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  1. I know, she has amazing hair!
  2. Here's another instagram post on, I think, L'Oreal "Elvive Phytoclear Shampoo", Director's cut with Barbara Palvin and Jasmine Daniels: source: @alexinagraham Instagram
  3. Cool!
  4. macys models

    Still wondering about these models.
  5. Video from 2016 in Martinique with her ex, wasn't sure if anyone shared this already:
  6. Yeah, really like this picture, too!
  7. Garnier Fructis Grow Stronger (2016)
  8. Her old profile was apparently hacked. Source: @bpellenz Instagram
  9. I think she got a new Instagram now.
  10. Source: @dessy.savova on Instagram.
  11. Oh? That's good! Happy to see she's still modeling.
  12. Even more Kolora posts: Source: @madlenakalinova on Instagram.
  13. Ha, she even posted about the Kolora ad on instagram, too: Source: @dessy.savova on Instagram.