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  1. Celebrity Connections

    Margaret Atwood Association: The Handmaid's Tale
  2. Kate Upton

    She looks great & Kate will never be fit & toned like the VS models or any fit girls. She would have to lose a lot of weight (at least 8 kilos/16pounds) and work out like a maniac to look "fit" and I personally don't want that. She is fine the way she is. But that collection of swimsuit is horrid.
  3. Kate Upton

    Weight gain.
  4. Isabelle Mathers

    Her videos Only 2 and I already want to kill her. Violently.
  5. Stephanie Rose Bertram

    Thank you for the info @Clauds about Toronto ^^ And, yes, I agree about how this business works. That's sad.
  6. Best Australian Model;

    I think you already make it clear
  7. Best Australian Model;

    Gemma wouldn't want you anyway!
  8. Stephanie Rose Bertram

    Never said that I don't think she is a bad mom but a very young one and yes, maybe, her priorities are not the good ones? (I never said shitty, and never meant it) It's just my thoughts about how I feel seeing a young mom flying overseas for a festival, not gospel truth about how to take care of a baby. And her baby girl is maybe with her?nope let's go back to... Her boobs!
  9. Name 4 things ...

    Freedom Chocolate My place on the right side of the bed love 4 things you would eat even if it fell on a dirty floor
  10. Use the 5 Random letters to make a sentence

    Pleasure Lead Other to sins CACAS
  11. Stephanie Rose Bertram

    5 mnts of work
  12. Stephanie Rose Bertram

    2 months old baby and already partying at coachella? She got priorities. On a side good note : BOOBS!