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    Have a stable good job in my born city( Palma de Mallorca),good health, to be slim/thin with healthy, go to gym, and others. Now I am searching good job with good people and good salary in Palma de Mallorca.

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  1. To watch a good film in v.s.o. and understand it.
  2. To visit new places on holidays.
  3. I am very happy because my favorite group, The Cranberries, have a new cd in April!
  4. I am really happy to be an adult.
  5. Yes, I do Do you like go in the car as a copilot?
  6. No I don't Have you ever writte a love letter?
  7. Karlie Kloss is really attractive. I think more models are not realy beautiful, and only like the curves or body.
  8. I am tired because a lot of women think you are a woman only if you have big boobs or curvies, it is not ok!
  9. Dior, Essence, Victoria secret, Clinique etc