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  1. ^^ oh! My bad! I did not really read the rules
  2. And whom did not tag me for me to nominate La Casta? The girl with OCD! I am going to come in your home and move all the things you have in your closets! 50% of the names on that list are unknown to me Blessed be the one who is not in the VS cult!
  3. Best Vogue Cover Competition

    gisele estelle
  4. VSFS 2017 Awards;

    Alessandra Ambrosio Overall Look: 3/10 Alexina Graham Overall Look: 1/10
  5. Taylor Marie Hill

    Exactly but you always have people who wants to compare women with one another
  6. Taylor Marie Hill

    No need, it's Grace! But Taylor is close
  7. BZ'ers talking models at the Bar

    She looks a lot like Carla Bruni (young Carla) but she is not a good model. She looks great on motion but her model skill when it comes to pictures is close to zero. It's the problem with these girls who are very pretty but are only models because of their parents or Instagram(and a lot of surgeries for some of them) It's like they don't know what to do with their life and become models just for the sake of it. I like her face too but she looks dead in the eyes 99% of the time.
  8. Trumpland U.S.A

    Charles Manson died before Trump could offer him a job in his cabinet
  9. What made you smile/laugh today?

    Charles Manson death. Like is good, life is great.
  10. 2018 SI Swimsuit

    Sarah and Charlie Austin will never be in SI MJ is like reverse Santa. She is Krampus!
  11. Laetitia Casta

    I want the Claudia's one!
  12. American Horror Story

    True about Evan ^^ And i suppose she is a witch because of the way she talks about the women she is going to meet at her mysterious meeting. The cap (hood) she is wearing is the one the women of SCUM were wearing tho. But this kind of hooded cape is also wore by witches. "secret meeting with powerful women"
  13. American Horror Story

    And then came the last episode... Still waiting for the season to start! That was bad so so bad! And all this worshiping for Manson and his family of degenerates (like him) is getting tired already. And Ally is a witch! Damn! Back to coven, Amen to the dark lord. SCUM
  14. Sarah Stephens

    She is raping Santa? ^^
  15. Kaia Gerber

    OMG/ Painful to watch