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Found 48 results


  2. Who is this male model?

    does anyone know who this model is? he's appeared in a few asos menswear vidoes on their youtube channel.
  3. Who is she? (Asos model)

    Again. I would like to know the name of this model. He tried many places. I hope they can help me Thanks! ♥
  4. Barbara Rodiles HEIGHT: 173 - 5' 8" WAIST: 60 - 23" BUST: 85 - 33" HIPS: 89 - 35" HAIR: LIGHT BROWN EYES: BROWN SHOES: 39 - 7.5 DRESS: 36 - 2
  5. the name of the two models

    help me please the name of the two models first nelly.com the second asos.com
  6. What is this name?

    from: asos,nelly,littlewoods
  7. No luck from the ASOS ID thread. She has modeled for monki, motel, and sister jane..
  8. PLEASE! help ID Asos Model

    Please if anyone can help me ID this Asos model I would be forever grateful! thank you very much for stopping by it means alot to me.
  9. ASOS model very , very pretty

    Any idea who this is ??
  10. ASOS Brunette Model

    Any idea who this is ??

    Hello ! There are sometimes Models, very difficult to find her names, like phantoms. To start this Topic, here the first of this models. Found on Figleaves.com. She is very present there but I searched in many agencies - without result. 1. If someone means that she seems to be Jacqueline Oloniceva - NO! Who can solve the puzzle? Thank you!
  12. Does anyone know his name please? I would really appreciate some help identifying him. http://www.asos.com/MISTER/Mister-Chain-Link-Necklace/Prod/pgeproduct.aspx?iid=5840661&cid=11330&Rf989=4909&Rf-200=11&sh=0&pge=0&pgesize=36&sort=-1&clr=Gold&totalstyles=36&gridsize=3 His eyes are gorgeous! OMG. Thank you so much for any help!
  13. identified!

    Does anyone know his full name? Found him on here http://www.nextmanagement.com/london/profile/alex-d ...but I can't find his last name
  14. Who is this ASOS model??

    Hey guys, do you know what's his name? http://www.asos.com/Voi-Jeans/Voi-Jeans-Sprayed-Quilted-Puffer-With-Hood/Prod/pgeproduct.aspx?iid=5154839&cid=11208&sh=0&pge=0&pgesize=36&sort=-1&clr=Grey&totalstyles=5&gridsize=3 Thanks!
  15. Who is this model on ASOS?

    Anyone know whos this model?
  16. Who is this ASOS model?

  17. asos new model

    please her name asos model thank you!!
  18. Asos male models. Please!

    Hi everyone! Does anyone know their names? Thank you! xx
  19. I've noticed him for abouta few montha now but can't seem to find him anywhere. Anyone know who he is?
  20. http://images.asos-media.com/inv/media/4/4/7/9/4959744/black/image1xxl.jpg http://images.asos-media.com/inv/media/4/4/7/9/4959744/image4xxl.jpg http://images.asos-media.com/inv/media/0/8/4/9/4959480/navy/image1xxl.jpg Thanks in advance
  21. Steven Chevrin

    I'd love to know who this new asos guy is, he's so pretty! http://images.asos-media.com/inv/media/3/1/0/8/4858013/greymarl/image1xxl.jpg http://images.asos-media.com/inv/media/1/3/4/3/4633431/image4xxl.jpg http://images.asos-media.com/inv/media/3/1/0/8/4858013/image4xxl.jpg Thanks already!
  22. What's her name?

    What's her name? She's all over asos. thanks
  23. Asos model (blonde)

    help me please all I can say about him is that he models for ASOS thanks! :wub2:
  24. another new asos model

    does anyone know his name?