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  1. I Am...

    alive. managing. wishfully thinking?
  2. I watched a ripped chinese dubbed copy of the Last Jedi without you mon cheri since you have left me again :blah: 

    1. HitchcockBlonde


      did you enjoy it at least mate? :p 

    2. Limerlight


      It wasn't anything special, it was okay, 5/10. Mediocre :idk: 

    3. HitchcockBlonde





      i wasn't too fond either, much too much kylo for me


  3. Bellazon's Top 100 Sexiest Women of 2017

    Don't undersell yourself like this!
  4. Bellazon's Top 100 Sexiest Women of 2017

    1-25 Josephine Skriver Just kidding stay mad tho Hopefully I'll be back to complete it for real in time
  5. The Ultimate Victoria's Secret Angel Competition

    I'm not here consistently enough for a comp just yet I think but thanks for thinking of me And good luck to my underrated lovelies Doutzen and Selita however you decide to score it Needs to be Gisele or Adriana though
  6. The "What Are You Thinking About Right Now?" PIP

    You shut your whore mouth! Libel! And on my birthday!!! All in all a decent day but am unfortunately not getting grossly drunk to celebrate until Christmas because I have exams and I'm a good girl Sag season is here to stay*~
  7. The "What Are You Thinking About Right Now?" PIP

    You're telling me shame they spend more time tweeting about sexual assault then actively preventing it!!! #uniteireland #twicethefuckery Thinking about two things: STAR WARS and my birthday, in that order
  8. 2018 World Cup

    Can't say I agree, the second I saw Group D I knew I was going to watch the hell out of it. Hungry Argentina against thriving Iceland? Scandal plagued Croatia and the only African team in the tournament? Yes please. The rest of the groups are fairly dull save a few fixtures, though. With both of my teams out I'm pulling for Iceland.
  9. Victoria's Secret Fashion Show (2017)

    Assorted thoughts: - Stop paying Leomie dust, she was such a bloody highlight. - Harry did spectacularly in Punk Angels, he looks so much better with short hair. - I want all those impractical Punk segment boots, sue me? - Any time the girls walking together in Punk did something coordinating it made their walks 10000 times better. - I do not cape for Josephine but the hate for her is fuckin over the top, her walk was not the worst and she looked fine in kung fu segment, chill the fuck out. - What's this Lily emphasis for?? - Bruna Lirio is a stunner. - I underrated Georgia Fowler, honestly. Didn't get her til now. - They truly fucked Ming over. I get showing her fall, but the dramatic close up on her prayer and saying her family is there and the tears? No, they threw her under the bus for a dramatic moment. - The guy playing piano is pure class. - Grace segment, are y'all happy? - Aw their friendship is so pure. - Alanna looked smokin. - Jane is not Rihanna but I liked her songs. - Please stop telling me Harry and Miguel are coming. - Sidenote shout out to VS for finally putting the show online for free. - They're preparing Lily for something, I'm convinced. Maybe an exit. (It's time.) - I think this is an unpopular opinion but I always like seeing the backstage chaos filler, makes me feel good about how little shit I have together. - Adriana's little tongue flick and awkward interaction with Miguel in NA. Ridic. - Candice is dead fuckin silent this show. Bizarre. Where's her homecoming. - Did Elsa just walk backwards... - 'Alessandra's last ever walk' Let me have peace please random voices. - MAMA LAIS!!! - The music and fashion segment is so fucking dumb. - Georgia front and centre at the start of Only Angel LMFAOOO. - Alexina is annoying. Unfortunate. - I would die for Lais. No questions asked. - I can't with these constant shots of Georgia byeeeee. - The Goddesses bird wings are stunning and should have been given to someone else. - BLANCA staring straight into my soul... - I like Dilone, sue me. She's probably me if I ever made it to the VSFS. - Harry's dancing is.....something. - Not the shit show I was expecting. Y'all stay dramatic and OTT!
  10. Victoria's Secret Fashion Show (2017)

    So their propaganda got to you, huh? It might be less messy than China with regards to issuing visas to models, but some of the hair and makeup artists might run into trouble shouldn't be nonchalant about this but w/e You also have to consider numerous limitations placed on the event by law in Dubai, and as much as they may ooh and awe over models (read: escorts) behind closed doors, there's a fair chances some of the sheikhs would be up in arms. Even in Dubai. As far as I know, no one's ever tried to hold a lingerie show there with an afterparty, which is a lot different from taking a tourist trip. They can't really know and shouldn't play games if they want to avoid another situation where bureaucracy tripped them up like China.
  11. Victoria's Secret Fashion Show (2017)

    On point. I think somewhere along the way (my personal theory was as soon as the Angels became household names and this became an Event, which I would pinpoint as 2007 at the latest) it became about doing it bigger and bigger every year, making each show better! (bigger) and more exciting! (bigger) and new! (bigger) every year. The obsession with outward expansion is pretty directly mirrored first by the runway size and the model cast then the location changes. And once it started being about pageantry it stopped being about the lingerie itself. They've had some good moments, like using swimwear in Angels Aquatic in 2011 (my personal favourite show), but it's stopped being about Victoria's Secret products and more about The Brand. Which might seem contrary to logic because they always capitalise on the show to sell, but there's so much more focus on the show itself and the Angels and not what's supposed to be shown. Cosigning you and firing the creative team and taking a year off.
  12. Victoria's Secret Fashion Show (2017)

    I know the Reddit OP. They're a nice person who knows a lot of shit about Taylor but I'm not at all convinced that this is a trustworthy source given it's a word for word regurgitation of gossip from other sites and they were pretty clueless in a previous VS thread. Makes no sense that VS would trick Taylor about Katy.
  13. Victoria's Secret Fashion Show (2017)

    Collected general thoughts after playing catch-up: - Fucking hell, relax. These are bras and panties and the women wearing them. You're not getting paid to defend Adriana or Josephine or whoever. The lack of self-awareness here is astounding - I think it was Pretty who said she was apathetic about the show? It was pages back, but I feel the same way. There was nothing interesting. I don't love anything. Everything was so subdued - Fuck you all, I missed Gigi's dumb ass, plus she needed to redeem herself from that ridiculously ugly hair colour and skin and bones last year - The drama playing out BTS and not on camera is disappointing and probably why the show was so dull-looking, give me Kendall-Harry-Taylor tension you fools - I've never been a big fan of Ale (just didn't come into it at the right time, I suppose) but I appreciate everything she's done with and for the brand and those mfers better treat her right going forward - Dead @ Bella's smile lmaoooooo - Goddesses was the best segment by a long shot - I would marry Lais in a heartbeat / please adopt me mother - Don't know why everyone's ragging on Pink when it was bloody good for a Pink segment - Grace literally started walking last year, everyone going 'finally she got mainline'......... this isn't an Elsa situation - Candice looks very pregnant - Sara looks off - Blanca deserves Angel status but a fuck load of the other Angels need to be cut first - What's it gonna take for yall to appreciate Leomie - I figured out why I don't like Martha, her eyes are too far apart - Fuck you, Beachwaver, and don't come back