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  1. OMG she looks so amazing in that little green nymph outfit!
  2. she's new to me, love her! such a pretty face
  3. Nope! Have you ever lost your cellphone?
  4. Haven't checked it out yet Prometheus?
  5. SUCH a great show! can't wait for tomorrow's episode
  6. Those Harpers & Queen pictures are gorgeous, esp. the second one!
  7. Hey! I just made this new account so I could log on because I cant remember the password for my old acocunt on BZ or the email adresss it was associated with...i havent been on here in so long!! my username was Amélie. Is there any way you could reset my password so I could log on to my old account?
  8. Happy Birthday :wave:

  9. Happy Birthday :)

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