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  1. Elsa Hosk

    No! She deleted them before the 24 hrs were up. I went to save them the next morning and she had erased the story.
  2. Elsa Hosk

    You gotta show me a photo after you cut it!
  3. Elsa Hosk

    I think VS will leave it short. They’ve left it alone for the holiday commercial and the press events, and they had Karlie walk with short hair, plus a lot of the black girls have been walking with their natural hair recently so I don’t think they’re as much into having all the girls conform to one look.
  4. The "What Are You Thinking About Right Now?" PIP

    And now I can't download the videos from the main feed unless I want a zip file of everything. I have to go to each profile individually.
  5. The "What Are You Thinking About Right Now?" PIP

    What a crazy person. Spying? People are literally only reposting images that have already been posted PUBLICLY by herself or the photographers/clients.
  6. Elsa Hosk

    Stella celebrated Elsa's birthday with her tonight. The two anti-social angels.
  7. Elsa Hosk

    I really don’t think Elsa could be gaining/losing enough weight in the span of a week to have a visible difference. Or at least, I’ve never noticed these changes. And while her weight certainly does fluctuate between fashion week/vsfs time, I don’t think her body changes are that different from any other model.
  8. The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    Horrendous quality, but PJ promo video from the VS site.
  9. Elsa Hosk

    In case you're still wondering, Elsa mentioned in her WWD interview that Tom is going to Shanghai with her, and then they're going to Japan for a vacation after the show. Full sized. I'm loving her in the red for the SO. Like I mentioned in the VSFS thread, I could do without the necklace. If they wanted to accessorize, maybe some simple belly chains with the crystals, or even just a little belt would be much more cohesive. The wings look stunning.
  10. The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    The nude lips are making all the girls look real strange, especially Romee and Sara. Sara looks very mannish. The make up seems harsh on all of them except Taylor. She looks great.
  11. Cintia Dicker

    Yeah, it's her. Her career has really fallen off, which is unfortunate.
  12. Elsa Hosk

    Daniel Wellington Holiday Collection Ignore the 4 posts in a row.
  13. Supergirl

    They released a first look at her costuming.