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Found 185 results

  1. eddiwouldgo

    Gio Ott

    Gio Ott Born: November 17, 1986 Height: 5'9" Hair Color Dark Brown Eye Color Brown Measurements 34"-24"-34.5" (US) Dress size 2 US Shoe size 8 US
  2. eddiwouldgo

    Olena Popova

    HEIGHT: 5' 9.5" - 177 BUST: 34" - 86 WAIST: 24" - 61 HIPS: 35" - 89 DRESS SIZE: 2/4 - 33/34 SHOES: 8 - 38 HAIR COLOR: Dark Blonde EYES: Green MP Mega Miami
  3. eddiwouldgo

    Christen Harper

    Height: 5'9" Bust: 35" C/D Waist: 24" Hips: 34.5" Shoe: 8.5 US Eyes: Hazel Hair: Brown LA Models
  4. OldShirburnian

    Linda Winkowski

    Height: 5' 10" Dress Size: 4 (US). Bust: 34 b Waist: 24" Hips: 35" Hair: brown Eyes: blue Shoes: 10.5 Agency: Seattle Model Guild (http://www.smgmodels.com/talent/168971/?profile=true). Possibly also Ford Models Chicago. Linda is a vegan: https://lookielou.com/blogs/news/17630968-an-interview-with-vegan-model-linda-winkowski Images from Lookie Lou.
  5. OldShirburnian

    Rigby and Peller Lingerie Model, 2017-8

    Anyone any idea who is this goddess from Rigby and Peller might be?
  6. Coquette Daisy Corset Roma Costumes
  7. wavybaby

    New Gossard Model

    Who is this new Gossard model for Gypsy Fuschia please?
  8. Please ID this beautiful model from the Colette & Sebastian lingerie website.
  9. daizosafi

    lingerie model name

    who is this lingerie model, she looks stunning.
  10. Lastman964

    Model ID spicy lingerie

  11. ryesman1

    Music Legs Model

    Any idea who this model is? I can't look at her without seeing Kristen Schaal of Flight of the Conchords and The Daily Show. It's obviously not her, but still. These photos are for Music Legs.
  12. chewpacabra

    Help ID this Cottelli / Orion model

    Ideas on what the first model's name is? She models for Cottelli / Orion modeling line. The last four photos show another model. ID needed as well.
  13. kesss

    Elegant Moments model

    Can anyone ID her, please?
  14. Dipdip

    Sunspice lingerie

    Can anyone tell the model name
  15. Can someone please tell me who this is??!!! I have looked for hours and have not been able to find out! She is one of the models for Fredericks of Hollywood:
  16. OldShirburnian

    Fleur of England Lingerie Brunette

    Anyone have any idea who this goddess is from the latest Fleur of England Signature lingerie campaign? I feel I ought to know who she is, so it might be an easy one!
  17. Dipdip

    Anais Sapphira lingerie models

    Any one can help me to find out the name of these models
  18. Does anyone knows these models name? And perhaps their agency too? Thanks before.
  19. Bull in the Heather

    Daniela Tamayo

    Date of Birth: 11 May 1988 Place of Birth: New York City, USA Birth Name: Daniela Tamayo Sanchez Nationality: Colombian/ American Height: 5'6; 167 cm Hair Color: Blonde Eye Color: Green Measurements: (US) 34D-23-36; (EU) 89-60-93 Agency: LMC Models ZOO Weekly (Year Unknown, though it is older)
  20. kimflorida

    Sofija Milosevic

    Girl on the right, please. Thank you! my scan
  21. JarPi

    Baci lingerie models

    Could somebody help me to identify these two Baci lingerie models? Thanks in advance.
  22. New gorgeous Coquette lingerie model on Yandy Any idea?
  23. Marcella Sbraletta Triumph 'Shape Sensation' Collection F/W 10.11:
  24. dom76210

    AvidLove lingerie model

    There is a model that a lingerie company called AvidLove (on Amazon) that uses this model quite a bit. I've seen it on a few other Amazon sellers, but the most prominent is AvidLove. She has a tattoo above her left breast that says Meili, one on her left arm that is faint, but says "My family is my castle", and she has the word Love on her right wrist. She has a small tiger that is faint below her neck, and some larger tattoo that I can't identify on her right side. I've done a lot of searching via Google, and so far, nothing. I would have thought the Meili tattoo would have been a good search criteria, but nope. AvidLove doesn't have a list of models they use that I can tell, and using the Image Search feature didn't turn her up. Any help is appreciated! Thanks in advance.