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  1. I don't see Nastya Sten or Daria Strokous in any of these photos...are we looking at the same pics?
  2. Here she is courtesy of Fashion Model Directory... Rachel Leigh I can't find any sign that she still models.
  3. Jessica Le Bleis
  4. Thanks
  5. Sigrid Agren looks like Daria Strokous, but not 100% sure Julia Jamin
  6. Anja Leuenberger
  7. She looks very familiar, but definitely NOT Caroline Forsling. This model looks younger...
  8. I believe model #1 is Darsan O'Connor @ The Industry Model Management in LA... portfolio here
  9. Taryn Davidson
  10. I found out who she is...Smith Vanders
  11. I believe that is Farah Holt...she has the same tattoo on the back of her left arm ^ got it first
  12. I believe the model @ 3:23 is Katarina Scola
  13. I think the model @ 6:32 is Andreea Stancu??? maybe???
  14. I think this one is Sarah English @ Elite Direct NY
  15. She's all over in the Baujken boutiques with Renee Meijer....