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  1. Also, Alex getting pissy over this tweet made me roll my eyes. Taking the slang "shorty" literally.
  2. I haven't watched any since her first couple uploads. Her style of channel(vlogging/lifestyle videos) aren't my cup of tea. I don't think the videos and the channel itself are detrimental, and could help her gain fans. (Though I do think she has to be careful how she brands herself- she should still want to be seen as a model that does YouTube, rather than a YouTuber who models, if that makes sense.) I personally get the feeling that she's currently more interested in her channel than modelling- she promotes her new videos consistently but I never see her talk or mention her work on her social media. She'll post that she's on set, but never posts the finished product or mentions who she's working for. Could be a case of her taking more pride in her videos over the current level of work she's booking. It's snowing. Gotta love Canada- 29C yesterday and snow piling up on the ground today.
  3. Just stumbled on her. She's lovely.
  4. She looks gorgeous.
  5. +adds
  6. Elsa Hosk attends the "The Beguiled" screening during the 70th annual Cannes Film Festival at Palais des Festivals on May 24, 2017. (MQ) She looks beautiful.
  7. I think Rosie might be more like Behati has been with Dusty- the occasional faceless picture or pictures of baby hands etc.
  8. She looks like a princess. Excited to see the dress.
  9. Saw this today. It was just alright. The medieval equivalent of a Transformers movie imo.
  10. Elsa Hosk attends the DeGrisogono "Love On The Rocks" during the 70th annual Cannes Film Festival at Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc on May 23, 2017.
  11. Agreed. I was really digging her styling in the IG pictures she posted, but the pulled back hair really dropped the look for me. I do like the dress though, even with the bat arms. It's a unique look. The necklace was a poor choice, imo. I'm hoping she'll be at amfar at least, and maybe one premiere red carpet? Her yellow gingham dress from Ref that she was wearing earlier in the day was SO DAMN CUTE. I'm trying to decide if my wallet can take that hit.
  12. Okay.
  13. That's not even my point. I'm saying that you're being an utter hypocrite. You jump on anyone that saying something negative about Martha(shit, you got pissy about people COMPLIMENTING Martha this morning), but then have no issue spouting your opinion on other models. It's fine that you don't like Elsa- I don't particularly like the overdrawn lips myself- but the double standard is annoying.