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  1. As long as I am not a North American (neither from the USA nor Canada) here, therefore I would showcase the screencaps I took from the music videos of JLo's Waiting for Tonight (1999) here on this site - anyway I will also analyse one of the casts that were seen on this track's music videos as well (with Tina Landon for example being one of these people who are recognised). - Genda Nicolai Yturzaeta Iwakawa/awakawI ateazrutY ialociN adneG The original version: Tina Landon, a choreographer, is the one lying down in bed, as seen above.
  2. Non-North American here, any words about these images? They're from Fantasie Lingerie, another subsidiary of Wacoal alongside Freya, For Spring/Summer 2015.
  3. In addition to those replies, anyway as I am not American nor Canadian here, I deeply think Liz is from Ukraine - I also do not know why would some Ukrainian use an English name as its nametag (probably they do not want to be mistakened as Russian)...
  4. She looks like a mix of Birkin and Hathaway, but she even looks like Natalie [Lim] Suarez, a fashion blogger known as "Natalie Off Duty" - though I neither know the label that this model endorsed (especially when I checked that image here: Google Search)
  5. I am a foreigner, but those images are from Wacoal's South Korea's operations. - ialociN adneG
  6. I am from somewhere overseas, but I think that campaign from five years ago was for Wacoal's Europe/UK operations. And that Alona Kravchenko model you mentioned is from Ukraine, as based on my thinking before. - @Genda Nicolai ialociN adneG
  7. I am from somewhere overseas, but M Valkova deeply reminds me of a Slovak Cheryl Tweedy and Victoria Beckham. - @Genda Nicolai ialociN adneG
  8. And another one... (but its shaded) Unshaded variant But, the results are found here: http://www.chadhowitt.com/portfolio-item/grammarly-writingiseasy Oh, wait, I just examined the model's name, and its Liisa Kaufman. See: https://www.instagram.com/liisakaufman
  9. Its the same model as the one seen all the time on YouTube... I am not an American or Canadian here, but when I 'Google' about the actress that appeared on the Grammarly YT advert, there were NO RESULTS...
  10. I do not know the name, but I only recognise the face when I pause the advert before it ends... - Genda adneG
  11. Polaroid shot by Matteo Ferrari in Suffolk, England (2002) Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/CAyEpzTFpCN - ialociN adneG (Genda Nicolai)
  12. Wacoal is a manufacturer of women's lingerie and underwear, founded in 1949 in Japan by Koichi Tsukamoto. The company has divisions in North America and Europe, and manufactures the brands Wacoal, b.tempt'd, Elomi, Eveden, Fantasie, Freya, Lively, and Goddess. (source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wacoal)
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