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  1. The "What Are You Thinking About Right Now?" PIP

    @frenchkikiReal harassment as some of the crazy stuff. I was not talking about that at all. Nothing in my posts was about that.
  2. The "What Are You Thinking About Right Now?" PIP

    Sometimes men deserve to be called "creep" but many times in short interactions it's an affirmative no. Women, and especially young women- overall use the word creep too loosely, and in a disrespectful manner to men. Basically any man that gave them bad emotions from their brain stem (fear chemicals) and instantly they are calling the guy 'creep' to their girlfriends and such. Some guy that they thought was 'hot' suddenly turns into a 'creep' when they find out that he voted for Trump or some other trivial matter. A 40 year old man who hits on a 27 year old is a 'creep' because he's just a bit older. or any Man was just socially awkward in their POV, and then their stem gets triggered. A big reason why super handsome men have an advantage is that their good looks over-ride a lot of mistakes in their actions and behaviors. The male model doing sexual stuff too quickly in an interaction would be hot while an average dude, doing the same thing, would be considered disgusting and creepy. Also men that have a very technical and logical job are often considered socially inept , boring conversationalists, bad at non-numerical logic, and thus awkward (because these poor saps slaved away on their master's in computer science or engineering) and thus often 'creepy' by default- because they are nerds that sacrificed their whole life to be a good provider to a wife...
  3. The "What Are You Thinking About Right Now?" PIP

    It's captivating the woman as the 'mysterious, attractive stranger'. The number has to be converted into a light date somewhere. Also seduction is too strong a word to use (not appropriate in the USA). Seduction is more about the courtship process. I find that there is a thin line between being a casanova and a 'creep' in those couple of minutes. It's rather obnoxious from the male pov because everything is contingent on vibing with the woman's emotions. Guys can cross this boundary and then back again. She might get annoyed at first but then will be won over. Or won over and then annoyed. Everything is dependent on a woman's capricious mood - which could be that she was in a great or bad mood to begin with. Also saying 'no' can often reflexive and actually be a 'maybe'. What is a couple minutes of 'harassment' could easily turn into a couple minutes of 'meeting this intriguing guy on X street and going to the local starbucks for coffee'. Or vice versa- you don't ever hear of her again. This is what I hinted about earlier in this thread.
  4. The "What Are You Thinking About Right Now?" PIP

    I'm not interested in discussing "real" harassment (wasn't since the beginning as I recall). If it's real - which is not some minor issue or pretty women whining. So I don't know why you wrote that post like that.
  5. BZ'ers talking models at the Bar

    GUESS by Josh Ryan GUESS by Josh Ryan and a bunch more, old and new, from @nowshewanto_photo's IG: Quote
  6. The "What Are You Thinking About Right Now?" PIP

    There's always going to be friction between the sexes because male and females are not attracted to each other in the same way. Obviously I don't need to say that women value a man's personality and character? The male is already interested in the female because of her looks, but the female is usually undecided or not interested. Then he haggles (similar to a cold-caller working off a list of sales leads) and communicates his personality to her in a few minutes. Guys who know what they are doing vibe very well with her and become friendly very quick. Sometimes she'll give her number, and sometimes she won't. If things don't go well he leaves. Those guys that are hanging around a woman too long are like a pushy salesman- they don't know that she's already out. Some extremely handsome men (who are naturally good with women and have charisma) can get numbers easily compared to the rest of mankind. A friend of mine moved to Manhattan and was already with a couple of women within 2 weeks. Tinder is a bit like cold approach but it is extremely biased towards short term casual engagements and the person's looks. You are testing me so much in the discussion Christine!
  7. BZ'ers talking models at the Bar

    AnOther AW 2017 by Roe Ethridge Recent IG Quote Quote Quote
  8. BZ'ers talking models at the Bar

    Jigott Fall/Winter 2017 Lord & Taylor Fall/Winter 2017 Quote
  9. BZ'ers talking models at the Bar

    SPRING 2018 READY-TO-WEAR Emporio Armani (HQs) Zara sources: vogue + theimpression
  10. BZ'ers talking models at the Bar

    Caroline Trentini for TOD'S Spring Summer 2018 Quote Quote Quote source: wearesodroee
  11. The "What Are You Thinking About Right Now?" PIP

    I considered everything. I know a lot more about this than I'm posting. There's so much that I find objectionable from the male posters here that I can't continue. The sites I mentioned were cold approach zones in NYC. I think that men are not approaching enough because they are filling their heads with negative self talk, such as those in the past couple pages (about how the social democratic god in the sky would judge them or women). It's cowardly. I would like to live in a world where women approached men more, too but we are not there yet. I don't approach enough either and miss opportunities for connection.
  12. The "What Are You Thinking About Right Now?" PIP

    This is why I can't continue this conversation. You do realize that there are women that get flattered and ego boosts from male attention? It makes them feel more passionate for life, more alive. I guess you don't....
  13. The "What Are You Thinking About Right Now?" PIP

    I know, it was over when you tossed all my points and life experience into the garbage bin. It's like talking to a wall.
  14. The "What Are You Thinking About Right Now?" PIP

    ^^ Such junk. This conversation is over. PC= take only the biased and intentionally negative female perspective, with them as victims. This is the standard way we are socially conditioned. And with zero life experience at that, just armchair theorizing.