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  1. This is a little different. I have a picture with a blacked out face that I am trying to ID. I think it is a picture of Amelia Vega or maybe Zuleyka Rivera. Perhaps even a singer... I am pretty sure it's not a high fashion model though. I have seen this picture before and someone I know is using it and it's annoying me.
  2. a lot of these children are pakistani or indian and a couple of the models are not afghan... ex. http://img145.exs.cx/img145/199/kalashgirl3kx.jpg kalash girl from Pakistan Boy from India Himachal girl from India Kashmir Indian Girl Hunza Valley, Pakistan http://i188.photobucket.com/albums/z214/nilaby/joouel-1.jpg Algerian Model http://i188.photobucket.com/albums/z214/ni...551297527_l.gif Miss Lebanon contestant Also, there's an over representation of light coloured eyes here. Maybe you just like them but wheres the love for the brown eyed afghans?
  3. i think shes gorgeousness personified. so dolllike wow
  4. haha my sisters as well. they were like "wow whos that" when she came out in the red outfit. They were saying ew to everyone else too!!(except miranda and alessandra)
  5. She looked AMAZINGGGGGGGG at VS
  6. Nope. She's Armenian. The very name (Kardashian) tells you that. Her mother is british? or irish? Perfect 10 nonetheless
  7. The Adriana/Ashwaria one looks like Ana Beatriz Barros!
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