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  1. Hi guys I stumbled across the Dondup Fall 2019 Collection on Pinterest and basically fell in love with this handsome guy. Does anybody know who he is? Unfortunately I can't find his name anywhere, not even through Google Image Search... Thanks so much in advance for any help!
  2. Some new ones from Asos. Still don't know his name ☹️
  3. Stunning! Thank you for posting all of these!
  4. Hi there! I'd love to know who this handsome guy is 😊 I mean, look at that face! Thanks in advance 🌼
  5. That's Brandan Stevens ☺️
  6. *EDIT Found him myself, haha. Tommy Mountain Hi there! I've been looking for his name all over the freakin' internet, but I can't find it Thanks for helping, if you do
  7. Does anybody know her name? I love her face!
  8. Such a unique face, I love him!
  9. Does anyone know his full name? Found him on here http://www.nextmanagement.com/london/profile/alex-d ...but I can't find his last name
  10. Do we know how old she is? I can't find her age anywhere
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