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  1. Happy holidays GG, long time no talk. Hope u and all your family have been doing well. Hope to talk soon and take care :)

  2. GG









    Hi! ;)

  3. I'm sitting at my pc waiting for you to go on MSN like a fool everyday :(

    Joke - - - - :p

    I have a lot to talk to you, go on msn more often pls ;)

  4. sorry for the late response Edith .. i don't go to BZ or MSN much like before .. spending all my time in BBM, Facebook & Twitter :D ..!! i hope you're doing well xoxo

  5. Periodical love <33

    Why don't u go on msn but BBM Limer everyday? So envy him <_<

  6. Sorry for the late response, i was busy going from relationship to husband in the last 2 weeks, but of course i hope ur finals went well but something tells me u did great. LOL and yes i think that name change is needed.

  7. Heeeeey.. I'm doing fine .. in the middle of my final exams .. wish me luck .. btw I guess you have to change your nickname from ILUVAdrianaLima .. to ILUVLaceySwiftLima :D hahaha !!

  8. Hola GG, just dropping in to say hello and have a great week ahead, take care and enjoy the days.

  9. Ooh good luck with that <3 .. wish you the best ;*

  10. Glad to hear you're doing good :D

    haha, Good luck on the exams ;)

    I'm having a new change myself :D I dumped my meany boss and will start my new job on next monday. Now I'm on my break before the new job :p

    Haven't been that relaxed for so long :p

  11. I have miss u too .. everything is fine .. i'm starting finals on sunday just wish me luck ;* .. how about you ?? more jobs ? ;p

  12. Missed our crazy days <3

    How are you? College? Work?

  13. Heeeey Girl :hug: