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  1. 7. Iris van Berne
  2. 2 is Amanda Nimmo
  3. Could it be Inga Eiriksdottir??? Here is another photo of her with similar moles...
  4. Clara Alonso maybe Leticia Birkheuer?
  5. Zhenya Katava Elyse Taylor I think this is Alexandra Tomlinson Amanda Wellsh
  6. @modelknowledge Do you think this could be Marta Ortiz @ Supreme NY?
  7. Agnes Sokolowska
  8. I don't think it is Lydia...
  9. Jules Mordovets
  10. @Nampyo287 Can you give us a little more information about where you found the photo?
  11. Masha Novoselova Annemarie van Dijk
  12. @pitounsky Thanks so very much!
  13. She is in the new Eric Bompard Spring 2017 catalog with Charlotte Nolting...TIA
  14. ???
  15. Thank you!