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  1. What's the name of this model? She's one of the models of the Asos website.
  2. Evi Hanssen, born in Zoersel, Belgium 9 November 1978 is a Belgian presentator and singer. She studied at the Jazz Studio and got her candidacy as jazz singer at the conservatory of Antwerp. She made a Dutch language jazz album with Peter Hamilton, on TV she started at a child’s program as background singer, that was in “Samson and Gert a popular show in Flanders. In 2001 she made it to bigger audiences as VJ for TMF. She did also presentations on many major festivals and had interviews with big pop stars. Evi became a celebrity in Belgium and soon she became also popular in northern neighbours, The Netherlands. besides doing own programs, and singing, she is often asked as guest in talkshows and game shows.
  3. Mary Lou van Steenis (sometimes Stenis), Vlaardingen 13 september 1963, is a Dutch actress. She studied at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Maastricht and graduated in 1988. Immediately after graduation she got a role in “Spijkerhoek” a popular serie in The Netherlands. It was a break tot Fame for Mary Lou. Other shows: Vrienden voor het Leven Dokter Tinus Bureau Kruislaan GTST We Gaan Nog Niet Naar Huis She has stopped with acting and is now a teacher.
  4. Simone Hanselmann is a German actress and model. She’s born 6 december 1979 in Mühlheim an der Ruhr. after the divorce of her parents, she moved to Utah, USA with her mother who married her husband in the Mormon community. She lived there until she returned to her father in Germany when she was 17. In 1996 she was discovered as model, she had an international career but started soon another career in acting.
  5. Anna Planken is a German TV host for ARD and WDR network. Born may 12, 1980 in Dortmund. She studied Geography at the university of Cologne, with minors in history and Scandinavian studies. Her TV career started with an internship, which resulted in 2007 in her first job at WDR. She works now for years as host for ARD’s Morgenmagazin, and with her coworkers she won in 2012 a German TV Award.
  6. puma

    Leanne Lapp

    Leanne is a Canadian actress born in Vancouver, British Columbia. As a girl, she used to watch old Shirley Temple movies with her mother, and she liked that. Later in high school she discovered her passion for improvising. Her first film work includes small roles as in "In the Tomorrow Encounter 2 (2012), No Clues (2013) and True Love Await (2013)." She also participated in many TV shows. His television career includes guest roles on the Edge (2008), Murder (2011), Continuum (2012), Almost Human (2013) and Rogue ( 2013) In 2015 she played a role as "Gilda" on iZombie (2015).
  7. Dionne Stax, Born April 22, 1985 in Boxmeer, is a Dutch journalist, TV presenter and former anchorwoman for NOS News. she communication sciences in Tilburg and Amsterdam. From 2012 untill 2019 she presented NOS News. She was also editor for Dutch news. Stax was live on air during the Paris attacks. She was the first to do an interview with the three daughters of king Willem Alexander. She did several presentations for Dutch elections. After 2019 she started with presentation of own programs on Dutch television.
  8. Harriet von Waldenfels (born Fuhrhop), born 1985 in Madrid, Spain, is a German journalist and TV host. She studied sociology and philology. During her study she did work for German broadcasters ZDF and ARD. Her first TV appearances was with N24 a commercial station. She is now one of the hosts of the morning and the afternoon program MoMa of the ZDF.
  9. puma

