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  1. damn whose the chick on your avatar?

  2. A few pics from her new 2007 Calendar:
  3. Is this pic for real? I see dark spots!
  4. GoodFoot

    Monica Bellucci

    I clicked. I love that pic.
  5. I'll be gone for a while too as I'm moving to Colorado from Michigan. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
  6. This thread can't exist without her in this black dress.
  7. GoodFoot

    Prayer Request

    This thread, for the most part, disappoints me. How can some of you turn it into a discussion about Halo 2? Prayer is NOT for "I want this" or "help me not to do that." It's a way to make a personal connection with God, but since this is in a public area (forum), then we should use it as a way to support each other with prayer. I hope you all take this thread more seriously. Even though the thread creator may not have a full grasp on what prayer is for, she meant well and I hope you all do to. Merry Christmas to you too, Nebucadnezar
  8. The season is on hold until after Christmas. I read on kryptonsite.com that the next new episode will air on Jan. 26. Dang, that's a long break.
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