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  1. Heathers looks like my ideal fall lip colour. I might have to pick it up next time. I haven't tried any of their pressed power eyeshadows but I want to! You'll have to let me know how they are if you pick some up. I have a lot of their super shock shadows and I like them a fair bit. Their blushes are nice too but avoid their contour sticks at all costs. They're awful.
  2. So gorgeous and sunny out today. Coffee and a book out on the deck this afternoon.
  3. ph: Corey Tenold
  4. I have one Anastasia lip and I think I got a bad batch or something because it's awful. It pills and flakes and is so drying but everyone else I know RAVES about them. I need to pick up another colour and see if that's better. I really like the Kat Von D Everlasting lips for a liquid matte. I have literally 100+ of the Colourpop lips. I like all of their formulas a lot. I find that for the price they are, they're the best value. Not the best liquid lip formula but for the price, really decent. There are a couple indie brands I really want to try, but the shipping costs and whatnot have deterred me. I'd like to try out Melt and Beauty Bakerie. I've wanted to try OFRA for a while too! Bite makes my absolute favourite "regular" lip. The Amuse Boche formula is so creamy and pigmented.
  5. I've heard that the VS lips are super drying. You're finding them okay?
  6. I'm a little surprised by how blah I'm finding a lot of her maternity outfits/style. Her look at the UGG event was awful imo. The tight pulled back hair doesn't work with the puffiness in her face right now. Her coat in the latest set of NYC candids is super cute. She looks great there.
  7. I have super finnicky skin but I've been working with my dr on correcting it. I'd love to do the no make up look more often but it's currently not in my wheel house. I got the Mario palette! It's fantastic. I woke up at 7 am to order it, and then went back to sleep. It's an older palette, and it's called Couture something. They've been teasing a "sister" palette to MR that I can't wait for. I hope it's some cooler tones. I love the warmth of MR but it would be nice to have something to compliment it.
  8. Morphe isn't really that great, from what I've heard. They get a good reputation from YouTube because 80% of the people that talk with them are getting a kickback from affiliate links and discount codes. They're just private label brushes from China. (Crown Brushes are the exact same product.) I would recommend Sigma brushes! That's what I use and they're amazing. I have the MAC brush that looks like those crazy toothbrush/hair brush shaped brushes and that's my favourite for foundation along with my beauty blender. I'd love to be able to try out a Wayne Goss brush set, or Chikuhudo. I've wanted Glossier products for SO LONG but they don't ship to Canada. I really want to try Brow Boy and the Balm they have. I'm also curious about MILK make up. They have some really fun looking products. Have you ever tried any of the Anastasia BH eyeshadow palettes? I own three and they're my absolute favourite. The formula is amazing.
  9. All of it? I'm a bit of a make up junkie. Right now I'd really like some Viseart palettes, but the price tag still makes me cringe even if the quality is there. I'd also like to invest in some high quality brushes, but again, the price tag on a student budget.
  10. ^ Ad money is where the majority of Youtubers get their money, but it's usually not a huge amount unless you're raking in hundreds of thousands of views per video, multiple times a week. Roughly it's $2000 for a million views.To actually live off YouTube money, most people have sponsorships, and will use afflilate links. Plus they can sell merch, and will sometimes get paid to attend events like conventions or meet ups. Big YouTube channels are somtimes owned by other companies, that give them a budget and salary etc. Discovery owns a lot of digital content etc. There are YouTube millionaires, but it's harder than a lot of people think to get that reach and audience to attain that.
  11. I think Sanne(and Daphne) is more there as Romee's guest. Taylor posted this, which makes me think they're including Romee a bit since they never had a celebration for her 21st iirc.
  12. I've already said this in another thread, but lord I hate Romee's dress. It looks especially out of place when you see the other girls are in cut off shorts and tanks. Her birthday was March 5th. This was probably just the timing that worked best for the majority of her friends.
  13. Romee's dress for Tay's birthday looks like a cheap Halloween costume.
  14. #AsianDontRaisin
  15. Does Lais smoke? In Taylor's IG story I thought I heard someone ask "Where's Lais?" and someone reply "she's coming, she's smoking." I'm just curious because if she does smoke, she's concealed it well.