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Found 25 results

  1. I have been wondering who these female models were for some time and could never find anything on them, so any attempt to ID them will be appreciated. Thank you very much in advance! I've tried to give any info I could find or remember about the sources and will try to add more as I remember or find them. Sorry I've put so many, most of these were screenshots from the commercials and I didn't know which shots of these models would help identify them (also, I guess I just wanted to post a bunch of the shots anyway): 1. ??? Clairol Natural Instincts Directed by Brad Tucker: I believe she was in a Macy's commercial once: 2. Amanda Salvato Clairol Natural Instincts by Brad Tucker(I think this model was in a St. Ives commercial "Head, Shoulders, Knees, & Toes" as well): 3. Ivana Stompfova Clairol Natural Instincts by Pierluca De Carlo: L'Oreal Excellence Creme: 4. ??? Clairol Natural Instincts by Pierluca De Carlo: 5. Estel Rovira Pantene: Clairol Nice 'N Easy: 6. Petra Kvapilova Herbal Esscence: I think this model here is the same as the redhead Herbal Essences model above (if not, I'd like to still ID both): Perfect 10 Box 5R 7. Amanda Wellsh aka Amanda Brandao Schwarzkopf Color Palette: Syoss Dry Shampoo: 8. Marija Piskac Schwarzkopf Color Palette: 9. Chloe Pridham Schwarzkopf Color Palette: 10. Michelle Gontier Clairol Nice 'N Easy (2006): Clairol photo by Don Flood (2007); she seems to look the same: 11. Beri Smither Clairol Nice 'N Easy (2006): 12. Larissa Bondarenko? Clairol Nice 'N Easy by Don Flood: 13. Manon Von Gerkan Clairol Perfect 10 by Don Flood: 14. Olga ??? Clairol Natural Instincts by Don Flood: 15. Fernanda Prada Clairol Perfect 10 by Don Flood: Once again, I'm sorry if I've uploaded a lot of files/photos for this. Thank you. 2/1/2015 Update: Just crossing off numbers for confirmed IDs and adding names to them. Also putting "?" next speculated IDs, the rest that are completely unknown at the moment will just have a "???".
  2. Hello, Do you know the name of the girl who has featured in this Timotei haircare campaign (circa 2012? Or at least in the 2010s)? Thanks.
  3. Tried to look for the name of these images' model on Google recently, but for one I also found this link as well with the products featured on these photos shown below (https://www.lefashion.com/2015/02/french-girl-bangs-cool-shades.html).As what this title (seen above) says, could somebody here please identify the model and its name being seen on the pics shown down bottom? - awakawI ateazrutY ialociN adneG (spelled correctly as Genda NicolaI Yturzaeta Iwakawa)
  4. Hello, I've already posted a message about it in another thread, but it may deserve its own topic. I search the ID of a beautiful female model who featured in a vintage (2000's?) Pantene TV clip, that can be watched below : I haven't managed yet to find her name, but when I tried to do a reverse image search, I've found images of unknown models looking like her (unless it's the same person) but also images of overly famous people like Anne Hathaway or Angelina Jolie ! That's the reason why I'm VERY curious to know who's her indeed. I've also written to Pavel Salek (director of this clip), without receiving an answer until now. May someone could help me? Thanks.
  5. Hair Magazine UK December/January 2003 ''Hot shots'' Photos Annie Johnston Models ? Scanned by me
  6. A lot of people request hair dye models. I thought I list all the ones I know in hopes other will do the same. THIS IS JUST FOR HAIR DYE BOXES. No ID requests. Must know the name or first name and agency. Brands Mentioned Clairol Loreal Perference Loreal Feria Schwarzkopf Nice n Easy John Freida
  7. Top Hair Models is a list of models who have several high profile hair campaigns. THE RULES: They must have 3 campaigns for 3 different products or from 3 different seasons. Do not add a model with 1 campaign.(print ad or commercial) for hair care products (shampoo, hair dye, colorants, styling products, styling instruments, etc). Must be fashion models. No actresses, singers, bloggers, etc. Please do not ask for ID requests. If you are adding another campaign of model added, please quote the rest of the images, this way we can see all the campaigns together.
  8. Hello I was looking for women with the late 70's/early 80's feathered (Farrah) hair as I love how it looks on women (not a fan of modern interpretations). Anyway, this image pops up frequently and the woman seems familiar. I am appologizing in advance as she might not be a model but a singer or an actress. (judging by the way she positioned her shoulder she might be a Playboy model) I''ve asked on many forums, yet no one nows who is she. Can you please help me ID her? Someone suggested Olivia Newton-John but I think it's just a lookalike.
  9. SO. i have been looking for about 3 hours. i need help of thinking of a name for a model that was known back in the day like say 2007-2008. he has blue/green eyes, and dark hair. he is skinny. he looks like superman but he was never in any superman movies. i thought his name was jeremy something, but i could definitely be wrong... i don't know. i don't have a picture of him! D: this makes me really sad. he is used in a lot of harry potter rpgs and i can't think of his name. please help. -_- thanksss and this might sound stupid... but it's really frustrating me hahaha. xD
  10. These were from 2009 until 2011ish, with the commercials directed by Greg Maya: 1. Brunette: 2. Blonde: 3. Redhead, I'm not sure but is this Viktória Vámosi or am I crazy? I have my doubts. Sorry for all the photos and whatnot. And thanks in advance.
