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  1. I dare say the retirement of Scott 'Scotty' Parker will come as a shock to many fans, especially those of us who assumed he'd retired five years ago.
  2. Quite honestly, whether it was an intentional thing or not, I've a feeling that they might have started reframing it into a long term business model. If supplies prove to be as short for this as they were for the NES Classic and it too is out of production inside six months, I wouldn't be surprised to see them then follow up with an N64 Classic. They could turn it into a rotating thing by re-releasing each system with a modified list of games.
  3. I myself am still quite bitter about not being able to get hold of an NES classic, although I must say, I'm more impressed with the lineup of games for this one, especially with the near-mythical Star Fox 2 being included. Can't help wondering what Nintendo will make of the dominant reaction from most fans being sadness over the impending unavailability, because the "we didn’t expect the demand" defence isn't going to wash this time.
  4. Anyone investing in a SNES Classic then?
  5. Poster reveal.
  6. I feel the same way. Whedon stood up for positive female representation at a time when few of his peers did, which I still respect and admire him for, but it's become somewhat apparent since then that he too has his limitations. His approach to depicting female characters and their story arcs is perhaps a bit more one-note than audiences rightly demand in 2017. With regard to the Wonder Woman script, it's possible that he viewed it as little more than a sales pitch to a studio, and was grinding his teeth as he typed it. Either way, just looking at the nucleus of the story makes me feel like we dodged a bullet when it was tossed.
  7. The Confederations Cup rarely generates excitement, but often seems to deliver it. This year, it's been just the right mix of straight-up enjoyable football and VAR-related tragicomedy. In a perfect world, Chile would win it. Which I suppose you'd have to say makes Portugal the odds-on favourites.
  8. Typically, we'll consider deleting a model thread only if there's nothing salvageable left in it (for example, if there was no bio included and the images were all deadlinks from a defunct image host), or if we receive a formal request from the model to whom it's devoted. Did you have a particular thread in mind?
  9. Thinking about it now, I wouldn't be too surprised if that were to happen one of these days. Particularly if the kind of grilling that poor Daisy Ridley has been subjected to as of late becomes the norm.
  10. Not that I'd actually wish it on anyone of course, but a part of me is a little bit curious about what the consequences would be if one of the actors were to inadvertently reveal something major about the plot. Speaking of things that may or may not turn out to be potential spoilers, a photo posted by some bloke called Robert Downey Jr sparked a flurry of speculation yesterday over the whereabouts of Tony's arc reactor chest piece.
  11. Thread cleaned. Guys, personal issues don't belong in the model topics. If you must have such discussions, please do it off the board or via PM. Please also try to be mindful of the thin line between expressing opinions/constructive criticism (which we're okay with) and baiting/bashing (which we’re not okay with). This is not limited to the models featured here, it also includes your fellow members. As always, if anyone has any questions, feel free to message me. For now, let's get back to the topic at hand. Ta everyone for your cooperation.
  12. The second season was really well made, but seemingly very preoccupied with trying to be as wacky and strange as possible, at times to the degree that the narrative would come to a complete standstill. A big step down from the show's great first run, I thought.
  13. No problem.
  14. I bet any money that Daniel Day Lewis is playing a retiree in his next film and that this is him method acting.
  15. More of a Gideon Graves woman, are we?