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  1. I saw Grindhouse in theaters. I enjoyed it but it wasn't amazing or anything. I like the She Wolf of the SS, Turkey killer and some of the shorts in the beginning better than the car chase flick.
  2. ^ Yep! He seems to be reliving the same experience over and over again. And that's precisely what he wants.
  4. small town Americano...
  5. photoshoot at Coney Island, New York - 18 July 2017
  6. I know a lot of Republicans and I would not characterize them as crackpot or uneducated. I would characterize them as angry. They largely hate the "ruling system" of information flows and they have a profound hated of socialism and poor people. So they hate the humanities departments of universities but respect the engineering and technical fields. Some are Christian enough to consider christian science. They also hate the Democrats even more than you guys hate the Republicans...:D and believe that they are evil and destructive.
  7. My ideal would to develop solid love connections with a large number of gorgeous women at the same time, and to the extent where I could receive and give love. George Coolney was a well known womanizer. He eventually got married in his 50s. A lot of players eventually do settle down but a lot of its biological. They have lost a lot of their libido due to aging (hormonal levels drop 10% every decade after age 20) and have gotten fatigued from the transactional nature of the past. So they move focus away from a roving lifestyle and onto hobbies and/or family. So I think it is possible that Leo would eventually try to find a suitable wife in maybe 10-15 years.
  8. ^ NP!
  9. He is not looking for marriage material, so he latches onto 20 year old beauties for short periods of time and moves on. If you start seeing him date women for something other than their looks, then maybe you'll have your wish.... This is basically the playboy lifestyle, and pretty natural in a way. IMHO he does this because he has an abundance of options. He must have access to a network/social circle that helps him connect with these women. Maybe he plays an agent.?
  10. elizabeth turner
  11. does Dairy Queen make the best soft serve in America? Opinions? I think it's definitely the thickest soft serve
  12. chitpotle had another virus incident-shares went down 5% on the announcement
  13. I wonder if it was a political advocacy film. I am a little interested in watching it. The wiki says that it was a wind-up movie The original one in the USA was "The Jungle" by Upton Sinclair (about the meatpacking business). A decade ago, there was the movie "Fast Food Nation" and "Supersize Me" that attacked fast food. I saw Supersize Me in the theaters. While I felt that it was bringing up points (of course processed food and high fat food is bad) there were some exaggerations, like the director going on a McDonald's diet for one month. Obviously no body eats fast food for every meal! "The documentary was highly criticized by medical doctors,[1][2] nutritionist experts,[3] and journalists[4] for confusing causation with correlation, cherry-picking science studies, using biased sources, distorting study findings and using "weak-to-non-existent data". Some reviewers even go further by using the term "Alternative Facts"[5] or even propaganda.[6"