    Mitzi Kapture

    Mitzi Kapture is an American actress, best known for her role as sgt Rita Lance in TV police series Silk Stalkings. She was born in Yoruba Linda, California, 2 may 1962. She started her acting career in movies. Lethal Pursuit 1988 Angel III 1988 Liberty and Bash 1989 The Vagrant 1992 Than moved over tot TV and rose to fame in Silk Stalkings. She also directed episodes for this show.
  10. Anyone know this beautiful model from belladahl.com? (also wearing blonde : )
  11. I know this will be a piece of cake for many. I appreciate the info. !
  12. I'm simply out of words... (from bluefly.com - zip in hq @ rapidshare) (from shopbop.com - zip in hq + catwalk vids @ rapidshare) I hope you like her and I hope you know who she is! (if you want any of the bluefly pics in hhhhq request!) gorgeousWhiteBlondeBluefly.zip gorgeousWhiteBlondeShopbop.zip gorgeousWhiteBlondeBluefly.zip gorgeousWhiteBlondeShopbop.zip
  13. [6 - 7] see - part1 - part2 - of this thread set ! 6. (from rodeoshow.com.au) 7. (from gluestore.com.au/) thanks!
  14. [4 - 5] see - part1 - part3 - of this thread set ! 4. (from gluestore.com.au/) 5. (from gluestore.com.au/) !
  15. 7 assorted beauties from Australian shopping sites. Simply gorgeous! see - part2 - part3 - of this thread set please help id them! [1-3] 1. (from rodeoshow.com.au) 2. (from rodeoshow.com.au) 3. (from shopmarkethq.com/)
  16. Anyone know who she is, or has more pictures/references, please? Thanks!
  17. Does anyone know this model's name or have any info on her? She is beautiful. She models a lot of costumes & lingerie on yandy.com - her videos there are especially good!!! Thanks! mZ
  18. Cathy Rigby, at the age of 19, in a photoshoot in 1972
  19. Brunette model with beautiful legs. Who is she? Have no clue
  20. Merel Westrik is a Dutch TV host and former anchorwoman for RTL News and “Dit is de Dag”. She Is Born november 1, 1970 in Wormer. she studied journalism in Utrecht. Her First job as reporter was for local Amsterdam station AT5 but Made zoon career to national Television. 2 years ago she Made a shift from RTL News to her OWN talkshow, which had to stop after 2 years. She was also in “de mol” in a very popular Dutch TV show “ Wie is de mol”?
  21. Femke Wiersma is a Dutch politician for the Boer Burger Beweging (Farmers Civilians Association). Born 1985 and lives Holwerd a north Frisian village. years ago she was candidate in Boer Zoekt Vrouw (Farmer Wants a Wife).
  22. An advert for Oodie Underwear pops up every now and then while I'm browsing on Instagram. It features a gorgeous model with absolutely delicious buns and a great set of legs...I would love to know who she is. I took a few screen captures the last time the ad appeared on my phone (the video just pops up randomly as "sponsored" and isn't actually on the Oodie's Instagram page, so I can't link to it)...does anyone recognise her..? The advert (understandably) focuses on her incredible rear, but she does turn around for a second and giggles, so you briefly see her face. Sorry that these are fairly low-res. Any help will be appreciated!
  23. puma

    Jocelyn Panton

    From iMDB Jocelyn Panton is a rising Canadian talent and vivacious on-screen presence. Born and raised on the edge of a lake in Abbotsford, British Columbia, she enjoyed an active childhood alongside four rambunctious brothers. As a child, Jocelyn attended a play and fell in love with the performing arts. With beginnings in singing and dancing, she was inspired to pursue a career in acting. She began to take theatre lessons in high-school, and spent her summers taking improvisation classes. Her dedication to pursuing a career in acting solidified when she graduated from the Broadcast Performing Arts program at Columbia Academy and continued training through both workshops and immersing herself in Vancouver's colorful arts scene. Her first professional role came in Chris Columbus' blockbuster adventure film, Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief. This immediate exposure to the set of a major project invigorated Jocelyn's call to acting. Since then, Jocelyn has appeared in several hit series, including Bravo's "Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce", Hallmark's "Cedar Cove", Hulu's "Shut Eye" and most recently The CW's "DC's Legends of Tomorrow" where she portrays Marilyn Monroe. Recently, Jocelyn has also appeared in several exciting film projects, including the 2019 reboot of the cult classic, Critters: A New Binge, Lifetime's Best Friend's Betrayal and Hallmark's A Gingerbread Romance. When she isn't working, Jocelyn cherishes time with her family and friends. She also enjoys playing the piano and unwinding in the gorgeous nature around her home in Vancouver, British Columbia.
  24. I found her modeling Forever Unique and Vila dresses at nelly.com any help id'ing appreciated. thanks! mz
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