  11. Oh, I feel like I recognize her, but I don't know from what. Director: Tryan George Cinematographer: Simon Coull Hairstylist: Gregory Kaoua Make-up: Nina Park Year: 2016, I think Location: Prague Studios, I think, in Prague, Czech Republic Some behind the scenes with Daniel Di Tomasso: Images: I think these are the same model: Once again, sorry if I went a little crazy in this one post. Thank you in advance!
  12. Anyone know who she is? You can see the image on http://aussiehair.com/en-gb
  13. This is a list of models who have worked for Pantene. Print Ads and Commercials. Must know full name OR first name and agency. NO ID REQUESTS!!!!
  14. Was wondering who these women might be. Thanks in advance! It may seem like I've uploaded doubles but I think some may have been a little more zoomed in, I'm not sure. Photos by Robert Lynden. #1. Marilia Moreno Richer Shade of Blonde model, also appears in this video, I believe: #2. in this video and this one too, her name might be "Sarah"? #3. "Dark Victory" model from this tutorial video, also appears in this video, too, I believe: #4. Viktoria Vamosi Tangerine Dream Model, I think her name is "Viktoria Vamosi?" #5. Kathleen Sorbara Rolodex Wrap Model from this video, I think her name is "Kathleen"; she can also be seen in a Beth Minardi Trailer and a BM intro video, both directed by Robert Lynden; I think she is also in the "Beth Minardi: BETTER THAN NATURAL COLOR TECHNIQUES" DVD: #6. Rewind Technique model from this video, I think her name is "Katie" or "Katherine" or "Kathryn", I think she is "Katy Farmer"?; she also is in a Beth Minardi Trailer and a BM intro video, both directed by Robert Lynden: #7. Modern Ombre Model from this video, I think her name is "Nicole"; she is also from the Beth Minardi Trailer and the BM intro video, both directed by Robert Lynden: #8. Beth Minardi Trailer and BM intro video: #9. Delaney Coyle Redhead midway through the video, she is also in this one, her name seems to be "Delaney": I'm sorry if I've uploaded a lot of files/photos for this. Thank you.
  15. Does anyone know who this stunning red head girl is? I think she is a model.
  16. New products you really love.....something new you've tried that has worked wonders, an awesome cream or trick. Any questions you have about. An at home mixture or something you swear by. Organic homemade mixtures, all natural creams and scrubs for hair and skin, etc. Post all your tricks and questions bellow, even non organic/all natural tips/products welcome
  17. Ashton Renee Wood Australian Model and Social Media Influencer. Gold Coast, Queensland. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ashtonwood/?hl=en Tumblr: http://ashtonreneewood.tumblr.com/ Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrn7Hdsj0CxEJB5ZRC5kk4g Age: 25 Height: 5' 6" Weight: 99 lbs Bust: 32" Waist: 22" Hips: 28" Cup: B Dress: 6 Shoe: 6.0
  18. Mostly on hair extensions and wig sites.
  19. I was thinking I'd just add these to my "shampoo models thread" but I think it maybe best to just make a new thread with these unknown IDs from these two Dessange ads. Ad 1: Director- Stéphane Coutelle, Haircolorist- Frédéric Mennetrier, 2013 Update: Starring Alena Blohm and Isabella Oelz Ad 2: Director- Stéphane Coutelle, 2014 Update: Starring Jessica Clarke I'll add screenshots in the next post(s).
  20. Not sure about this model's last name, I believe her first name is Liz though. I think her last name starts with an "L"? The photos are by Hama Sanders. Hair color by Denis De Souza and Hair choreographer is Ken Arthur. Thanks in advance! From the same shoot as the one with Joana Damek, Aldara Ortega, Nidhi Sunil, and Lena Ashikhmina
  21. Not sure about this model's last name, I believe her first name is Olya though. The photos are by Hama Sanders. Thanks in advance!
  22. I am wondering if anyone knows more rare blonde beauties with curly hair like Dorit Revelis or Andrea Madlova? Thanks for ur suggestions!
  23. Anyone have any idea?? ...Have no company refs. ...She seems to come-up, often, as a representative of this, particular, hairstyle🤷🤷 I don't know .... Any advice or ID, greatly appreciated.
  24. Silvia Peretzki Nationality American Hair color Red Eye color Green Ethnicity German Height 5'8.5" ; 174cm Measurements (US) 34-24-34 ; (EU) 86-61-86 Dress size (US) 4 ; (EU) 34 Shoe size (US) 7 ; (EU) 38 Agencies Q Model Management- New York Q Model Management - Los Angeles Formerly of: Elite Models- Miami Leni's Model Management- London Advertisements Matrix , Oil of Olay , Pantene , Seiko , Schwarzkopf
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