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  2. The grandpas in the video are more sexy then the male models
  3. I understand you
  4. So sick... Drowning in my mucus. Just like USA. I am the best when it comes to poetic metaphors, I know.
  5. He looks like a serial killer ^^ Only SKs fans (girls) can understand the appeal.
  6. With me, it's all or nothing The pictures are beautiful and I am sad we can't see more of this shoot.
  7. How would I know?? I am using real sex toys!
  8. Daisy Lowe 2 Hannah Davis 3 Natasha Poly 1 Cara Delevingne 2 Josie Canseco 5 Brittni Tucker 4
  9. Nothing. Smartphones are evil, they must be destroy! HMWYP for having your favorite beverage comes out your home faucets?
  10. This is your kind of sex toy, isn't it?
  11. yeah! Don't go!
  12. not having migraines is becoming a simple pleasure for me
  13. Rhianna looks like a discount Miss France 2017. Damn! We can do the discount Rhianna game ad infinitum!
  14. Gigi Midgley 1 Because no idea who she is Sandra Kubicka 1 Gemma Ward 5 Alena Podloznaya 1 Because no idea who she is Alessandra Ambrosio 1 Ashley Smith 5