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  1. kimflorida

    VS Model's ID

    Olya Ivanisevic
  2. kimflorida

    Elle 2004 cover model

    I know I'm not helping since my post isn't a "Barbara", but whoever she is, she looks SO much like Vivien Solari!!
  3. This model was in the CHOPARD 'Ice Cube' collection catalog with Aymeline Valade. TIA
  4. kimflorida

    Freya lingerie model

    Their IG page ID’s her as Tina Kunakey
  5. kimflorida

    Tommy Hilfiger campaign 2002

    Could it be Olivia Garson? It looks so much like her but the year has to wrong 🙁
  6. kimflorida

    Cute Brunette and blonde 2004

    1. Ana Mihajlovic 3. I think it is Juliana Martins?? Can someone confirm?
  7. kimflorida

    Tommy Hilfiger campaign 2002

    Yes, I'm still looking... I don't think it's Haylynn either
  8. kimflorida

    1998 model

    I know... sometimes she slips my mind too, but then I always eventually remember...
  9. kimflorida

    1998 model

    Kim Renneberg
  10. kimflorida

    Dior Resort 2019

    1. Ratner 3. Lex Herl
  11. kimflorida

    Oscar de la Renta resort 2019

    #1 is Alina Kozyrka #2 is Natalia Sirotina
  12. kimflorida

    Who is this Brooks Brothers Model??

    I think it’s Brooke Perry
  13. kimflorida

    LASCANA Catalog Summer 2018

    Thank you!
  14. kimflorida

    Tommy Hilfiger campaign 2002

    Hmmm... I don’t know... I never would have guessed it was Riley. Wouldn’t she only have been 12 or 13 in 2002? This model looks a bit older to me. I’m going to do some more research to confirm. Thank you @ArianaVSCouture for your help
  15. kimflorida

    HIGHLAND PARK VILLAGE Spring 2018 Magazine

    A member on TFS was kind enough to ID her as Stina Olsson