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  1. Oh that's right, the film was seemingly in limbo for so long, it sort of slipped my mind that it was still meant to be happening. Honestly though, it seems like a bit of a lose-lose to me. Either they make a serviceable action flick that doesn't really capture the spirit, or they do a somewhat faithful adaptation, which I'm fairly sure would be critically panned and probably for good reason. Metal Gear's narratives worked because of Kojima's crazed melodramatic style, and as much as Vogt-Roberts seems like an honest to goodness fan of the series, I think it would be a struggle to replicate that with live action. It could be cool to have a series that retells the story chronologically, though, and animation could potentially capture the wackier elements of the story better.
  2. The finale felt a bit emotionally distant to me compared to some of the previous episodes, perhaps because so much time was spent with Veidt and Triue. My only other minor quibble was that, while he did save her, I would’ve liked Jon to have had a more meaningful moment with Laurie. Overall though, the intrigue factor more than kept me going throughout, and I consider it a minor miracle that they got such a complex show to the finish line. Lindleof, King, Smart, Reznor, and Ross all outdid themselves.
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