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Found 14 results

  1. One of the most remarkable shows of the year 2019, I think. Also in Los Angeles and New York I believe but with different models. In the sequence of their presentation I ask the ID from the following: (the models that I recognized with number but without photo) . 1. 2. 3. 5.Jasmine Blandford 6.Karina Ramos 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. Jazzma Kendrick 13. Paola Diaz 14. 15. 16. I think Qui'yona Salmon 17. Joelle Frederick 18 19.
  2. Who is this hot blonde model in Weismann lingerie?
  3. In the video of the last walk (presentation) you will find nearly all names of the models. Part of the show but not of this presentation was also no. 12 Tiana Parker. Not recognized by me are no.7 (Lacey Nelson?) and no. 8 Here is the video ChloeR2019-Bellazon.mp4
  4. The video's of both VDM shows are great. Pretty models and very good video-quality. In 2018 only 6 models - in order of the presentation- 1.Kamila Davies 2.Julia Pereira 3.Tania Duarte 4.Bree KLeintop 5.Celeste Bright 6. Nikki Murciano In 2019 many more models, see here the presentation at the end of the show with nearly all names. Only 3 models I do not know. Please help to ID them no 4 no.6 no.10 VDM2019-endwalk.mp4
  5. Sports Ill. runway during the Miami Swim Week 2019 I recognized the following models:Halina Aden, Haley Kalik, Courtney Smits, Ajahnoe Baker, Jasmine Sanders, Camille Kostek, Salina Jade, Robin Holzken, Adriana Gutierrez, Tanaye White and Hyunjoo Hwang. I like to know the following: 1. 2 3 4 5. 6.
  6. I know only a few of the 12 models. Hopefully you can help with the ID. The final walk is not usefull to show, neither it has to do with the numbers. 1. Tika Camaj 2. Emma Golijanin 3. Ariadna Gutierrez ?? 4. 5. 6 7 8 9. 10. 11. 12
  7. Hello, Does anyone know the name is model ? Pull and Bear 2019. Thank you from now!
  8. Hi! Who is the best female model for you in the period 2019-2020? I'm making some groups to vote (more groups coming soon), so you can choose your favourite one or give some points in this web: https://listas.20minutos.es/usuario/thetopmodelfan-115384/ The top rated models will go to a great final list to find the winner. You can also tell your favourite or a new one in this post, or even make here your own Top Three/Five/Ten list. Thanks for your collaboration.
  9. I would like to know the identity of the gorgeous model who participated in the Aubade SS2019 swimwear and swimwear campaign. The problem is that she constantly hides her face with her arms, with leaves or with a sheet, or she turns her head so that we cannot see her eyes. There is obviously an artistic bias which consists in hiding her face in order to focus more on her sexy body and her plump lips. The mystery around her identity makes her sensual, desirable and very attractive. So a question: WHO IS THIS GIRL? Elisa Meilani The only image where you can guess its face (we'll have to settle for that) Otherwise, there is also the video Aubade Swimwear SS2019. But of course, the camera lens never films above the mannequin's mouth. 20200323-142150-1152x720_00.mp4 I would like to know more about this beautiful woman. Unfortunately, it will not be easy to unmask his identity. It looks like the identity of Aubade models is protected as a state secret.
  10. In this fashion show 18 models. Not shown 5: Ivany Guzman, Zandria Theis, Amanda Piccizoni and the sisters Schroder. Many of the 13 models I can´t ID. The strong make-up makes it more difficult, but for sure there are also models that I have never seen before. 1. Manuela Alvarez 2. ?? 3?? 4 ?? 5 Ajahnoe Baker ? 6. Kaylin b 7. ?? 8. ?? 9. Jamee Byrd 10. ?? 11 ?? 12?? 13 ??
  11. Thank you!
  12. After searching a lot, especially in Instagram I found most models of the fashion shows that I liked. For sure not all of them. Still to ID these two of Abruzzo. By the way if you like to know about the other models in these shows, ask me. From the 12 models in Abruzzo 2019 I miss 1. 2. this was even the model that accompanied the designer ! From Vanity 2019 I miss a lot (5 from the 10) 1. 2 5
  13. This time a relatively easy one. Only 3 models to ID. In the final walk you can see every model well. 1. Steph Rayner 2. ???? 3. Julia Peres 4. ???? 5. Caley Rae Pavillard 6. I think Tatiana Elizabeth 7. Kellie Stewart 8. ??? 9. Natalie Roser 10. Celeste Bright Vincija2019-bellazon.mp4
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