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  1. I love your name!

  2. I love those shots, thanks very much
  3. very nice, thanks for those!
  4. yeah makes sense, thanks mameha :-)
  5. exactly! not to forget the legs, the hair, her smile....
  6. she is hot, i saw her xposed pics, but i did not know she had tv appearences, thanks!
  7. just legs?????????? cmon, give me a break, she should get the full monty
  8. you got me.... I mean remember the video of irrestible, looking so goddamm innocent, but wearing a pair of jeans, super low cut on the hips
  9. http://www.debramessing.com
  10. Debra Messing from nndb.com: Debra Messing AKA Debra Moessing Born: 15-Aug-1968 Birthplace: Brooklyn, NY Gender: Female Religion: Jewish Ethnicity: White Sexual orientation: Straight Occupation: Actor Level of fame: Somewhat Executive summary: Grace on Will & Grace Debra Messing is a redheaded flat-chested beauty, who plays kooky interior decorator Grace Adler on the long-running sitcom Will & Grace. She was born in Brooklyn, but the family moved to Rhode Island when she was three. "I was always singing and dancing for my mother when I wasn
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