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    I' m going to the gym, babe ;)
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    Have a stable good job in my born city( Palma de Mallorca), reading, walking by the city, to be slim/thin with healthy, have a good health, go to gym, have a good life, to be rich, and others. Now I am saving money to study another Master (in my born city), searching good job with good people in Palma de Mallorca, with good people and good salary and conditions, living healthy and doing others things.

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  1. I Love the 00s (First Decade Tribute)

    I remember the clothes were beautiful and we were riches than now.
  2. I Am...

    I am happy to work in the airport again!
  3. Which song is in your head?

  4. Last movie you saw...

    The Beguiled
  5. Lingerie

    Etam has got a new interesting lingerie http://www.etam.es/outlet-descuentos/sujetadores/body-de-encaje-escotado-648811605.html
  6. Adam Levine

    Adam is reaaaally good looking, but now, in Marron' videoclips, I think there are too much sex and sexual references. "Animals" or "Maps" were good videos, but, the last, I don' t like it. I think a lot of young people listen them, Boys and girls too, and I think some ligther is better to the next videoclip
  7. A lot of people envy Victoria Angels in my born city, I think all the female in Victoria Secret really beautiful
  8. Confessions

    I think I am in love again Is he in love with me? I hope he have been left her ugly wife.
  9. I hate...

    A people who thinks they are beautiful and really they are ugly inside.
  10. Do you...

    Sometimes, in some jobs, I think it is not necessary always the same, only good things (as friendly people, nice moments, etc) Do you think all the fat people have a lot of problems with themselfs?
  11. Last movie you saw...

    He's Just Not That Into You (2009)
  12. Which song is in your head?