romantic about any of it?
  9. The blonde is Megan Williams. Maia Cotton and Maya Stepper are the other two in the gif/boomerang. Sadie was just attending the launch event. She wasn’t there as a VS spokesperson like Sara was.
  10. PETA...yikes. Anyone that actually cared about animals would not align themselves with PETA.
  11. Vanity Fair Italia ph: Baard Lunde
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