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  1. Underwater Models

    Some slightly larger versions.
  2. Amazon.com Majestic Swim 2011

    Well, I found some info on the video, Creative Direction & Video by Jan-Willem Dikkers; and Styling by John Vertin & Wynn Smith.
  3. Who are these models?

    I am not sure at the moment, but I feel like the first and second model look familiar. Either that or they are making me think of someone else for some reason. Also, may I suggest numbering the models, I find it easier to ID them that way. But that's just me.
  4. Prima Donna Swim 2018

    Here is her thread on bellazon.
  5. Camila Queiroz

    Pantene Pro-V Brazil Summer Edition 2016 or 2017 Hair by Gregory Kaoua:
  6. Alexina Graham

    Yeah, she's pretty stunning!
  7. Camila Queiroz

    Samsung Brazil: Source: @camilaqueiroz on Instagram.
  8. Camila Queiroz

    Maybelline: Source: @camilaqueiroz on Instagram.
  9. Camila Queiroz

    Here's her current instagram.
  10. Camila Queiroz

    Wow, a very gorgeous girl indeed!
  11. Models from Pantene Pro V "3D" Ad

    This is the earliest version I can find with the differences I mentioned before, it is from 2012: In the end, I'm not too sure if all this will help.
  12. Marlies Dekkers Fall 2017

  13. Marlies Dekkers Fall 2017

    I'm seeing this model all over Marlies Dekkers 2017 collections so far. Or at least multiple videos on Youtube for Marlies Dekkers with her on the thumbnails. I'll have to see if there are any leads to follow.
  14. Models from Pantene Pro V "3D" Ad

    Now, I'm a little confused. Apparently the video seems to use audio that could have been from a Pantene Nature Fusion UK ad from 2009: So it may not be from 2010 nor for Nature Fusions, since there is a version with different bottles in it saying "Restoratives" and "Time Renewal" I'll see if I can find that version.
  15. Bulgarian Model from Aroma Color 2015-2016

    Wait, I think I found her! Teodora Angelova? Though she doesn't have a Bellazon thread that I can find yet.