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    I love doing exercise and going to the gym :)
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    Palma de Mallorca
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    I love going to gym, reading, watching cinema at home or in the cinema, walking by the city, stay with my cat pet at my home, listening my prefer music, have a good life, and I hope to be rich, stay with my male boyfriend (I am heterosexual woman, someday when I fall in love with him and he too, and years later we will marry us and have one or two babies), travel when I want it and when it' s possible, stay with my friends,  learning about Psychology, Psychiatry, Health, English, French (I hope someday learn and speak it) the fashion and cinema world, and others things. I usually have good humour.

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  1. The Witch Craft 2016
  2. Do you remember times when people can have all waht they want, and not live in pain or lakes? I remember when I grew up in my teenager years, reading Cosmopolitan and watchin in real life how people can have all what they want, and we were or are bad people to have it. All working in what they want and do what thye want, be friends not always with sex between all, having life we want, not living all for eat or survive or have babies with somebody who dont really love, there are more in life, and you always have new opportunities
  3. I don t know Do you like the touch of your vibrator, or is too rigid or plastic?
  4. Doing exercise at gym, with good teacher and equipement, taking care your health Kiss your cat and be hold by him Have the clothes you want Redecorate and repaiing your home
  5. Be, have and do what all we want!
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