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  1. {name}

    Nightmare Fuel: The Thread

  2. {name}

    BZ'ers talking models at the Bar

    Kate li's albums https://vk.com/albums-99030411
  3. {name}


    The other morning I woke up dehydrated and saw "outlines" of a 6-pack starting to form on my tummy
  4. {name}

    The "What Are You Thinking About Right Now?" PIP

    Depends on your definition of white supremacists- hardcore conservatives have moved towards the right and liberals have moved towards the left in such a way that conservatives are white supremacists to a liberal. Who is he anyway?? Every time I see a white nationalist group in the media they look like rural types who are so alienated from others that they could socialize around such principles with a straight face and without committing social suicide. The most confederate flags- and not that many as a whole- I've personally seen has been in rural Pennsylvanian and the mining areas. I am a student of WW2 and Nazism is so eccentric/idiosyncratic now that it betrays the imagination as how a club can be formed in this day and age. What is clear however, is that Nazism is connected intimately with agriculture and to a lesser extent, the factory and physical industry. There is a self-interested link between the farm, the land, and white nationalism that's similar to how the left attracts urban poor people.
  5. {name}

    Who is America?

    In thinking about Sasha Cohen a bit it seems that Sherman was good partially because there's a lot of "Ali G" in the character. Erran is supposed to spoof Israeli militarists- I feel that some of the nuances are missed because most of us aren't Jewish. I thought it was funny that he told Dick Cheney that he was so good at killing terrorists that he killed 100,000 real terrorists and 700,000 potential terrorists! I saw a Cohen tweet that stated that there won't be a season 2 for the show. That's too bad. I feel like it would be cool if he more heavily concentrated on developing a single character or just a few characters that were as good and as rich as Borat and made a new movie or show about it. Quality over quantity. A really effective liberal and conservative boogeyman would work. I thought that the conservative character (wheelchair guy) was too shallow to really cause damage. The liberal troll , the professor, was significantly better so his material was better. It's disappointing that his conservative character didn't manage to get good enough footage from Sarah Palin.
  6. {name}

    Interesting Youtube personalities

    Yes! I'm glad that you enjoyed it. I'm not familiar with gaming culture enough but the main character looks like the type that could be a gaming mascot/ironic. Hopefully the sequel with broadened the world, and introduce new characters. The new God of War game was good too.
  7. {name}

    The "What Are You Thinking About Right Now?" PIP

    It looks to me that white supremacists and people with the Confederate flags flying on their house are most commonly found in more rural areas where there is ironically the fewest immigrants. Put a confederate flag outside your window in NYC and you'll have rocks thrown and the police knocking on your door real soon ...
  8. {name}

    Weight Loss

    1. Forearms: 63lb/ 63 lb/ 52 lb dumbells * hammer curls first. 2. upper arms: target 58 lb + 3. Shoulders: 63 lbs/63/ (target 48 lbs + dumbbells )
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    Movie, TV & Game Soundtracks

    very good mix , it's very relaxing and stimulating at the same time.
  11. {name}

    BZ'ers talking models at the Bar

    land ymond 
  12. {name}

    Weight Loss

    My current exercise routine: 1. upper arms 2. forearms 3. shoulders 4. chest/back 5. forearms and shoulders 6.-7. Rest Experiment this week: 1. upper arms AND CHEST/BACK 2. forearms 3. shoulders 4. chest/back AND UPPER ARMS 5. forearms and shoulders 6.-7. Rest ** Reasons: Muscle growth seems to have plateaued on current level of nutrition/weight cap and workouts are getting longer and longer. Still trying to lose weight (body fat) and want to go faster. ** Trying to shorten my workouts by aiming at 63 lb dumbbells for all exercises and then will revert to the previous habit. Then I want to see if i can reduce it further to just 4 workouts a week with only one item each day.
  13. {name}

    BZ'ers talking models at the Bar