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  1. qisties

    Lonneke Engel

    Oh, Sanja all your pics are so lovely!. I had the Woman Spain August 1998, I bought when It was published but some of the page are not very well conserved. Thanks for your scans!!
  2. qisties

    Olesya Rulin

    from several sources
  3. qisties

    Mireia Lalaguna

    Incredible but true, She's Spanish. From Barcelona Completly name: Mireia Lalaguna Royo Place of birth: (Barcelona, Spain, 28th november of 1992) 1.78m 89-62-93
  4. qisties

    Tiiu Kuik

    Has anybody her Neiman Maicus ads in big size?. I am rather sure it has been posted in the past but I cannot find it. I am looking for specially these pics, The firth one is my favourite
  5. qisties

    Tiiu Kuik

    Sorry if repost Tiiu for L'orel Preference 7.0 "vienna"
  6. qisties

    Vanessa Hessler

    more about "Cenerentola"
  7. qisties

    Vanessa Hessler

  8. qisties

    Vanessa Hessler

    "Cinderella" the Italian fil for TV version. Pics and premier.
  9. qisties

    Vanessa Hessler

    I was looking for this pics for a long time, thank you very much!
  10. qisties

    Martina Valkova

    Dark Gold Bronde L'Oreal
  11. qisties

    Diana Starkova

    I love her L'oreal pics big size
  12. qisties

    Natalie Morris

    she's really gorgeous!
  13. qisties

    Katarina Filipovic

  14. qisties

    Filippa Hamilton

  15. qisties

    Nicole Meyer

    She's perfect on Lorman . Beautiful lingerie collection too