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  1. katgirl

    Jessica Alba

    Yes the smoking thing is being talked about over the net.. Its quite suprising at such an old age to start.... The only thing i can think of is shes starting to stay thin and Im guessing her metabolism isnt what it use to be?... Terrible to see...
  2. katgirl

    Megan Fox

    Yes I like her, She is quite the beauty.. She reminds me very much of Megan Ewing and not because they have the same names!!!
  3. katgirl

    Megan Fox

    Her interview was truthful, Liked it alot! Id LOVE to know who shes refering to when she mentions some of the sexiest actresses has had work done... One that definetely comes to mind is Jessica Alba, She alwasy makes top 5 of ANY hotesst actress list.. I doubt shes had work done though.. She especially had me thinking about the jaw line thing haha.. Jessicas jaw line is SOOO NICE.. Id love to have her jaw line
  4. katgirl

    Jessica Alba

    Ya i have been reading alot of bashing on jessica alba because she keeps putting down her latina roots in interviews.. I have read many of her interviews, it seems that she doesnt seem very comfortable talking about it.. The reason she IS what she is. IS because she LOOKS VERY MUCH LATINA... Christina Aguilera is also half hispanic, Ecuadorian. But no one makes a big deal becaue she looks every much white and shes never dissed her latina roots, She came out with a spainsh album and embraces her roots, it sadens me that she thinks being mexican isnt a good thing but rather be "american".
  5. katgirl

    Megan Fox

    really? I dont think so, just in some of these last pics I think it was just the make up Well I compared the page 1 pics to page 7 pics and I think there is a noticeable difference.. I feel she looks better with the full lips! Shes definetely showing them off in the pics
  6. katgirl

    Megan Fox

    She looks really good now!!! Her lips look like shes had a filler done.. VERY full from what I remember seeing in her first pages pics.. Smokin hot.
  7. katgirl

    Jessica Alba

    Does her brother have a thread on here? Hes an actor as well.. Hopefully he gets as big as her.. He looks very similar to her.. which is great.. The male version of Jessica .. =D
  8. katgirl

    Zhang Ziyi

    What are you kidding me... Gong got nothiong on this girl... Her face is rough and not young and soft looking like Ziyis :|
  9. katgirl

    Jessica Alba

    Hello.. Yes i do like Mcphee.. I have seen her People magazine shoot and the picture of her without makeup. She as well looks really nice..
  10. katgirl

    Jessica Alba

    Also considering that picture is black and white! Which washes out almost all imperfections on your face .. I wanna see some blothcy skin and zits so i can feel good about myself. What a scam! lol
  11. katgirl

    Jessica Alba

    Happy Birthday Jessica Alba! I like what shes wearing.. She looks cute and laid back.. She always looks great regarldess..
  12. boooooey i miss megan =(
  13. Wow what a beauty. Reminds me so much of Doutzen. beautiful!
  14. Shes great looking and yes she does remind me of Zeta Jones.!!!
  15. I think Hilary Looks better now..
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