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  1. Bellazon's Top 100 Sexiest Women of 2017

    Oh crap, they're onto me!
  2. Football

    I've come to view most managerial appointments through the prism of "will he make more or less punditry appearances on TV?" these days, which is why I was secretly quite pleased when old Pontius Pardew went to West Brom. Giggs becoming a fully fledged international manager will probably see him sought out by both the BBC and ITV to give us the benefit of his analysis at the World Cup. Therefore I'm dead against it.
  3. Bellazon's Top 100 Sexiest Women of 2017

    Thanks for the offer Pretty. The scores are tallied and about two thirds of the pics prepared, it's just that I hadn't been feeling too well this past week, so BZ time has been mostly off the agenda. I'll be good to go in the next day or two, tops.
  4. Bellazon's Top 100 Sexiest Women of 2017

    That's quite a lot of pressure.
  5. Bellazon's Top 100 Sexiest Women of 2017

    When I catch up with that guy, I'll kill him.
  6. Bellazon's Top 100 Sexiest Women of 2017

    Apologies for keeping you waiting, everyone. This show will be on the road soon.
  7. Michael


    I was wondering why they have eliminated the edit feature on the private message


    It makes it a real pain to send a private message



  8. Football

    McGeady has been a bit of conundrum all season really, even seemingly to Grayson who had previously gotten him motivated at Preston. The lad clearly has ability to burn and we don't have enough craft elsewhere in the squad to consider sidelining him for too long, but we also don't look capable of carrying anyone who fails to deliver consistently. Ultimately, I suppose you'd have to say it’s the reason he never played for one of the elite clubs during his peak years.
  9. Football

    Sadly, getting off to such a bad start meant that our only realistic goal for the season was survival, and I do believe that Coleman is up to the task of making sure that happens. In the long term, as awful as it makes me feel to say it, I think it could be a long time before we're seen again in the top flight.
  10. Which song is in your head?

    Only ever heard this guy a couple of times, but I feel like I can hear whispers of both Gilmour and Harrison in some of the guitar work.
  11. Deleting Accounts - PLEASE READ THE FIRST POST

    At the risk of sounding pedantic, I would suggest that it's more akin to the alcoholic voluntarily walking into to a bar and asking its staff to stop serving alcohol.
  12. Deleting Accounts - PLEASE READ THE FIRST POST

    It's quite alright if you no longer wish to be a part of our forum, but we don't delete accounts.
  13. Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    It's interesting to note the mention of Ridley Scott there too, because you can certainly set your watch to the kind of rinse and repeat cycle that many Alien fans have seemingly been stuck in recently ("I hope Prometheus isn't just more xenomorphs running around" (Prometheus is released) "Where were all the xenomorphs?" (Alien Covenant is released) "That was just more xenomorphs running around"). The same thing seems to be happening with Star Wars at the moment, only we're not quite as far down the rabbit hole just yet. Give it another two years until the build-up to Episode IX, we'll have probably circled back around from "Last Jedi was adventurous and different and I hate that, give me the Star Wars of old" to "I hope Abrams doesn't play it safe like he did with Force Awakens, give me something adventurous and different".
  14. Bellazon's Top 100 Sexiest Women of 2017

    I hereby declare the voting officially closed. Once again, to all who took part, thanks ever so much. I'll start posting the results in the next couple of days.
  15. Bellazon's Top 100 Sexiest Women of 2017

    Last year, it was probably about mid-afternoon (GMT) on January 1st when I declared the voting closed. I do my best not to be too strict about the deadline though, just as a concession to the timezone differences.