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  1. Lais Felisardo

    Of course
  2. Lais Felisardo

    Lais Felisardo Her Instagram...
  3. Both models, please! TIA For some reason, I was thinking the reddish-haired model was Bekah Jenkins?? Don't know for sure... FYI, photos by Ellen von Unwerth.
  4. Sofija Milosevic

    Actually, I just found out it is Sofija Milosevic, not Rachel Hilbert
  5. Sofija Milosevic

    This came from a Canadian magazine... I have no idea the month or year. Is it Rachel? Can anyone confirm? I thought the model looked familiar, but I couldn’t figure out who she was.
  6. Sofija Milosevic

    Girl on the right, please. Thank you! my scan
  7. NORDSTROM March 2013 catalog

    Nevermind...figured it out - Jeneil Williams
  8. NORDSTROM March 2013 catalog

    I know that I know who this is...I just can't remember her name. Thank you!
  9. 90s models - ID needed

    This one looks like Heidi Klum?
  10. Louis Vuitton Fall 1996

    This model was in the Louis Vuitton Fall 1996 campaign with Kylie Bax, Meghan Douglas, Anne Pedersen, and Claudia Mason. TIA!
  11. vogue germany 2001-2002

    Could this be Cathrine Stenshagen?
  12. vogue germany 2001-2002

    Found model #1 on Fashionmodeldirectory.com ... They say it is Amy Nemec
  13. vogue germany 2001-2002

    OMG... I feel like I should know who these models are I'll keep looking
  14. vogue germany 2001-2002

    @Minerva13 Are there any more photos of the model in the SEXY CHIC edit? The one that might be Linda Vojtova??