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  1. Texas is the state where children (foetus) are "protected" but only before birth. Then, children can die at school like any other little Americans. That's freedom ! #NRA Land of the free to die like anyone else !
  2. So, who had this stupid idea to organize the football world cup in this shitty country that is Qatar? ( 💩Qacatar in good French ! ) Money over human rights ? No, can't be that !
  3. It's milk and cacao. Cold. So good !!
  4. It's my answer, it is correct in my books.
  5. And !! They have to use beef/and or pork fat to fry them ! No vegetable oils ! Never !
  6. 😄 I hope Chris won't appology. That would be a second slap for him.
  7. I so do not care about what's happening in Ukraine. Now I just dream Belgium invades France and force the whole world to re name french fries Belgium fries or else !
  8. “I have the best advice for women in business,” Kim Kardashian says. “Get your f--king ass up and work. It Yes sure Kim. I am going to make a porn video and leak it on the web to become a famous "woman in business" And also, use daddy's money to start one million stupid projects at the time, knowing that if I fell, daddy's money will always be there. And if I want to become a lawyer... As she fell 3 times, I guess she did not get her fucking ass and work for it ?
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