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  1. To me #1 and 3 are not Barbara. They do a Lise Charmel's collection at the same time but it's not the same girl. And like ywtbhb i do think that #2 is not Georgina. To not know who they are doesn't mean that the other ID are good I put on Barbara's thread some of her Lise Charmel's work and i really dont' think she's #1 and 3. But it's only my opinion. I may be wrong.
  2. More Wacoal America
  3. Best: Kelsea Ballerini, Chrissy Teigen, Laverne Fox Worst: Katy Perry, Jennifer Lopez, Nicole Trunfio
  4. My pleasure
  5. If it can help #11 is for DIM Signature
  6. 3. Fany Li. She's a french model and actress. https://www.instagram.com/fany.li/
  7. No it's Alejandra Alonso
  8. This is her thread. And you just have to "Google" her. You will see a lot of pictures of her and do your own comparison.
  9. It's all the same girl. Nicole Williams
  10. #2 Amanda Mondale
  11. The last one looks like Juliana Herz with paler hair.
  12. Lise Charmel Fall Winter 2014
  13. I agree. It's not Barbara. And it's not Lauren.