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  1. As pleasantly surprised as I was by the movie, I must confess that none of the promotional materials had gotten me excited beforehand. I think if the trailers had been decent, hardcore fans would still have showed up to see it, despite the mixed reception for Last Jedi. For me, the hype for this was hampered because we kind of already knew where Han, Chewie and Lando would end up and had already heard the references to all the beats. Compare that to something like Rogue One, where we knew the story arc but had no idea about any of the characters, this seemed about as obvious and straightforward as a launching point for a character can be.
  2. I did wonder if they began writing a script with the goal of fulfilling certain plot requirements, or whether they started with those fragments and then made something of a hash of building a story around it. Either way, it was a good idea to get Ron Howard on board and bring some cohesion to the randomness. Overall, I thought the end product was quite entertaining. The sets, costumes and environment all felt very Star Wars. The story was fun and fast-moving. At the risk of being burned alive by fire breathing dragons though, I really don't rate Emilia Clarke. She's either being routinely miscast or she's just not a very good actress.
  3. France were cautious above all else, a testament to the Deschamps approach of containing, restricting, then letting his flair players off the leash for a few minutes in order to grab a goal or two. They were never wedded to a particular or a pure style of play, they did different things in response to their opponents' qualities to nullify and overcome them, and to be fair they never really looked in danger of losing. There were times when I really wanted to see them take off the gloves and blitz the opposition, because I believe this side could do just that to almost any international opponent at present, but I suppose, looking at the list of recent World Cup winners, all the coaches were pragmatists or demonstrated considerable pragmatism during the competition. Overall though, an entertaining tournament. Only a few genuine dud games and some goals of majestic quality. A plucky underdog in the final, old favourites going home early. And most importantly of all, despite all the fears beforehand, no trouble.
  4. For something that's ostensibly aimed at a family audience, the show continues to impress in its handling of weighty subject matter. We saw it last year with Alex coming out and they're on form again with the J'onn and M'yrnn stuff, a storyline that could have been a terrible mess had they gotten it wrong. Some of the Mon-El stuff felt like the writers acknowledging complaints, but not necessarily admitting mistakes. It was satisfying though to hear Kara tell him to shut up and call him out on what a berk he was in S2.