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  1. ohhh... I've never heard of her before. Thank you @Vogue Girl
  2. You're welcome! Next time, instead of trying to use attachments, just upload the photos directly on to the Bellazon server. It's not safe for anyone to click on attachments
  3. I don't see any photos.
  4. I think that is Summer Soderstrom. Both ladies have the same tattoo.
  5. I think it is probably her, too. She’s very pretty! Don’t think I’ve seen her before. 👏
  6. I checked her IG. She has some swimwear photos in her IG stories, but no brands or labels were tagged.
  7. She looks a bit like Brenda Kranz... I can't tell for sure. I'll check her IG.
  8. @clo_fashion I thank you for guiding us in the right direction to find her! I was looking everywhere with no luck. I didn't think to look at Mikas.
  9. I thank @clo_fashion for pointing us in the right direction 👍
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