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  1. She's got a lot of catalog work in Leonisa, similar to what I've posted in Priscilla Mezzadri, Sarah Simmons, and Caitlin Ricketts threads. Getting three models at the same time was enough work, but it's easy enough for Solveig fans to get the rest. Here's how to get them: 1. Go here (it doesn't matter which one really) https://www.negocioleonisa.com/wps/portal/chile 2. Note the flag on the top left for step 6 later. 3. Click on Catalogo, and arrive here https://catalogos.negocioleonisa.com/catalogo/56/1905/index.php 4. Save all the Solveig stuff, the pages are just JPGs. 5. Try the same URL with increasing numbers, like from 1905 to 1906, until you stop getting new catalogs. You can also try lower numbers, she might have done work in those too. 6. Switch to a different country's catalog, and repeat steps 2-5.
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