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  1. Sheila Metzner

    UK Vogue December 1990 Angel Skin Model: Kirsten Owen Photographer: Sheila Metzner Beauty Editor: Monica Cornforth Hair: Mark Garrison Make-up: Marie Josée Lafontaine Scanned by kelles @ tfs
  2. Sheila Metzner

    US Vogue February 1987 Collection Close-up: Calvin Klein Photographer: Sheila Metzner Models: Frederique van der Wal, Unknown & Laetitia Firmin-Didot Hair: John Sahag Makeup: Andrea Paoletti Scanned by justaguy @ tfs
  3. Sheila Metzner

    UK Vogue November 1990 Supernaturals Model: Josie Borain Photographer: Sheila Metzner Fashion Editor: Lucinda Chambers Hair: Ric Pipino Makeup: Tracie Martyn Scanned by kelles @ tfs
  4. Sheila Metzner

    US Vogue October 1987 What's Precious Now?Photographer: Sheila Metzner Model: Ashley Richardson Scanned by justaguy @ tfs
  5. Sheila Metzner

    US Vogue October 1987 Collector's Choice - Jewelry as ArtPhotographer: Sheila Metzner Model: Michaela Bercu Hair: Orlando Raphael Makeup: Andrea Paoletti Scanned by justaguy @ tfs
  6. Sheila Metzner

    US Vogue January 1986 What's Changing: Milan A More Attractive Attitude Photographer: Sheila Metzner Models: Tatjana Patitz, Rosima Domiguez, Chloé & Simonetta Gianfelici Hair: Madeleine Cofano Makeup: Laura Mercier Scanned by justaguy @ tfs Note: Two pages are missing.
  7. Sheila Metzner

    US Vogue May 1986 The Essence of Change Photographer: Sheila Metzner Model: Isabella Rossellini Hair: John Sahag Makeup: Sophie Levy Scanned by justaguy @ tfs
  8. Sheila Metzner

    US Vogue June 1989 Neutral Territory Photographer: Shelia Metzner Model: Elaine Irwin Fashion Editor: Jenny Capitain Hair & Makeup: Giorgio Scanned by kelles @ tfs
  9. Sheila Metzner

    UK Vogue April 1990 The Intergalactic WrapPhotographer: Sheila MetznerModel: Elaine IrwinFashion Editor: Liz FremantleHair: Michael TammaroMakeup: Rumiko Scanned by kelles @ tfs
  10. Sheila Metzner

    UK Vogue October 1991 "Femme Fatale" Models: Elaine Irwin & Fabienne Terwinghe Photographer: Sheila Metzner Stylist: Liz Fremantle Hair: Sam McKnight Makeup: Mary Greenwell Scanned by MissIvana @ tfs
  11. Sheila Metzner

    UK Vogue April 1991 "Finest Luxuries of High Summer Dressing" Model: Elaine Irwin Photographer: Sheila Metzner Stylist: Lucinda Chambers Hair: Thom Priano Makeup: Mary Greenwell Scanned by MissIvana @ tfs
  12. Sheila Metzner

    Valentino Fall/Winter 88.89 (Advertisements) Models: Rachel Williams, Catherine Bailey with her son, Iman, Elaine Irwin & Unknowns Photographers: Walter Chin, Helmut Newton, David Bailey, Horst P. Horst, Victor Skrebneski, Norman Parkinson, Sheila Metzner & David Seidner archivio.vogue.it (Vogue Italia October 1988)
  13. Sheila Metzner

    US Vogue July 1987 Summer Escape Model: Rachel Williams Photographer: Sheila Metzner Hair & Makeup: Marie Madeline Savin Scanned by kelles @ tfs
  14. Sheila Metzner

    US Vogue June 1987 New Breed Accessories... Photographer: Sheila Metzner Models: Marie-Sophie Wilson & Rachel Williams Hair: John Sahag Makeup: Andrea Paoletti WARNING: Nudity (See through) Scanned by kelles @ tfs
  15. Sheila Metzner

    US Vogue November 1987 High Frequency Furs Photographer: Sheila Metzner Models: Monika Schnarre & Rachel Williams Hair: Orlando Raphael Makeup: Lydia Synder myfdb.com