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  1. I was a lot more liberal when I was younger, but I'm now more middle of the road of the politics wise in the current climate. I really don't know if I changed my mind though as the political paradigm has shifted.
  2. This is hilarious.
  3. The line separates the left & right boobies/pecs.
  4. I love Michele's skin tone....... little kisses on her back, shoulders, and neck.
  5. I agree, but that cut makes her butt look flat (pancake ass ) to me. Her butt is not flat at all. I got tranny vibes from Hannah Jeter.
  6. Anastasia Bezrukova 3 Carolina Sanchez 8 Jena Goldsack 5 Milou Sluis 3 Lena Radonjic 8 Bianca Balti 5 Nina Agdal 6.5 Elizabeth Wood 5 Julie Ordon 6 Grace Gardiner 7 Alicia Medina 5 Cintia Dicker 1 Neus Bermejo 7 Rachel Hilbert 3 Xenia Deli 6.5 Zhenya Katava 6.5
  7. I've been a big fan of Scarlett for a long time. Josie........ no.
  8. ....... tired, but waking up at 4:15am every morning will do that.
  9. Robyn Lawley 3 Camille Rowe 6.5 Anna Christine Speckhart 8 Alena Blohm 3 Cara Delevingne 3 Morganne Wray 3 Valentina Zelyaeva 3 Sofia Jamora 9 Alina Kirchiu 9 Noel Berry 7.5 Riley Montana 3 Gigi Midgley 8 Elle Trowbridge 7 Jacquelyn Jablonski 3 Yada Villaret 3 Olivia Dolbec 8.5