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Found 224 results

  1. Does anyone know who this model is? She's shooting for Agent Provocateur, there are some shots on the website of Agent. Thank you in advance, mates!
  2. Hi, Does anyone know the ID of this blue eyed, long haired brunette with highlights lingerie model? She is on 3wishes www.3wishes.com It looks like she has at least 2 star tattoos on the lower left of her stomach (1st pic white lace top and black hot pants) I've searched the forum and web but no luck. Thanks
  3. Height: 5'9" Bust: 35" C/D Waist: 24" Hips: 34.5" Shoe: 8.5 US Eyes: Hazel Hair: Brown LA Models
  4. Hi, Does anyone know the ID of this White, blue eyed, long haired blonde/red head lingerie model? She models for Allure Lingerie http://www.allurelingerie.com/ I've searched the forum and web but no luck. Thanks
  5. Hi, can someone identify this Girl? She's modeling for Allure Lingerie - Kitten
  6. Anyone know who this model is? found on letsduck.eu, i dont recall seeing her before anywhere else.
  7. Hello everyone! Trying to ID this brunette model who mainly appeared for Hunkemöller products on Zalando.de thank you for you help! 12F6CA7B-C832-4843-AF01-D0D50B74FE48.jp2 2C237A91-2944-4769-85B6-F25B423FD0B4.jp2 807678F3-5795-4B7F-AF7D-737173DC58B8.jp2 C1FD932F-5C71-446A-A71B-AF869759FB0C.jp2 7B3E47A3-3DB7-4528-8CCA-F3BDDC4B2ECC.jp2 CCE02693-FDD3-456E-9DB2-AAE26BA555AE.jp2 F3312DBF-25E3-4E3D-A9D8-594944B1E89F.jp2
  8. Hello everyone! Looking for help to ID the following model. She is definitely German and has been modeling for lace-lingerie.com / lace.de for several years (lingerie and swimwear). thanks in advance!
  9. Dear Bellazon community, It's a generally accepted point that tracking down models that Chinese companies use is tricky. However, the more a particular model generates content, the more known he or she will be. That said, this woman below has been visible for some time on Aliexpress and Alibaba. She's very memorable: these higher-quality images give a good look at her face. So, if anyone has a clue as to the Chinese modeling agency (assuming it's Chinese) which is copied from numerous vendors, that is clearly a good spot to begin. Otherwise, this post may simply be just one record of many searching for this model.
  10. Gio Ott Born: November 17, 1986 Height: 5'9" Hair Color Dark Brown Eye Color Brown Measurements 34"-24"-34.5" (US) Dress size 2 US Shoe size 8 US
  11. I've seen her in a bunch of catalogues from the past, but no idea who she is. Can anyone help? Thanks!
  12. I have seen in Instagram what I think is a new brand or site for lingerie and swim suits: Girls in Paris. Well I have found those beauties on it and I beg for any ID about them: Thanks a lot in advance:
  13. {name}

    Astrid Baarsma

    edit: that was very fast thanks! Hi all I took the first picture of a bus stop ad, and I think the other ones are the same woman, from the Rigby and Peller website. I could have that wrong so mostly the first picture. Thanks!
  14. Hi everyone This model appears in a lot of product photos from Alibaba, DHGate, DealExtreme and cliqadeal. I have scoured the internet for her ID, and I see that another model (Julian Julsin) was identified here, so I am giving it a go. She mostly appears in swimwear and shapewear photos. I have collected as many pictures as possible to assist in this search. (I may have gone a bit extreme, but I'd rather be diligent and supply as much information as possible). Many thanks in advance for any leads or hints.
  15. Does anyone know who this model from JD Williams is please?
  16. I do apologize if this model has been listed and identified before. I tried Google Reverse Image Search, and had many more listings show up from various sites without a name to put to the face. I first saw her in the black lingerie on AliExpress. I've since seen her on sites such as Dhgate, eBay, Amazon, Dear-Lover and pretty much any other site that pops up after a reverse image search. That is why I put the quotation marks in the topic title. Can Anyone ID her?
  17. There is a model that a lingerie company called AvidLove (on Amazon) that uses this model quite a bit. I've seen it on a few other Amazon sellers, but the most prominent is AvidLove. She has a tattoo above her left breast that says Meili, one on her left arm that is faint, but says "My family is my castle", and she has the word Love on her right wrist. She has a small tiger that is faint below her neck, and some larger tattoo that I can't identify on her right side. I've done a lot of searching via Google, and so far, nothing. I would have thought the Meili tattoo would have been a good search criteria, but nope. AvidLove doesn't have a list of models they use that I can tell, and using the Image Search feature didn't turn her up. Any help is appreciated! Thanks in advance.
  18. any tips would be a huge help, thanks!
  19. who is she? help plz
  20. RedHot Playtex Play Girl from http://m.gsshop.com/prd/prd.gs?prdid=32304539&mseq=401142&gsid=srcheshop-tvresult
  21. who is she ? help plz She is so pretty!!!!
  22. Some new models I found on VENUS website and I don’t recognize any of them. TIA ☺️ 1. 2. 3. ^ I’m not sure if this is same model or not? 4. 5.
  23. Hi everyone! I hope you legends will be able to help me ;) Could you please help me ID these 2 models? They modeled for the French lingerie brand Passionata, but because they are not featured in the main campaign shoots, it is very hard to find information about them. Thanks a lot in advance :D Model #1 Model #2
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