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  1. It just looks like an alternate angle of them posing for a head-on shot. Very tempted to bring contentious geopolitics into this thread but will not because I'm tired as fuck lol I was in Gatwick yesterday and passed by the VS shop in the South Terminal as I occasionally do. If you're lucky enough to have never been to Gatwick South, the first picture you see is Lindsay Ellingson. They literally have her picture up to promo VS Gatwick. Says leagues. Never been to the Bond Street shop but I've heard it's similarly desperate. Her dimples are quite beloved in Japan, as I recall from her post-VS career. She's probably the most successful in Asia, but not the expert so I'll defer.
  2. Not to pop off on you or anything love, but that's the stupidest thing I've ever heard in my life if that's what VS is actually doing. A English girl (who is the most Nottingham person I've ever seen, she looks like everyone I've ever met from Nottingham, hair and all) to represent Scots? Who are likely the segment of the world population least interested in Victoria's Secret? They'd have more luck opening a shop in Dublin 12, I swear. But good luck to them. Dumbasses.
  3. Fillers plus extreme weight loss tend to have that look I can't talk about this shit on a public forum lol so I finally get to be that bitch who knows the dirt but won't spill in the main thread but after my time at *******, all I can say is Bella, girl.... Gigi's walk at Fenty looked really nice though, considering. She's improved heaps, I'm almost proud. And yeah, I thought everyone agreed Blanca was talking about Elsa when that interview first came out Though I personally believe she meant 'four years' as an approximate to connotate 'been there before but not established vets' rather than 'four years of shows exactly'. I love ice bitch Elsa and I'll never stop.
  4. Hey so this will be my last reply so we don't keep going OT in this thread over something as simple as a limited category like 'white' 😊 My point with the list was seeing how much the VSFS has diversified, in some categories more than others, and the Angels are still mostly white. But Barbara and Sara are white, period. You got me curious, so I researched it, and it was as I thought. Roma-Hungarians are a distinct group of people (and a minority in Hungary, though a large minority at around 30%!) who face quite a lot of anti ziganism in Hungary. Barbara could definitely have Roma ancestry, as many Hungarians do, but typically it takes quite a bit more than distant to semi distant ancestry to be considered part of an ethnic group. That can get into some nasty things like blood quotas, so I'll stop at, Barbara doesn't identify as Roma, so she isn't, and more than likely is descended from white Europeans in Hungary. Mongolians and Roma people are absolutely non-white, but Barbara likely isn't part of either of those groups. As for Sara, the white / non white Latinas debate is very real, due to, as you hinted at, colonialism. And there are both, which is why 'Latina' is a very broad, strange category (if you're American, you've probably seen 'white Hispanic' and 'Hispanic' on forms in the past). Gisele is white Brazilian of Germanic descent, while Lais is Afro-Brazilian mixed with some indigenous, I believe, for a prime example. A lot of people believe most Cuban-Americans are white, so perhaps I should move Josie Canseco. But a lot of pale skinned South American people are indigenous-descended, so it's difficult to paint them with such a broad stroke. The point being, descent in South America is different from descent in Europe, and Sara is European. Without having her ancestry.com or 23andme or whatever in front of me, all I can do is take stock of what she's said in the past about her heritage, and what I know about Portugal itself, and that, again, points me to white. As for another topic so we can move on, what do people think the odds are the Hadids are walking?
  5. Mongolians (I think you mean Moors, the Muslims who inhabited the Iberian penninsula here but I don't want to speak for you) and Roma people are entirely separate and marginalised ethnicities and I've never heard of them being conflated with white Hungarians/Portuguese people. Without being able to explicitly tie them to either group (ie Sara explicitly stating she has Moorish roots or Barbara claiming Roma descent) Barbara is white and Sara is white, but thank you! ☺️ But anyway.... Dunno, has anyone checked to make sure Lais isn't an Amazon with that body of hers? And thank you for giving me Ujjwala Raut!
  6. I got curious, so here's an approximate 'categories on forms' breakdown of the girls cast (plus a few nagging rumours, thanks to Pretty for her list) and hopefully this isn't too badly worded / categorised. Hopefully there are no glaring errors but please correct me if there are! Some of the girls have minimal information out there. White (27/59 = 45.7%) Behati Prinsloo (IF WALKING) Candice Swanepoel Elsa Hosk Josephine Skriver Martha Hunt Romee Strijd Sara Sampaio Stella Maxwell Taylor Hill Grace Elizabeth Maggie Laine Alexina Graham Barbara Fialho Devon Windsor Frida Aasen Georgia Fowler Megan Williams Nadine Leopold Alannah Walton Lorena Rae Myrthe Bolt Sadie Newman Sofie Rovenstine Willow Hand Barbara Palvin Toni Garrn Kate G (IF WALKING) Latina (4/59 = 6.7%) Adriana Lima (IF WALKING) Gizele Oliveira Josie Canseco (mixed) (someone will probably want to fight me on this but I believe her father is Cuban) Yasmin Wijnaldum (mixed) Black (19/59 = 32.2%) Jasmine Tookes Lais Riberio (mixed, also Latina) Zuri Tibby Aiden Curtiss (mixed) Alanna Arrington Cindy Bruna (mixed) Grace Bol Herieth Paul Jourdana Elizabeth Lameka Fox (mixed) Leomie Anderson Mayowa Nicholas Cheyenne Maya Iesha Hodges Isilda Moreira Melie Tiacoh Subah Koj Winnie Harlow Duckie Thot (IF WALKING) Asian / Pacific Islander (6/59 = 10.1%) Estelle Chen Kelly Gale (mixed) Sui He Kelsey Merritt (mixed) Maia Cotton (mixed) Ming Xi (IF WALKING) Middle Eastern (3/59 = 5%) Shanina Shaik Gigi Hadid (mixed) (IF WALKING) Bella Hadid (mixed) (IF WALKING)