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  1. B&M Model Toronto State Models New York Ford Models Chicago Ford Models Los Angeles Select Models Miami Premium Models Paris Francina Models Barcelona Lind Models Gothenburg
  2. No agency. No tear sheets. No commercials. Not over 5’7”. Not a fashion model. Those are the parameters all threads in that section need to be in the fashion section. Not every model is a fashion model.
  3. not a fashion model. Another Instagram model. No tear sheets. No agencies.
  4. Started 1970s Model Database because there Marlowe Press is heavily focused on 80s. Lots of these 70s models are now modeling again. this whole baby boomer market has them coming out of the woodwork. I can’t remember who likes the 70s so please let the appropriate members know. I will do 50s and 60s too but I want to get this rolling first
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