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    I' m going to the gym, babe ;)
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    Have a stable good job in my born city( Palma de Mallorca), reading, walking by the city, to be slim/thin with healthy, have a good health, go to gym, stay with my pet at home,have a good life, to be rich, and others. Now I am saving money to study another University Master (in my born city), working in LIU·JO with good people in Palma de Mallorca, living healthy and doing others things.

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  1. Which song is in your head?

  2. Which song is in your head?

  3. Which song is in your head?

  4. Which song is in your head?

  5. Which song is in your head?

  6. I Love the 80s

  7. ¿Hablas Español?

    A ganar dinero, que eso es bueno
  8. Which song is in your head?

  9. I want...

    Me too but It is imposible. I want less poor people in the world, I want yo be rich
  10. What age is best to get pregnant?

    I don' t want to be mother in this moments, I think it is better a boyfriend with children than to be mother (at this moments).
  11. Skin Care

    I brought Bella Aurora and Miscelar Water from L' Oreal this week, I have Biotherm suncream 50 and Retincare, and hope have a nice skin again!
  12. I Love the 80s

    I was born in the 80 years.
  13. I love the 70s

    Nice clothes, nice songs
  14. ¿Hablas Español?

    Cómo se presentan las fiestas? Ya empieza la Navidad
  15. I Love

    I love chewing gum sugar free