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  1. Since you are the only one posting to this thread, no one seems to know who this woman is. You need to give it time. Many of the threads I've started have taken MONTHS to get a positive answer. Bumping the topic every day or every other day is just going to get people angry .
  2. Yes
  3. Girl #1 looks like Juliana Schurig
  4. your post above, #3 is Aneta Pajak and #4 is Diana Moldovan
  5. Bruna Tenorio
  6. I think this one MIGHT be Yulia Vasiltsova
  7. I think it is Mathilde Brok Brandi, but it's too small for me to be 100% sure.
  8. Jan Dunning
  9. Thank you!
  10. She is in the February 2017 LaFayette 148 catalog with Denisa Dvorakova ...looks very familiar. TIA
  11. Nastya Sten
  12. Joy Van der Eecken ...but seriously, don't stalk her
  13. #3. Anna Speckhart #4 - yes, it is Sigrid