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  1. @gtemt Those are them! Thank you!
  2. Did anyone happen to dl the video from her IG story from this day/this outfit?
  3. 2009 VS Christmas Promo video. The original has been deleted/hidden from the VS youtube channel. Sorry this is LQ. 2nd Edit: @kabo5678 I found the original video after looking a little more. It was filmed in 2009 but came out 2010.
  4. She has US representation! New LA boutique agency founded by Victor Del Toro, I believe. https://www.prettymgmt.com/losangeles/pretty-mgmt/victoria-b/portfolio/#1 New Digitals
  5. When the rookies look like women off the street.... That's my bad though. All the comments were saying it was her, and the comments on her on page are all about it as well.
  6. Natalie Noel. She's the assistant(?) of a Youtuber who was accused of assault and people are saying she was complicit/participated in it.
  7. She has a Samsung contract but I’m not sure if she was actually shooting a campaign for them or just getting some Instagram content.
  8. She shot something with Nadine Leopold and Dani L.O. and then she said she’s doing a quarantine there before coming to NY. I’d assume she’ll work a little in NYC when she’s there but mentioned in a Q&A she’s going back to check in with her agency and finish dealing with her belongings in storage after selling her apartment. She said she’s going to be based out of London now, isn’t planning on returning to NYC on a full time basis.
  9. I’ve gotten tested three times, twice with the swabs. It’s not comfy but it’s really not painful. It just made me sneeze and my nose a lil runny after the fact. I found the saline gargle so awkward I’d opt for the swab if I ever get another test lmao.
  10. Josephine has new pictures on the instagram. Alexina, Barbara, and Lais all seem to have recently shot white wall pictures as well. I saw a couple of Stella but they were less frequent so I don't know if they were re-using older pictures. Grace and Leomie are a question mark atm.
  11. I'm already mad at the make up on Maggie.
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