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Found 126 results

  1. she used to be everywhere on urban's website but I can't find her name anywhere!
  2. forever 21 model

    Does anyone know this forever 21 models name?
  3. Who is this HOT model?

    Greetings everybody, I would love help in determining the following model. Thanks!
  4. Erolanta lingerie

  5. Jemma Baines

    She's all over Guess.com:
  6. What's her name?

    What's her name of this model. She was on Luli Fama summer collection and Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2012 and 2013 in Miami.
  7. I saw this magazine in a local store and I'm curious as to who she is! This is all I know: Red Head, Green Eyes, Freckles, Young Female Adult Cover Model in 'The Knot' Winter 2017 Issue Featured inside segment as well, I believe it's called 'Marry The Night' Photography by Robert Trachtenberg There are other photos from this shoot, but they aren't as close/head on. Thanks for any help! - D
  8. What's her name?

    Her name is Justyna Gradek ???

    Can anyone help me ID this Pull & Bear model, please? Major thank you in advance for any help anyone can provide.
  10. What's her name

    Anyone knows her name???
  11. Female Reiss model

    https://www.vanityteen.com/reiss-fw-2016/ I know who the guy is, but I can't find out who the girl is! I'd love to know her name. Thanks in advance.
  12. Etam live show 2017 pics A

    Hello, I need your help to id following models . Pics taken at Etam live show, Paris, France on september 26th, 2017. Thanks. With best regards.
  13. ETAM live show 2012 C

    Hello, I would need your help to id the three following models at Etam live show in Paris, France on january the 23rd, 2012. Thanks. With best regards.
  14. ETAM live show 2012 B

    Hello, I need your help to id following models at Etam live show in Paris France, on january the 23 rd, 2012. The first model is difficult to id because of a big wig !! Thanks in advance. With best regards.
  15. Aubade 2005

    Hello, I would need your help to id the following lady ( same model) on these 3 pics from an Aubade catalogue ( precise season and year unknown). Photographer is Fred Leveugle. Year is between 2005 and 2010 ( closer to 2005, i would think !). Thanks. With best regards.
  16. ETAM live show 2011B

    Hello, I would need some help to id models of Etam live show of january 2011 in Paris, France. Unknown photographer. Thanks in advance. With best regards.
  17. ETAM live show 2011A

    Hello, I would need some help to id 4 models of Etam live show , on january 24th, 2011 at Grand Palais, in Paris, France. Unknown photographer. Thanks.
  18. Etam live show 2010

    Hello, I would need some help to id three models of ETAM live show 2010 ( february the 25th, 2010 at Hôtel Ritz in Paris, France). Unknown photographer for Abaca . Thanks in advance.
  19. ETAM live show 2009

    Hello, I am currently working on Etam live show on Feb the 5th, 2009 at Hôtel Ritz, in Paris, France . Can someone help me id following models ? Photographer is Marc Ausset-Lacroix for Getty Images. With best regards. Thanks in advance.
  20. Roza Lingerie Model id please

    Hi, could anyone help me with the name of this young lady please? I`ve spent hours doing google searches to no avail, i`ve even emailed Roza in Poland but got no reply! Thank you in advance Jason
  21. Sorry if this model has already been id'ed. I've found a lot of pics from forever 21 on google image search but no information so far. Here are some of my favourite pics of her. Hope someone can help me find her name. Cheers
  22. For all you Model ID gurus.

    So, how good are you at Model ID? Try this little (like, a couple of minutes) online facial recognition test from the University of Greenwich: https://greenwichuniversity.eu.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_e3xDuCccGAdgbfT The faces go by fairly fast sometimes so be ready!