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    Lily Lolo Cosmetics campaign models

    Hey there, Could anyone ID the three models from the LILY LOLO Cosmetic campaign? And here's a link to the lebel's GET THE LOOK page: LilyLolo.co.uk - get-the-looks Should someone identify more of the models, it will be so appreciated! (Hope I'm not being too greedy)
  4. Model Fetish

    Selena Weber

    ^^ Brilliant posts of the se.x bomb, Shepherd
  5. Model Fetish

    Ginta Lapina

    Big thanks for the HQ's!
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  7. Model Fetish

    Zita Galgociova

    Zita Galgociova - Rebecca Swimwear 2013 Collection, Hotel Boscolo, Budapest, HUN
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  9. Model Fetish

    Snejana Onopka

    I've not following Snejana's news. Can anybody tell me what her 'bad behavior' was about and who she had run-in with ?
  10. Model Fetish

    The gap teeth model

    Merci pitounsky!
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  12. Model Fetish

    Liliane Ferrarezi

    Seems Liliane left modeling industry years ago. Anybody knows what she's been up to now?
  13. Model Fetish

    Hana Jirickova

    Big thanks for posting your fellow country model, Krista!
  14. Model Fetish

    Alexina Graham

    Big thanks for the share!
  15. Model Fetish

    Estee Lauder spokesmodel

    Another actress who crosses over Big thanks for the help, willash