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Found 55 results

  1. As title, I've been looking for her real name for a very long time. Someone please help me find her instagram or facebook please! Thanks in advance!
  2. These pictures were found from AliExpress. Please help me id this female lingerie model. Thanks in advance!
  3. Anyone know her name?? I've dug and dug and gotten nowhere....
  4. I've seen this model on many Chinese and Russian sites, and she seems to do lots of lingerie related stuff. Any name or socials would be great ūüėĀ
  5. Hi guys! can you help me finding her name?
  6. Martina Lee Miss Universe Germany 2009 Model for AliExpress and AliBaba https://fashionelite.com/profile/martina-lee/ https://www.talents-models.com/en/women/2766-martina-lee/ https://www.modelmanagement.com/model/martina-lee/ https://www.mostwantedmodels.com/women/commercial/2136-martina-lee/
  7. As title, Founded in Aliexpress, DHgate, and some Chinese lingerie shopping site. Her last name or first name can be Polina (I founded in the ad of the studio) Appreciated for any info provided.
  8. Model for KouCla, AliExpress, AliBaba
  9. Dear bellazon community, i know its really hard to find a chines model name but if you can help me with this it will be great pleassure. she is appearing in almost every lingerie sites specially in aliexpress n alibaba.please gus help me to find her name.thank you in advance.
  10. Anyone know this model name?
  11. HTB1qwenKXXXXXbYXFXXq6xXFXXXX.jpg_640x640Q90.jpg_.webp
  12. As title, I've been looking for her real name for a very long time. Someone please help me find her instagram or facebook please! Thanks in advance!
  13. Anyone please tell me who is this model ? What's the name of this model ?
  14. Hi, I saw her many times in AliExpress adds. I know she is in Munllure's catalogue.
  15. I'm looking for a name of this blonde goddess, if anyone can help I will be grateful.
  16. Here is the direct link to where I found her. This "Nakewei" store, as well as a few others, "Sexi Temptation", and "Exotic Show Store" all use the same models, likely from the same agency, or at least same city in China. All of the images seem to be Magazine Scans from China, but with some english text written in them as well. I have not been able to ascertain what city the modeling agency that employs them. i've also tried searching some of they keywords and phrases that are written on the photos, but nothing has come up. Google reverse image search couldn't find anything either.
  17. Good morning, I'm looking for the name of these models, they are on Shein and on aliexpress
  18. Cant find her name... does she have a instagram ? If anyone knows please mention.
  19. Hi all! Can anybody help me ID this model that I found on Aliexpress? Most of these images seem to have a ‚ÄúROSESAKURA‚ÄĚ watermark on them. https://aliexpress.ru/i/4000439647646.html On another site and shoot, she is named as ‚ÄúLina‚ÄĚ. This could be helpful. Check the site if you need more photos https://www.dachunchao.com/goods/3826.html However, another shoot defines her as ‚ÄúLera‚ÄĚ as below with similar measurements. I believe that she is the same model as stated above... maybe http://yxfshop.com/?product-8717.html If I find anything else I‚Äôll update this thread. Thank you in advance!
  20. Someone to tell me who are these model please? specialy the picture 1,2 and 7
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