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  1. I can already hear Big Al's weekly soundbites on Match of the Day, each one starting with "no disrespect to Steve, but...", although I'd imagine Bruce will be given roughly about as much time as Steve McClaren was, perhaps even more. Dave Whelan appointed him twice too of course, maybe he's just catnip to downmarket sporting retailers. Hardly surprising though that so many thoroughly average managers keep getting such decent gigs when the best thing some pundits can manage on the subject is "I thought Moyes might have been a better fit." The lack of insight borders on painful sometimes.
  2. Some of the European nations have enjoyed such a meteoric rise as of late that it seems to have highlighted a few of the others perhaps resting on their laurels a little. USA though were in a class of their own from the outset this year, and while we as fans do tend to love an underdog, I've always regarded it as important that the best team at a World Cup wins it. There can be no doubt at this point that they were exactly that. Still, perhaps in the future, with increased investment and presumably more young girls taking up the game, we'll see the gap continue to close. It should be interesting to see where we stand in four years' time.
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