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  1. Does anyone know the name of this model, thank you in advance
  2. I have been wondering who these female models were for some time and could never find anything on them, so any attempt to ID them will be appreciated. Thank you very much in advance! I've tried to give any info I could find or remember about the sources and will try to add more as I remember or find them. Sorry I've put so many, most of these were screenshots from the commercials and I didn't know which shots of these models would help identify them (also, I guess I just wanted to post a bunch of the shots anyway): 1. ??? Clairol Natural Instincts Directed by Brad Tucker: I believe she was in a Macy's commercial once: 2. Amanda Salvato Clairol Natural Instincts by Brad Tucker(I think this model was in a St. Ives commercial "Head, Shoulders, Knees, & Toes" as well): 3. Ivana Stompfova Clairol Natural Instincts by Pierluca De Carlo: L'Oreal Excellence Creme: 4. ??? Clairol Natural Instincts by Pierluca De Carlo: 5. Estel Rovira Pantene: Clairol Nice 'N Easy: 6. Petra Kvapilova Herbal Esscence: I think this model here is the same as the redhead Herbal Essences model above (if not, I'd like to still ID both): Perfect 10 Box 5R 7. Amanda Wellsh aka Amanda Brandao Schwarzkopf Color Palette: Syoss Dry Shampoo: 8. Marija Piskac Schwarzkopf Color Palette: 9. Chloe Pridham Schwarzkopf Color Palette: 10. Michelle Gontier Clairol Nice 'N Easy (2006): Clairol photo by Don Flood (2007); she seems to look the same: 11. Beri Smither Clairol Nice 'N Easy (2006): 12. Larissa Bondarenko? Clairol Nice 'N Easy by Don Flood: 13. Manon Von Gerkan Clairol Perfect 10 by Don Flood: 14. Olga ??? Clairol Natural Instincts by Don Flood: 15. Fernanda Prada Clairol Perfect 10 by Don Flood: Once again, I'm sorry if I've uploaded a lot of files/photos for this. Thank you. 2/1/2015 Update: Just crossing off numbers for confirmed IDs and adding names to them. Also putting "?" next speculated IDs, the rest that are completely unknown at the moment will just have a "???".
  3. I saw her on anthropologie
  4. Does anyone know the name of this Hunkemoller model? Thx!
  5. Hi, does anybody know who is this model from Lise Charmel ? I tried searching the forum with no luck. Also some videos (with timestamps)
  6. Anyone have any idea who is she ? found her pictures on DeFacto, a Turkish online clothing website. Most of them are for out-of stock items which means that the listing is old. Thanks in advance https://www.defacto.com.tr/fitted-yarim-balikci-yaka-uzun-kollu-tisort-1118478 https://www.defacto.com.tr/balikci-yaka-uzun-kollu-tisort-1507250
  7. Does anyone know her name? Thanks in advance.
  8. Can anyone please tell me these models' names. I am having a hard time looking for them. The accout of charlotte never tags them. ctilburymakeup_video_1544011711646.mp4
  9. Hii... I need this model name and social links... Thanks in advance HTB1DsjVgQ.HL1JjSZFu7608dXXad.png_640x640q50.png_.webp
  10. If anyone knows the name of this new young model, working here for OXXO, it will be appreciate the info. Thanks in advance
  11. I've seen this model in the past but seem to have forgotten her name and now I can't find her anywhere. Any help is so, so, so appreciated. TIA
  12. Hi! So I could use a little help. I've been searching for their names, but can't really find who these girls are. Anyone knows? I would be very thankful! 1. 2.
  13. Hey: a friend of a friend is a playboy model, and I'm interested in finding out who she is! Unfortunately, I don't know any more than that, but I have this picture.
  14. I saw her in girlmerry.com website , she is a swimsuit, clothes wear model in girlmerry, want to know her name New stylish 3 colors strapless shoulder irregular(4K_HD).webm Thanks in advance Sexy high split strapless shoulder maxi dress Whol(4K_HD).webm
  15. Hi mates! I would like to know the names of these models. Thanks in advance for your help! 1. PACSUN 2. L'SPACE 3. L'SPACE 4. YAMAMAY
  16. She worked for inspiredbylabels brand . i saw her on their website - inspiredbylabels.com What's her name ? FOREVER UNIQUE DRESS (RED)(1080P_HD).mp4 LAURENT DRESS(1080P_HD).mp4 FOREVER UNIQUE DRESS (RED)(1080P_HD).mp4 FOREVER UNIQUE DRESS (RED)(1080P_HD).mp4 ALA WOOL DRESS(1080P_HD).mp4 Thanks in advance FOREVER UNIQUE DRESS (BLACK)(1080P_HD).mp4 LAURENT DRESS(1080P_HD).mp4 LAURENT DRESS(1080P_HD).mp4
  17. All from Urban Outfitters' site! Last one is from pinterest, #uohome Names please & thank you !! 1. 2. 3.
  18. Does anyone know who this model is? Thanks 😃
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