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  1. Redhead in the 3rd video is Michelle Gontier, check the video's description. Also, isn't this hijacking the thread again?
  2. Alice McCall - Autumn/Winter 2019 Ready-to-Wear Photographer:: Bonnie Hansen Make-Up Artist: Nicole Thompson Hair Stylist: Keiren Street The other model is unknown.
  3. I've been wondering about this one for some time, anyone have any ideas on her name? Here's the Pantene Ad "Horizon": Screenshots: If this helps, the information or credits for this ad: Thanks in advance! 😉
  4. Yeah, I almost didn't recognize her for a second because I haven't been keeping up with her work a lot over the years! 😅 But she looked gorgeous in those ads, her and Rosanne Swart!
  5. I think I got the year wrong. It was 2005, I think. 😅
  6. I'm sorry I don't have any helpful information to add to this one, I usually try to find some extra info to possibly aid in the search but I couldn't find anything specific. 😓 1: 2:
  7. Gorgeous! Loving the hair in many of these!
  8. I didn't see this shared with any of the other Ocean Drive Magazine posts, so I'll share this link to her interview with them. https://oceandrive.com/ocean-drive-maggie-rawlins-swim-guide So wait, she did a photo-shoot swimming with sharks? I'm a bit curious about that one. 🤔
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