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  1. Not that user but the page straight up doesn't open for me
  2. If you won't download it from there, then be patient like everyone else who won't download it in MQ and wait for it to go up on a legal avenue. No one's going to upload a 1 hour + video to a specific site for someone who's posted on this forum only once before now.
  3. No. If you want to watch it download it yourself. Re: what I enjoyed about the show, I haven't seen the whole show yet as I forgot it was happening, but we should all be grateful VS learned from China, at least as far as diplomatic wrangling and international incidents etc. And no falls this year!
  4. Mercifully I did not see my dad's family's tartan among the absolute travesty (leave sporrans the fuck alone VS!!) that was the tartan segment. Whew. Normally I see at least one look I like right away but this year... they've outdone themselves. Truly.
  5. @Prettyphile growing up one of my friends' mums did costumes for the opera in vienna! i was obsessed with her even at five. def would love to talk costuming some time. oof. @toodarnhot you okay, babe? i like the look of it from a distance, but then i remember how good lais' fb was last year and i go hmmm. nothing new in this thread but elsa deserved better.
  6. from the chainsmokers' official reddit account, seems they thought cardi would be involved as well
  7. why are yall still operating under the assumption people care about your average vsfs model the way they care about kendall and the hadids is it irritating? sure does it make the most sense for shameless capitalists like vs? yes it's that simple
  8. it's deffo couture lingerie boo they just used the same design candice wore candice must be grateful for the extra dose of exposure for tropic of c
  9. Was so excited to see 30 new pages, and yet 😂 A bit off topic, but what ever did happen to Magdalena Frackowiak?
  10. see if you get invited to mine for christmas now! i still remember candice's scrapped harp wings. i can't be fussed to go through the last ten pages but i would love another celestial / astronomically themed segment.
  11. you all can be super cruel lmao. take it from someone who has been on both sides of the spectrum, i was a plump (fat, even, definitely) kid and then developed an eating disorder (and anxiety disorder) in my teens and dropped a fuckton of weight in a very short period of time a few years ago after going through severe repercussions from my ptsd. while i don't agree with robyn's message here in particular, and agree with what clauds and whoever else were saying about not minding the idealised bodies at vsfs, some of you are being very purposefully obtuse about the state
  12. Apparently this is the year you say everything I'm thinking Witch!
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