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  1. Here are some even larger photos! вот некоторые намного большие фотоии.
  2. Here are some higher resolution pictures. Вот некоторые крупные фото.
  3. I made the mistake of setting the picture on the right as the wallpaper for my phone. Every time I unlocked my phone, my heart would skip a beat. This happened for two weeks. There is no way to prepare yourself for this kind of beauty. Я ошибочно установить это, как мой фоне. Каждый раз я смотрю на моем телефоне, мое сердце замирает. Это продолжалось в течение двух недель. Вы никогда не можете быть скучно ей.
  4. Most of those were for a company called T-Skirt (http://www.tskirt.ru) Большинство из них были для дизайнера T-Skirt Here are some previews from their look book. Вот некоторые из их превью "look book". Here are some previews for older items. Вот некоторые другие превью.
  5. From: Lilya Kozlova (Лиля Козлова) Source: https://instagram.com/lilyakozlova I love the work they do together. It's fantastic! Мне нравится ее фотографии. Это невероятно!
  6. Name: Elona Lebedeva Base: Moscow (Москва) Nationality: Russian (Русския) Born: June 7, 1991 Eye Colour: Green (Зеленые) Height: 168cm (5'6") Measure: 81-58-88 (32-23-35) Shoe size: 37 EU (6.5 US) Dress Size: 40 (6 US)
  7. Haven't posted one of these in years... 1. IU (K-Pop Singer) 2. Enji Knight (Cosplayer) 3. Summer Glau (Actress, Fox - Firefly; Fox - Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles) 4. Mi Hee Hwang (Korean Sports Model) 5. Petra Nemcova (Czech Fashion Model) 6. Amanda Tam (Facebook Girl) 7. Heart Evangelista (Actress, GMA - Legacy) 8. Kelsey Chow (Actress, Disney - Pair of Kings) 9. Daiana Menezes (Brazilian Model/Actress) 10. Susan Coffey (American Fashion Model) Honorable Mention: - Cobie Smulders (Actress, CBS - How I Met Your Mother) - Maja Salvador (Actress, ABS-CBN) - Mini Anden (Sweedish Fashion Model) - Sophie Turner (Australian Glamour Model) - Kato (Designer, Steampunk Couture)
  8. woah. you still post here?

  9. The legend that is Toobs does live!

  10. toobs toobs toobs.

  11. {name}

    Alison Brie

    I have a new number one. Alison Brie is my type to the letter. We're even almost the exact same age.
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