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    I' m going to the gym, babe ;)
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    Palma de Mallorca
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    I love going to gym, reading, watching cinema at home or in the cinema, walking by the city, stay with my cat pet at my home, listenning my prefer music, have a good life, to be rich, stay with my boyfriend (I am heterosexual woman, someday when I fall in love with him and he too, and years later we will marry us and have two babies), travel when I want it and when it' s possible, stay with my friends,  learning about Psychology, English, French (I hope someday learn and speak it) the fashion and cinema world, clothes, and others things. I usually have good humour.
  1. Well, I f I was a wild girl, it is. I don' t know what to say
  2. In my free day, I enjoying watching photos, listenning music and watch films in the pc And cleanning home
  3. Happy birthday @Birkin
  4. Yes of course. Do you like ice creams
  5. {name}

    Weight Loss

    I worry about cellulitis, I have anti cellulitis machine, make sport and gym, use creams, but sometimes is genetic and trataments are very expensive
  6. Maja Latinovic, Ruslana K., Petra Nemcova, Kate Moss, Zsanett Tormay
  7. When I was poor, have a lot of acne in my face, my dream man was with thinner woman and people believe a bad job expartner Have you ever been with luxury whore?
  8. No, but I change my phone number Have you ever been in Japan?
  9. I don' t know Can you be with beautiful woman with a lot of cellulitis or ugly woman without cellulitis?
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