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  1. Just a really simple "open house" sort of thing, where people can drop in and out anytime in the afternoon. No big meal, just finger foods and snacks to graze on. It's just that I decided to do this with less than two weeks til the date, and I'm in the middle of exams, with job interviews and prior commitments this week. If anyone has some food suggestions, let me know.
  2. Planning a party for my parent's 30th anniversary. May have bitten off more than I can chew due to the timing of it all.
  3. I think it would be really nice if VS used female photographers more often as well. I actually quite like Anna Palma's work for VS. She has a similar style to her husband, but I think her results are less "filter-y" than Guy's. Zoey Grossman does AMAZING work for For Love and Lemons imo, but I wasn't wowwed by her VS shoot which disappointed me. I'd like to see get another chance, maybe on a more lingerie focused shoot, rather than the casual cotton type things she shot last time. Same with Anna- she was given a pretty simple white wall set. I'd like to see what she could turn out given a more complex art direction. Again, I'm more inclined to VS using a rotation of photographers rather than the same one over and over.
  4. You're right, she's a smokeshow.
  5. She's gorgeous. Bummed she was passed over for SI.
  6. She is killing it. Her fashion work has been amazing. She looks great for Pink too, but I hate how yellow/orange saturated the pictures are.
  7. She's so gorgeous for VS. I'd like to see her doing some more set shoots, rather than white wall.
  8. He has looked so good on the press tour for King Arthur.
  9. I'm curious why VS dropped Bellemere so suddenly. He was doing everything for them, and suddenly nothing. I liked his work, as well as Guy's. Lately I haven't minded the stuff with Russell but I find it a little tame. I agree that they should rotate through photographers and keep it fresh, rather than using the same one over and over. I'm excited for this Adam Franzino shoot she just did. It seems very promising.
  10. Sister sent this to me. Laughed, enough though it stung.
  11. They've lost 3 consecutive games in a 7 game series so....nope. I'm really hoping they pull at least one win out of this series tonight.
  12. Game four for the Flames. Just ordered a pizza so I can eat my feelings.
  13. Lol no. Elsa and Stella were shooting a commercial with Adam Franzino and Jerome. Sara shot with Guy Aroch today as well. Jasmine might have been there too, not sure.