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  1. azgirl

    I Am...

    trying to figure out why I can not see one picture on here... UGH... All I see is boxes with X
  2. ILPB... I have my torch lit and pitch fork ready to drive . oh dang, I guess I should read first.. hehehe JK.. Looks like we have some smart men in here. OR married men.. hehehe I had a whole paragraph about who makes the best parent but it might scare any guy wanting to have kids so i will tame it down to this.. most guys can't say that when they have a baby, its adding a play mate for the kid they already had before giving birth
  3. azgirl

    I Am...

    Agress with the catch phrase. ... missing BZ
  4. i hope yours was good as well

  5. Happy halloween:)

  6. hey az, happy friday.

  7. hey az. getting redy for the new supernatural season?

  8. WELL hello momma, please to meet TOni's mom, names Terri AKA LMS, WINKS =), id love to make you a gif if your game =)

  9. happy birthday. hope you are having a great time

  10. Happy B-day, time to pop out the bubbly :)

  11. Happy Birthday! :)

  12. Happy Birthday azgirl ^_^

  13. Yes do you like cheesecake? Duplicate but it is the answer to the question.. hehehe
  14. Yes do you like cheesecake?
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