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  1. ^^ we are all pissing the same way by the way.
  2. Thais Oliveira
  3. Heidi Klum: 10/10 used to be perfection before her pregnancies Denise Schaefer: 10/10
  4. 2 cats is enough! you are the dog I miss my dog
  5. Oklahoma lawmaker defends anti-abortion bill, says rape and incest are ‘will of God’ Williams then asked Faught whether he considered incest to be the “will of God” as well. I wasn't sure it is the right thread to post this. This is beyond PC: It's CATHOLIC FUNDAMENTALISM PC/It's like ISLAMIST FUNDAMENTALISM, but with Jesus. And Jesus is love. And u can't blame Jesus for all the crazy catholic fundamentalists of this world. They are not all like that, most of them are good people... Not!
  6. Sayz Wut?
  7. You just have to say real football
  8. Talking about gender...
  9. Yes Limer replaceable "gender" by "jellyfish" and to be clear about that, people can be whatever they want & it wasn't a critic against trans/gender/nonGender people Just the trolls and haters & racists all over the net especially on FB and a French forum.
  10. Yes, the one on the right in the bathtub lurking on his mama's tits ^ That's the guy. And the little rascal on the left is trying to grab that dude's junk! #reversePedo
  11. it's just an homage to @Limerlight set. Aren't they immortal too? The jellyfish not the Limer
  12. Christen Harper: 7/10 according to google Rayanne Bitancourt: 8/10 according to google and sexy see through/ Super sexy belly.
  13. Turning a man into a Jellyfish
  14. I am so tired of people Jellyfish on the net.