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  1. who is this shein model anyone knows?
  2. Does anyone know this model's name? Thanks and greatly appreciated in advance.
  3. @fletchshe is a lingerie model on shein
  4. Test14

    shein model

    Who is this Shein model? thx!
  5. https://us.shein.com/Plus-Scoop-Neck-PU-Leather-Bodycon-Dress-p-10888815-cat-1889.html?url_from=adplasf22051730424520321XL_GPM&cid=16946055027&setid=&adid=&pf=GOOGLE&gclid=CjwKCAjwvNaYBhA3EiwACgndgj3QjtMxZb5i6cLt8W9qePsaInWUsMz-ejfvmRcwCIPjXjJtyhskwhoCf5YQAvD_BwE
  6. Aneta Żelaskowska LivCo catalog model Shein collab https://qqmodels.pl/profil/3273/Aneta-Żelaskowska- https://www.instagram.com/anetkii_/ https://www.instagram.com/anetkii_model/ https://www.facebook.com/Aneta-Żelaskowska-Półfinalistka-Miss-Polski-2018-402259746924873/ https://www.bursztynowamiss.pl/finalists/single/id=21 Imię: Aneta Nazwisko: Żelaskowska Wiek: 23 lata Kolor włosów: Brąz Wzrost: 171cm Wymiary: Biust: 83cm Talia: 67cm Biodra: 89cm Opis: Ma 20 lat, a jej pasją jest fotomodeling, a oprócz tego tance latynoskie, których się uczy. Lubi sport i uprawia go dla dobrej kondycji i zdrowia. Niedawno ukończyła kurs w służbie mundurowej.
  7. hi, I see this model a lot on shein and haven't been able to figure out her name with reverse image search, maybe you could help me? I would be very grateful
  8. Lisa23


    Who are they?
  9. Whats this models name?
  10. Hi, can anyone help with who this model is? She features a lot on the sexy costume/lingerie section of SHEIN. thanks
  11. I've been searching almost everywhere, but with no luck Kindly help me with her I'd I'll really appreciate it She is on aliexpress under " yiyue " shop and so many shopping websites
  12. Test14

    Shein model

    Does anyone know the name of this Shein model?
  13. Anyone know if she has been IDed and if so what’s her instagram/name?
  14. Does anyone know her name?
  15. Can anyone identify this model she’s on Shein & Yoins & other clothing sites
  16. Hi can someone ID her? Thanks!
  17. Hi, Does anyone know who that model is? https://img.ltwebstatic.com/images3_pi/2021/06/30/162503035561b4ae2a90bf378a9a19f47a4923e956_thumbnail_750x.webp Thanks 😁
  18. Can anyone give her name or instagram account?
  19. Hello, I need the name of this Shein model or her IG, can you help me? pleaseeee! Thank you!
  20. I saw this model on shein and I want to know her name or Instagram
  21. Anyone know who is this model? much appreciated
  22. I want to know the name of this model asap
  23. Does anyone know the name or instagram username for this model?
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