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  1. The heat/fuck you summer!
  2. Denise Schaefer
  3. Charlie Austin OMG
  4. Vika Bronova /yes Mia Kang /yes Bridget Satterlee /kinda Sanne Vloet /no Alannah Walton / Bojana Krsmanovic /sometimes Dasha Dereviankina /She is beautiful but I have to say... No. her beauty left me cold because I think she is a real life doll. Russian technology. Jessica Morrow /kinda
  5. It's the pot calling the kettle black!
  6. "healthy pizza" = Pleonasm
  7. Lini Kennedy /yes Samantha Gradoville /no Elizabeth Turner /sometimes Candice Boucher /kinda Christine Burke /no Inka Williams /np Xenia Tchoumitcheva /Russian prostitute too much surgeries Lais Ribeiro /sometimes
  8. Disneyland was great!!!
  9. Elizabeth Turner
  10. Lily Aldridge /kinda Pauline Houssinot /yes Camila Morrone /no porn actress Thylane Blondeau /yes but less & less Stephanie Rayner /no porn actress Marloes Horst /most of the time Maggie Rawlins /kinda escort girl Lindsay Ellingson /cute kinda
  11. Sarah Stephens no competition
  12. Zoe Barnard /yes Myla Dalbesio /sometimes all the others /no
  13. What bashing? We are giving our opinion and it's not because it's not the same as yours it's bashing. Just different opinions. And my opinion about her being full of herself is not bashing, it's from what I see & hear about her in the fashion world. And she is a professional model since the age of 2. And nothing wrong with her going to Cannes for l'oréal. And for the records, you said exactly what I said: Me: but she is still young she will learn her new job by doing & doing again you : Give her time to mature and gain worldly experience, and we might all be surprised by the woman she becomes. And guys: you have to learn & accept that your fav models are going to be criticized or the butt hurt is going to be very real.
  14. ^^ Like Carla! Carla or Bella? Barla? And The 90's: Alcohol, cigarettes & drugs & they still manage to look good! Imagine how messy would have looked Instargam in the 90's? No pics of healthy dish just pics of vomit!
  15. As my fitness fashion guru Sissy MUA would say "fat is life!"