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  1. Underwater Models

    Well, I made her a thread now, since no one else did.
  2. Anastasia Safonov Full Name: Anastasia Safonov Nationality: Israeli-Russian Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Blue Date of birth: 1995 Place of birth: Height: 5'9.5; 176cm Measurements: (US) 32-24-34; (EU) 84-62-86 Shoe size: (US) 9.5; (EU) 40; (UK) 5 Agencies: Wilhelmina Models, Louisa Models, Aquarelle Models, Metropolitan Models, Wonderwall Management, Chic Management, Traffic Models, Elinor Shahar Links: Instagram She's apparently the daughter of actor, Kirill Safonov.
  3. Underwater Models

    Here's more from that shoot:
  4. At one point I was about to say that #1 was Anastasia Safonov of Wilhelmina. Sidenote, she still doesn't seem to have a Bellazon thread yet. Well, nevermind, made her one.
  5. Who is this Sherri Hill model, please?

    Here she is on Bellazon.
  6. Lini Kennedy Oliveira

    Sherri Hill Prom 2017:
  7. Lini Kennedy Oliveira

  8. Lini Kennedy Oliveira

    I know that feeling!
  9. Lane Lindell

    More Sherri Hill:
  10. I believe this ad was from 2008 or close to it. I once knew who the female model was but now I forgot her name. I know it started with an "M", though. Not sure if that'll help at all. It wasn't Molly Beers, was it?
  11. Laura Berlin

    Schwarzkopf Nectra Color (2014), with Clara Alonso, Ashlie Victoria Bruener, & Jing Ma. Directed by Karina Taira:
  12. Models from Pantene Pro V "3D" Ad

    By the way, are the photos in the OP giving a good enough shot(s) of the models' faces?
  13. Amazon.com Majestic Swim 2011

    Oh and the cinematographer is Magdalena Gorka.
  14. Veronika Nagyová

    Test shoot(s) from 2013 by Viktor Jelinek- "B&W": "Red Lips" Loving her hair in all of these, especially in the first batch!