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  1. Bye

    I feel and understand you. Bz is invaded by an army of trolls and we are loosing all the fun and pleasure. I thought about leaving too. Anyway, the real life is so much better so fly away
  2. Ophelia!
  3. All that buzz on Barbara's thread for what? A pair of asymmetrical flat boobs.
  4. You can't post nudity on BZ ^^ you have to use spoilers She is not? Damn! All these countries are the same for me I think her boobs are not looking that nice (shape) I could have spent the rest of my life without seeing them.
  5. Plus she is from Ukraine: she better not be a lesbian!
  6. Or the whole story is just bullshit.
  7. ^^this
  8. Tahnee Atkinson 8.5 Nadine Leopold 6 Xandie Goosen 5 Shanina Shaik 5 Cindy Kimberly 7 Carmella Rose 5 Doutzen Kroes 7 Josephine Skriver 1
  9. Rubina Dyan
  10. I always look under my bed before to go to bed... Just in case I am wiping my cat butt-hole.
  11. Jesse is a big double ass. Now & then. What was their story in the comics?
  12. +me
  13. Cover & Editorial Issue Magazine Chile July 2017 Foto: @gustavozylbersztajn |
  14. Meri Gulin