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    recent ig
  5. Sarah Curr

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  6. Kara Del Toro

    ig story: karajewelll_26883017_579159925750058_6817174560568336764_n.mp4 karajewelll_27061586_163090404312755_3541477865034925476_n.mp4 karajewelll_27078717_1841081932859053_2406684687947029872_n.mp4 karajewelll_27301184_2105529229733223_2497151320472090298_n.mp4
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    more from ig story: lorenara___26873151_154587495321221_3601389794921283584_n.mp4 lorenara___27063328_1532721430181204_5088207412943388672_n.mp4
  8. Celine Farach

    Yeah, if she knew she had a Bellazon thread and cared to voice an opinion on it, she'd probly want to be in the Singer/Musician section. Not that it matters to me, really.
  9. Celine Farach

    One of the trips involved signing a contract with Universal, presumably to do more music stuff in Asia. It's not my cup of tea so I don't pay too close attention.
  10. Celine Farach

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    More Guess.com
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    Friday magazine, December 2017