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  1. Hello, Do you have pictures of print ads she made for Pantene in the mid-90's? Thanks.
  2. Hello, I open this topic because it seems that there isn't any thread about this Irish model. She has been the main model for Organics shampoo campaigns in late 90's. https://youtu.be/XOnBLBCHhPk https://youtu.be/Du5cNDGLIho https://youtu.be/JnXRQC26wnM https://youtu.be/T9nV91N2J7k Do you know other TV commercial clips with her? Thanks.
  3. "Osez le fanatisme" (rires😂) Seul un vrai Français peut vraiment comprendre tout le sens du jeu de mots (je suis Charlie). Sinon cs gens haïssent vraiment la beauté, ils ont même lancé une croisade contre (ça me fait penser à une anecdote qui s'était passée il y a quelques années en Inde, les extrémistes religieux du coin s'en étaient pris à Pryianka Chopra, celle-ci avait été défendue par les intellectuels au nom du sens de la beauté consubstantiel à la culture indienne !).
  4. Hello, I've posted on Youtube a short clip with short extracts of Pantene tv commercials from the "golden age" (late 90's-early 2000's) with awesome images of some of the most beautiful models ever in only 30 seconds, it's a kind of record of this time that has been the time of my teenage and young adult life. You can watch it here : https://youtu.be/ErVfR6rn4yM The voice comes from a French tvc, the clip extracts are French and international. Do you enjoy (or not) this clip? If here's a problem with it, I would remove it quickly. Thank you for your impressions.
  5. Hello, The connection seems to have been restored, the video is now available on the site. Nonetheless I maintain my request about the identity of this stunning model, if you've got any information. Thanks.
  6. Hello, Do you have a copy of this video. It seems to have been suppressed from the source site. Thanks.
  7. Hello, Do you know the name of this brunette featuring in this Pantene tv commercial, aired in 1998-99? https://www.ina.fr/ina-eclaire-actu/publicite/pub1100909126/pantene-shine-from-all-direction And do you know other tv commercials or pics with her ? Thanks.
  8. Supplementary information about this TV commercial : The creative director is Dawn Heuston (from Grey London, that was the producer of many Pantene clips in the 2000s). The creative consultant is Karen Hagemann. The director of photography is Oliver Curtis. With these small clues, maybe you should find the name of this stunning model (who may have featured in other campaign, including Pantene ones). Thanks for your answers or other information.
  9. Hello, Do you know the name of this lovely blonde model who featured in a tv commercial for Pantene clarifying shampoo, aired in some European countries in 2003? I tried to search it, without success for now. Look at the screenshots below, but some of them are blurry or show mainly her (beautiful🤩) hair. Do you know if she featured in other Pantene camaigns or other tv commercials ? Thanks.
  10. Hello, Do you know the name of the model featuring in this tv commercial from the mid-2000's ? Thanks.
  11. Hello, Do you know the name of the model featuring in this tv commercial, aired in the early 2000's? https://vimeo.com/115017218
  12. Thank you. She's really lovely, as well as overlooked, it's quite difficult to find pictures or other resources about her.
  13. Hello, and happy new year, Do you know the name of this model featuring in Pantene ads of the mid-2000's? Here's a Polish tv commercial with her : Another tvc with this model has been submitted here earlier, without answer. Thanks.
  14. Thanks for sharing this nice video. You should upload others if you manage to find them, especially with the 2 unknown models of the 1997 clip.
  15. It's a pity they doesn't appear more in this tv commercial. I failed to find other clips with them, but someone maybe knows other ones. I miss the "good old times" of these Pantene clips.
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