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  1. Bruna Pellenz

    For Conair, I believe: Source: @bpellenz on Instagram. Source: @tybarrington on Instagram.
  2. Joanna Stubbs

    Apparently she was in a Tresemme commercial recently, but I haven't found the ad in question. Here's a bts photo she shared on her instagram: Source: @joannastubbs555 on Instagram.
  3. Joanna Stubbs

    "Wear Denim" from www.MINMAXBeauty.com Photography by Elisabeth Hoff, 2016 Make up by Afton Radojicic: Source: @aftonmakeup on Instagram. With models Elle Dowling and Giulia Berretti: Source: @elisabethhoffphoto on Instagram
  4. Katarina Nemcova

    From her current instagram:
  5. Joanna Stubbs

    London Woman Magazine December 2016: Source: @styledbyevelina on Instagram If anyone can find the scans for these or something, I'd greatly appreciate it. Photography by William Garrett Photography.
  6. Lovely Brunette Syoss model 2016, maybe familiar?

    Well, she got a new instagram now. Like I said, I'd start a new thread for this model, but I'm not sure how I'd differentiate this one from the "blonde" Nicole. Heck, she has one on the Fashion Spot's forums.
  7. Beth Minardi Hair Care Models Unknown IDs

    I think I can confirm #6 as Katy Farmer:
  8. Macy's ID Thread

    Can't forget #23.
  9. Jessica Clements

    Yeah, her hair is pretty amazing and it definitely shows in the Garnier ad.
  10. Beth Minardi Hair Care Models Unknown IDs

    Here's #2 for this page. Got nothing else for her, so far.
  11. Bruna Pellenz

    Source: @bpellenz Instagram
  12. Alexina Graham

    I know, she has amazing hair!
  13. Alexina Graham

    Here's another instagram post on, I think, L'Oreal "Elvive Phytoclear Shampoo", Director's cut with Barbara Palvin and Jasmine Daniels: source: @alexinagraham Instagram