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  1. LIL BABY LINI! 1994 City Agency Paris!!!!
  2. @phenobarbie Cruel -- very much cruel!!! 👹
  3. YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE THESE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. @phenobarbiewhy would you treat me as such?!?!?!
  5. Look at our Lil Lini! Teeny Tiny and lots of fun!
  6. The intrigue from NYFW in undeniable!!
  7. um - with Carolyn Murphy too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cmon mates!!
  8. F**K yeah! she looks amazing here, y'all!!!
  9. From THE FASHON SPOT!!!!! WOWSA!!!! in car and with vines: Albert Watson early 1995 (same shoot!) dreadlocks and color photo with straight hair: mid-1994, two shoots, photogs unknown on bar: 1995 lil Pammy Hanson two lovely BWs: Testino for Et Vous mag FW 95
  10. It was 1994....holiday season to be exact! And Lini was in the spirit in this I Magnin catalog!!!
  11. my darlings, isn't everyone so blown away by my most unique finds!!?!?!?
  12. Ain't these grand, folks? it was fall 1995 Istante was hotty hot hot And our lil Lini was just gettin' goin! Hat tip to Ellen von Unweth for the assist! Thanks, love!!! xoxoxo
  13. Allure 1997 and Glamour October 1993!!!!!
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