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  1. CHANEL Fall 1999 campaign (I think?)

    She is a model from the 90's/00's that I don't remember... very pretty!
  2. CHANEL Fall 1999 campaign (I think?)

    ^ Great! Thank soooo much!
  3. CHANEL Fall 1999 campaign (I think?)

    I think this is from the CHANEL Fall 1999 campaign... TIA
  4. Elle 2003

  5. Models from 2003

    Le Book does confirm it is Erica Redling. Good catch!
  6. DKNY Spring 2002 Campaign

    Thank you so much! I have never even heard or her before.
  7. DKNY Spring 2002 Campaign

    my scan DKNY Spring 2002 campaign Le Book ID'd her as "Justine" from IMG Models - don't know how accurate that is. Anyone know her?
  8. Models from 2003

    Tatyana Simanava
  9. Models from 2003

    Brigitte Marie Swidrak
  10. Solid and striped online model

    looks like Keilani Asmus
  11. catalog model ID

    Tess Hellfeuer
  12. Stunning Nic del Mare Fashion Model

    Eilie Bennett