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  1. 1. Malika el Maslouhi 2. Sophie Koella
  2. Here is her portfolio at LOOK Models Russia
  3. The blonde is the lovely Louise von Celsing. I think she is a yoga teacher now.
  4. {name}

    L'Officiel 2002

    maybe, Deanna Miller? I think she would have been 18 at the time and I'm not sure when she started modeling...
  5. @Pach Please upload a photo. It is not safe for users to click on an attachment
  6. Right - definitely Michelle Left - i don't think it is her
  7. she's got a very small Bellazon thread...
  8. maybe, Elise Pluvinage? I know she has worked for Superdry and Otto.
  9. I don't think either of those photos are her Mouth and nose are different.
  10. {name}

    VS Model's ID

    perhaps, Ayaana Aschkar-Stevens??
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