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Found 13 results

  1. Hali Kai Burns Height: 5'9.5" Bust: 32" Waist: 24" Hips: 34" Shoes: 8 Eyes: Brown Hair: Dark Brown Date of Birth: Place of origin: Agency: Wilhelmina Miami http://www.wilhelmina.com/portfolio.aspx?c=mi&nav=29&modelid=629469&subid=10498&mainsubid=10498&sexid=2&spec= http://wilhelminamia.com/wilblog3/model-of-the-week-hali-burns/
  2. Lauren Layne Height: 5' 9" Bust: 34" Waist: 23" Hips: 34" Dress: 2 Shoes: 9 Hair: Brown Eyes: Blue agencies: Click (East Coast & L.A.) Factor (Chicago) Exposure (Kansas) Thought it was high time she had a topic here She's been everywhere lately - Kohl's, Delia*s, Target, Bon-ton, Macy's
  3. Sorry this is a lot. Thanks in advance. #1. Jennifer Lamiraqui This model was also in a number of Herbal Essences ads: #2. Linda Vojtova #3. Guadalupe Tomic #4. Cerelina Proesl #5. Aryka Noble #6. Katie Zeller #7. Gabriela Rabelo #8. Renata Maciel Dos Santos #9. Sanja Matic #10. #11. Melissa Haro "11.2" I think this is the same model: No this is a different model than #11. Hana Nitsche? Will post more of this one in a later post. #12. Ana Lisboa #13. Fanny Anselme #14. Lilian Queiroz #15. Same as 14
  4. Anyone know who she is, or has more pictures/references, please? Thanks!
  5. http://slimages.macys.com/is/image/MCY/products/1/optimized/2418361_fpx.tif?wid=1400&hei=1020&fit=fit,1&$filterxlrg$
  6. There's a new model in Macy's ads. I just noticed her this week. Anyone know her?
  7. Cannot figure out who she is.. The wife & I think she is gorgeous !! Pic from a Macy's in store poster size marquee ad. Thanks for any help !!
  8. anyone remembers? :-) kind regards
  9. Anybody know who this cutie is? She's modeled for Delia*s, Kohl's, & Macy's
  10. Does anyone know who this woman is?
  11. Does anyone know these models from Macy's? I'm think the one on the left is Renata Maciel Dos Santos. I've seen the other model for several years in Kohl's and Macy's, but I haven't a clue who she is.
  12. Tereza Kačerová Tereza Kacerova Height: 5' 8.5" Bust: 34" Waist: 24" Hips: 34" Dress: 2 Shoes: 9 Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown Nationality: Czech birthdate: Jan. 3, 1993 agency: Nous Models (LA)
  13. I have been wondering who these female models were for some time and could never find anything on them, so any attempt to ID them will be appreciated. Thank you very much in advance! I've tried to give any info I could find or remember about the sources and will try to add more as I remember or find them. Sorry I've put so many, most of these were screenshots from the commercials and I didn't know which shots of these models would help identify them (also, I guess I just wanted to post a bunch of the shots anyway): 1. ??? Clairol Natural Instincts Directed by Brad T
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