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  1. Hi, 2 models to id, please. 1st one is maybe Courtney O'Connor, not sure...
  2. Miami Swim Week Models – a forgotten group? Since two months I try to identify the models participating in the Miami Swim Weeks. There are a lot of videos from these shows on the Internet, I started to download a couple of them some years ago. It was easy to find names as Tika Camaj, Joy Corrigan, Celeste Bright but soon I discovered that most of the photos mention “ a model walks the runway”. Discovering the website of Bellazon I got a little further, especially when one of the members started to help me. By making topics especially about the Miami Swim Weeks I found more and more, n
  3. In this fashion show 18 models. Not shown 5: Ivany Guzman, Zandria Theis, Amanda Piccizoni and the sisters Schroder. Many of the 13 models I can´t ID. The strong make-up makes it more difficult, but for sure there are also models that I have never seen before. 1. Manuela Alvarez 2. ?? 3?? 4 ?? 5 Ajahnoe Baker ? 6. Kaylin b 7. ?? 8. ?? 9. Jamee Byrd 10. ?? 11 ?? 12?? 13 ??
  4. Please help me ID this model from Monday swimwear show
  5. This is already my 9th topic about shows from the Miami Swim Week. What started with editing my own video-material (mainly about my traveling and about birds) evaluated in editing video’s (from You Tube) about shows like Victoria´s Secret and Etam and finally the Miami Swim week. For VS and Etam you can find lists of the models from that show. Surprisingly you can´t find the names of the models from the Miami Swim Week except the most common ones. Googling “names models” … give most of the time no results. It brings you often to the webpages of companies that try to sell photos. The
  6. In the video of the last walk (presentation) you will find nearly all names of the models. Part of the show but not of this presentation was also no. 12 Tiana Parker. Not recognized by me are no.7 (Lacey Nelson?) and no. 8 Here is the video ChloeR2019-Bellazon.mp4
  7. In the video of Baes 2018 you see the presentation at the end of the the show with names of the models or the question to ID. Some models are not included because I am not interested, but if you like to know their names, indicate that model and ask to ID. Baes 2018-Bellazon.mp4 Still to ID the following: no. 5 no. 7 no.9 no.11 no.12 Not included (as an example for you) What is the name of the model after no. 8 I tried to delete the following (double) photos but without s
  8. This time a relatively easy one. Only 3 models to ID. In the final walk you can see every model well. 1. Steph Rayner 2. ???? 3. Julia Peres 4. ???? 5. Caley Rae Pavillard 6. I think Tatiana Elizabeth 7. Kellie Stewart 8. ??? 9. Natalie Roser 10. Celeste Bright Vincija2019-bellazon.mp4
  9. July 2019 show, 2nd model walking, who is she, please ?
  10. In this case I found first the model that I liked - Hailey Garman- and then I decided to download the video of that fashion show. Some others models rather unknown between the very common ones as Tika, Rachell, Joy, Priscilla. From model 5 I found not more than the name Jenny and neither I know the real name of angelaa222. Two models I don´t recognize 13. 16. Lybethras2017-Bellazon.mp4
  11. In this video extract from Sinesia Karol Swim show in Miami july 2019, 5 models to ID please. sk.mp4
  12. I have published at least 12 shows of Miami Swim Weeks at this site, hoping to get ID´s of the models and hoping to help other people with my growing knowledge. At the start I got help from KimFlorida and some others and I learned to recognize nearly 100 models, amongst them the 50 most common ones, models seen in 5-10 shows. The last 2 months I was able to ID nearly 200 models more on my own, so the result is now nearly 300 models identified, around 70 % of the models that appeared in 70 shows that I downloaded from YouTube. But it becomes more and more difficult to find new one
  13. The final walk was not good for ID-ing the models, so you will see in 2 parts a small piece of everyone of the 15 models. Some I recognize. 8. Tika Camaj & 14. Ivany Guzman are 100 % sure. 7. Tanaye White ??? 11. Dashil Hernandez ? 12. Thais Martin (90% sure) 13. Alexis Randock ? The video was too big for uploading, therefore 2 parts: models 11 till 15 and models 1 till 10. Please help to identify everyone. CM2014-11-15.mp4 CM2014-1-10.mp4 CM2014-11-15.mp4
  14. Recently I discovered the wondelful fashion show of Aqua Blu. It remembered me instanly to another one that I downloaded a year ago, the one of TJ. Not strange, because both were held on the same place and with 9 of the models igual. Everything was the same, also the excellent way of recording the models, only different brands In the final walk of Aqua Blu you will see the names of the models that I recognize (I hope without mistakes). AqBlu2018-Bellazon.mp4 Two models (present in both) that I don´t recognize 1. and 2. and
  15. Hi, any ideas for these 2 models, walking for Stone fox in Miami july 2019. 1 : 2 :
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