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    Lily Lolo Cosmetics campaign models

    Hey there, Could anyone ID the three models from the LILY LOLO Cosmetic campaign? And here's a link to the lebel's GET THE LOOK page: LilyLolo.co.uk - get-the-looks Should someone identify more of the models, it will be so appreciated! (Hope I'm not being too greedy)
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    Selena Weber

    ^^ Brilliant posts of the se.x bomb, Shepherd
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    Ginta Lapina

    Big thanks for the HQ's!
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    Zita Galgociova

    Zita Galgociova - Rebecca Swimwear 2013 Collection, Hotel Boscolo, Budapest, HUN
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    Snejana Onopka

    I've not following Snejana's news. Can anybody tell me what her 'bad behavior' was about and who she had run-in with ?
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    The gap teeth model

    Merci pitounsky!
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    Liliane Ferrarezi

    Seems Liliane left modeling industry years ago. Anybody knows what she's been up to now?
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    Hana Jirickova

    Big thanks for posting your fellow country model, Krista!
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    Alexina Graham

    Big thanks for the share!
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    Estee Lauder spokesmodel

    Another actress who crosses over Big thanks for the help, willash