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  1. Jaime Rishar

    ^Her eyes are not like Jaime eyes.My opinion this model not Jaime,other people may think differently.
  2. Jenny Brunt

    Vogue Germany April 1993 Photographer: Walter Chin Models: Beverly Peele, Claudia Mason & Jenny Brunt
  3. Glamour Magazine Models

    ^Yes Thank you for the help with id
  4. Larissa Brown

    Glamour US July 1999 ''Just Suit Me'' Photo:Walter Chin Model:Larissa Brown
  5. Jaime Rishar

    Not Jaime
  6. Kim Iglinsky

    Marie Claire US August 1997 "Classic Clothes That Won't Fail to Seduce"Model: Kim IglinskyPhotographer: Walter Chin
  7. Aurelie Claudel

    Photo:Walter Chin Nudity
  8. Jaime Rishar

    Thank you Vogue Girl Jaime always my favorite Photo:Walter Chin Nudity
  9. Sarah Schulze

    Glamour US April 2002"White" Photo:Walter ChinModels: Selita Ebanks, Helene Ruys, Jennifer Ohlsson, Siobhan Snyder & Sarah Schulze Styling: Xanthipi Joannides
  10. Glamour Magazine Models

    Glamour US July 1999 ''Just Suit Me'' Photo:Walter Chin Model:Diana Kovalchuck
  11. Inna Zobova

    VOGUE Germany January 1997 ''Die Essenz'' Photographer:Walter Chin Models:Esther de Jong,Carolyn Park-Chapman,Inna Zobova,Michelle Hicks and unknown Scans:MissParker7/Bellazon
  12. Alice Dellal

    ^Looks like a Lady Oyster #80, 2009 Photography: MARISSA KAISER Fashion: ANNA A SHIMONIS Model: ALICE DELLAL
  13. Trish Goff

    Oyster #61, 2006 Photography: MANOLO CAMPION Fashion: ERIC ORLANDO Model: TRISH GOFF
  14. Laura Morgan

    Marie Claire UK February 2002