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  1. There are a few missteps here and there, but I thought Pegg's script gave the movie a dose of what the series had been missing for a while, which was fun character interactions and back-and-forth dialogue. The old dynamic between Bones, Spock and Kirk felt like it was being rebuilt.
  2. I was quite interested to go at the time, but what happened to Anton was a factor in holding off for a while. I remember when I first saw the headline, I assumed it was another tragic case of drugs or alcohol. To find out that it was nothing more than a random freak accident made it all the more heartbreaking. Honestly, I think most of the cast do a good job of portraying the attitudes and behaviour of the classic crew, but I would probably argue that Anton's take on Chekov was the most fun character of the bunch.
  3. Dynamite game at the Bernabeu last night. Bags of incident, excellent chances and some of the best sustained goalkeeping quality I've seen over 90 minutes. The two keepers were both tremendous, each making at least three or four world-class saves. Great goal to decide it too, Ronaldo's face when Messi slammed in the winner was an absolute picture.
  4. If I'm honest, I hadn't realised that Agbonlahor was still pulling in a wage, but I was more than happy to see him pop up with the winning goal there. I suppose you'd have to say Harry will probably still end up 'reluctantly' accepting his £250,000 survival bonus, neither Wigan nor Blackburn look capable of winning enough games to make it interesting.
  5. I must say, as a fellow longstanding fan of the series, I had a blast with PS4 version of Arkham Knight. I can't imagine the Batmobile stuff being everyone's cup of tea, though. Driving it around the city is pretty streamlined, but as a tank used for combat between vehicles, the missions are forced upon you too often and in repetitive ways. That I would say was the only real downside to an overall fun gaming experience. Any interest in the Batman Telltale series at all? It does seem like lot of games are released in half-life (no pun intended ) states these days. Thinking back, No Man's Sky was probably the worst offender for that, it was the subject of an investigation by an advertising standards agency on the grounds that the marketing campaign was purposely erroneous from the start, and continues to be even beyond the point of release. I suppose though, as long as people keep buying these things, and the DLC content, then the business model isn't going to go away anytime soon. It's a bit like when people complain about how expensive the cinema is, and how much the popcorn adds to the price. Which is true of course, but then you look at the queues for the latest blockbusters and realise that we’ll only see major attitude changes when consumers start voting with their wallets.
  6. For a calculated step into a different genre, I think the source material is just right and of course, what we've seen so far looks pretty appropriate for teen drama land. It'll be interesting to see how the writers introduce their powers though, since the story in the books was similar to Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch in Age of Ultron. We'll see how it goes.
  7. Oh, how I'd love to see that. Were they to ever go there, Eva would actually be my ultimate pick for the part of Mistress Death, but honestly, I'd put anything that brought her into the MCU down as a winner.
  8. It looks pretty different from anything Marvel has done up to now, which is quite intriguing. I feel like the aim for this is to cross over to different audiences, so even if it ends up not appealing as much to you and I, it could be a way for them to expand beyond their built-in fanbase and those already watching the Netflix stuff, Legion, and to a lesser extent AoS.
  9. Even in the early days, I'd find myself craving more of the 'monster of the week' type stuff, but if they'd concentrated fully on delivering a proper conclusion to the mythology, the six-episode run would have felt, at the very least, more coherent. Not only was Carter unable to handle the scripting or directing, he also couldn’t seem to make up his mind what the series was supposed to represent. The George Lucas of the franchise has become, well, the George Lucas of the franchise.
  10. Truly heartbreaking news about Ugo Ehiogu this morning, it only feels like yesterday that he was still playing. RIP big man.
  11. Not surprised that it's coming back since the ending of the last season practically demanded it, but man alive, what a terrible mess the mythology has become. The direction Carter chose to take backed the series into such a tight and ludicrous corner, it would take a u-turn akin to the one in Dallas to get out of it.
  12. I guess it's an irrelevance now since he was cast in the next Thor movie, but I can't help thinking of Jeff Goldblum for the first one.
  13. Yeah, she's usually associated with either Daredevil or Deadpool, but arguably Jessica's only notable enemy in the books is Kilgrave, and of course, they already went there. Plus, some of Mary's origins would be a great fit for a Jessica Jones arc.
  14. Oh Lada is right.
  15. @toodarnhot @Kevork89 @Stromboli1 @Shepherd Anyone end up seeing this, then? I only just got around to taking a look. It doesn’t go to many places that Trek movies haven’t gone before, but the action is spectacular and a fairly simplistic plot gives way to more character-driven stuff, which you can tell the cast are having fun with. I kicked myself afterwards for not giving it a shot on the big screen.