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  1. Do you guys know him? Thank you in advance! (Brands include Vansydical, Shein, Aoelement)
  2. hey guys , can you help me please to find this girl on SHEIN ?
  3. Does anyone know who she is?
  4. https://br.shein.com/Elastic-Strap-Side-Graphic-Skirt-p-2119684-cat-1732.html?scici=campaign_sheinx-formal2_43263~~ON_4,CN_SHEIN%20X%20DAMAGE%20GROUP,HZ_0,HI_0~~1~~SHEIN%20X%20DAMAGE%20GROUP_pickId_00642649
  5. I've been trying to find her for ages now but I can't seem to see any type of social media or pictures on the internet for that matter.
  6. Found a new asian model whom I've never seen before. Can anyone ID her?? I've also been searching for this latina(?) model forever. She typically does streetwear shoots.
  7. Hi, can anyone help with who this model is? She features a lot on the sexy costume/lingerie section of SHEIN. thanks
  8. Does anyone know anything about her?
  9. Who is this blonde model, cant seem to find her
  10. Whats this models name?
  11. I am wondering who is she? Shes cute tho
  12. Looking for the name of this model from Shein or her IG!
  13. Maybe the virus pandemic has something to do with it, but things have changed a lot recently. I've noticed that many merchants are migrating to using influencers and collaborators in addition to (or rather than) agency models. Here are some that I have noticed recently, with Instagram followers as of 9/20/2020 Addison Rae Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/addisonraee/ Site : ae.com Followers : 28,000,000 Kenia Os Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/keniaos/ Site : shein.com Followers : 7,900,000 Ariana Lee
  14. Can someone please tell me her name please? IG15849286640434b4150268bbd10f75c39b7dc2a52c_thumbnail_600x.webp?
  15. She is a model on Shein and I want to know her name
  16. Anybody knows the name of this shein model?
  17. Z3ll62

    Shein Model ID

    Hi everybody, 😊 Can anyone give me the name (ID) of this model from Shein please ? Thanks in advance for your answer. 😉 1569747961b2aa210332250f8552f8b3e2f9d57101_thumbnail_600x.webp 1572600877c1a7d5e4a97187ed4ef8aefd38107fc3_thumbnail_600x.webp 15413828282204329727_thumbnail_600x799.webp 15668973012802121700_thumbnail_600x799.webp 156335300363290686_thumbnail_600x799.webp 15613586541923286401_thumbnail_600x799.webp 15613586542617689112_thumbnail_600x799.webp
  18. Anybody knows this shein model name or IG account?
  19. I need help trying to find this model that I've seen on the Shein website - I cannot find her name/details anywhere? If anyone could help me, I'd be greatly appreciative.
  20. Hello Guys, does anyone know the name of this model from Shein?
  21. Name of the model on the right side ....🙂Thanks!
  22. Good morning, I'm looking for the name of these models, they are on Shein and on aliexpress
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