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    I' m going to the gym, babe ;)
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    Palma de Mallorca
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    To have a stable good job in my born city( Palma de Mallorca), reading, walking by the city, to be slim/thin(52/50 kg- 164 cm) with healthy, have a good health, go to gym, stay with my pet at my home, I love listenning good music, have a good life, to be rich, stay with my boyfriend and others. Now, I am saving money to go to Paris (on November holidays) and study another University Master (someday, in my born city), and searching active and healthy job in Palma de Mallorca town with good people in Palma de Mallorca, living healthy, in love and doing others things.

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  1. Tania82

    Do you...

    * Well, I don' t like it (people who only want to be famous)
  2. Tania82

    Have You Ever...

    Yes, when I went to University, I remember one night studying and listenning Shakira songs Have you ever send someone provocative message?
  3. Tania82

    Have You Ever...

    Yes, of course. You learn who are you. Have you ever been met someone you admire?
  4. Tania82

    I Am...

    And now i am happy I am searching active and healthy job
  5. Tania82

    Lyrics that inspire you

    Julia Michaels - Heaven They say "all good boys go to heaven"But bad boys bring heaven to you Autores de la canción: Brian Anthony Garcia / Julia Michaels / Morten Ristorp Jensen / Tayla Parx / Uzoechi Osisioma Emenike Letra de Heaven © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc
  6. Tania82

    Do you...

    No, only template Do you like strawberry juice?
  7. Tania82

    Weight Loss

    Hurry up! But don' t forget eat salads, proteins and drink water and teas, now, in spring and summer, I like drink sometimes ice tea light and light/ zero coke
  8. Tania82

    I hate...

    I hate people who think they are perfect and the rest no
  9. Tania82

    ¿Hablas Español?

    Vaya por dios, me toca ser de las que han recortado en el aeropuerto, ¡con lo feliz que era yo allí currando con la gente en la tienda! A ver si sale algo mejor o me vuelven a llamar, no me gusta estar sin trabajar
  10. Tania82

    Have You Ever...

    No, I don' t meet a sex worker, and I don' t like it Have you ever dye your hair in red?
  11. Tania82

    I Am...

    I am searching job again, I need it and I want it! And in love, always in love with him (or them )
  12. Tania82

    Which song is in your head?

  13. Tania82

    Music from your country

  14. Tania82

    Which song is in your head?

  15. Tania82

    Weight Loss

    Good luck! Doing exercise is a good idea too, move your body!