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  1. Screenshots of Marta Morilla from the Power of Nature hair video: Sorry, went a little crazy with the screenshots there.
  2. Source: @alexinagraham Instagram
  3. These were from 2009 until 2011ish, with the commercials directed by Greg Maya: 1. Brunette: 2. Blonde: 3. Redhead, I'm not sure but is this Viktória Vámosi or am I crazy? I have my doubts. Sorry for all the photos and whatnot. And thanks in advance.
  4. Photo from her current instagram:
  5. Source: @alexinagraham Instagram
  6. Another one probably BTS from the L'Oreal's "Elvive Phytoclear Shampoo" shoot with Barbara Palvin: Source: @alexinagraham Instagram
  7. source: @juliencalot Instagram
  8. L'Oréal Paris Brasserie: source: @alexinagraham Instagram
  9. source: @alexinagraham Instagram
  10. I think this is also for L'Oréal Prodigy, it is at least for L'Oréal from 2014 photographed by Julien Lutt/StoryBox-Press:
  11. And another: source: @juanaburga_official Instagram
  12. BTS of L'Oréal Hair: source: @alexinagraham Instagram
  13. L'Oréal Make-up: source: @alexinagraham Instagram
  14. Moroccan Oil Volume & Shine by Rebecca Blake:
  15. More from her current instagram; god, her hair's lovely :