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  1. @jamovitzAlso you looks pretty familiar lol, i see you are into WW2 history and something else, i have visited your Steam profile some time ago and just look your youtube channel, damn the world is so small really though
  2. @jamovitzHey there, it seems to be Rosie Huntington-Whiteley or Stacey M, but im not really sure if it is Other good option is you try join on website Dorothy Perkins and sent they a email as a way of contacting, Just google ''Dorothy Perkins Customer Service'' and then click in ''Contact Us'' if you have luck they may answer you and confirm if its rosie hutington-whiteley or someone else i hope have helped, thanks and no problem.
  3. @Cult IconYeah well i guess what will save the game cyberpunk 2077 are the DLCs and any type of expanison map or parks whatever, for me some patchs and hotfixies are fixing the game and making it better, sure not so 100% but for me its more playble and stable than before and very few bugs by way of experience that i had and vice-versa, i hope CD Project will fix it and make game better Ah yes about the witcher 3 it can be true but to you know i never played since im not into RPG, only if has RPG elements in FPS then yes, but yes my genre is mostly FPS, TPS (Third Person such GTA et
  4. Some rare photos of her
  5. There are some mods that can fix some bugs and improve the gameplay if you search it on google, Nexus Community is the only trusted website to download those mods who are really safe though
  6. Thank you for follow @Michael*You're really a great person and very cool friendly as me haha, hope we can be good friends in any way, i like and respect people who are well friendly and mature civilized, that's how it help make me become a person very better and decent indeed, united we are strong! best wishes from Brazil to Great Britain!

    1. Pyromancer


      and also thanks so much for helping me about that problem already fixed, it was well grateful for sure


      i thank maddog as too helping together with you michael


      Let's hope the website Bellazon grows well.

  7. @Michael*@Cult IconCyberpunk 2077 isn't really THAT bad game, i have played myself bought it on Steam when it was close to release data still in final month of 2020, i played it and it was really very great, awesome story, great expensive cars and a lots of more, sure there were some bugs and problematic performance such as bad optimization but with time it got new patchs and it helped me to play game better and with performance improved, only bug that pissed me off was one from takemoura callphone on which it stuck you and you had to return to a older savegame, lucky sometimes i save game all
  8. @pacinko Np your welcome, sure those are many photos her, but sadly most of her got deleted cuz sites such like tmall, JD.com or alibaba did delete because her photos are only related to those female products fashion and such lingerie (it means they delete the page because has no more stock for lingerie), that's why today nowadays is more hard to try found her photos, to have a best result you have to do in Baidu by doing a research her photos on Baidu search image (simliar to google image) it will give you more results than Google or Tineye, thats how i had a good experience there
  9. @Chez888Hey mate i see you're a call of duty player, i used to play much the Cod series, i have finished all they even the new ones (Story Mode) too played a bit multiplayer but i may say im more a CS GO Pro Player, do you use Steam? i would like to become friends and meet each other, im very friendly and well looking to nice and interesting friendships on
  10. @Michael*@maddog107 Guys please check out this, michael i got no a answer from maddog, i am telling it about my problem/situation of it, make sure to maddog see this

    Screenshot_15.png.b985f2e036df71228b10811a1d364e0b.png Screenshot_10.png.bba87c9063d3952a6249611e291175f9.png Screenshot_9.png.11d085f0466236e4e0d5b7ebde487a01.png
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    2. Pyromancer


      it seems worked now, thanks all

    3. Michael*


      Great, glad you're back in business!

    4. Pyromancer


      @Michael* of course thanks to you and maddog, united we are strong!

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