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  1. An advert for Oodie Underwear pops up every now and then while I'm browsing on Instagram. It features a gorgeous model with absolutely delicious buns and a great set of legs...I would love to know who she is. I took a few screen captures the last time the ad appeared on my phone (the video just pops up randomly as "sponsored" and isn't actually on the Oodie's Instagram page, so I can't link to it)...does anyone recognise her..? The advert (understandably) focuses on her incredible rear, but she does turn around for a second and giggles, so you briefly see her face. Sorry that these are fairly low-res. Any help will be appreciated!
  2. This is resolved by the way (all ID'd on a separate thread) - in case anyone is interested, they are: 1. Rubina Dyan 2. Carolina Sanchez 3. Samantha Archibald 4. Melie Tiacoh
  3. Thank you!!! 😁 That's all of them! 😍
  4. That’s it! I knew I recognised her. Thanks!
  5. Thanks. I hope someone can ID the other two babes...the first looks very familiar...she looks a bit like Rocio Crusset, but I don't think it's her.
  6. Thanks...I had no idea, since she just goes by "Vanessa Lu" on Instagram and her agency calls her "Vanessa L." I see some very, very hot pics on her main thread...hopefully more to follow soon!
  7. Hobbyist Model from Swindon, UK 25yr old Female model Stats(in/UK) 32A-26-36 UK dress size 6 5'0" tall 7st 0lbs UK shoe size 4 Green eyes Very long auburn/red hair White skin White ethnicity From her portfolio on Purple Port:
  8. OK, that's pretty much everything I have of her. If I spot Julia on any more sites I will share the pics...more promptly this time πŸ˜„ I've been lurking on Bellazon for years but only recently started getting involved. Anyway, I'm sure we all agree that Jules is absolutely gorgeous, criminally overlooked and that she has one of the best butts in the industry πŸ˜πŸ‘
  9. 2022 (from Jules' Instagram) :
  10. 2020 (various unknown brands):
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