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  1. She is the beautiful Michelle Buswell Welcome to Bellazon @fordy5
  2. @modelknowledge already gave you some info how to find these type of "models" in one of your previous posts. She's obviously not a fashion model...much more body shape of a dancer or gymnast.
  3. Cisco (Franziska) von Tschurtschenthaler Michelle Buswell
  4. #3, is 100% Laura Bailey, not Daniela Pestova
  5. Thank you and Thank you
  6. These two models are in my new Lascana Spring 2017 catalog...TIA 1. 2.
  7. I don't think most agencies would (or should) give whole names of models of this age...stalking is bad enough for models and celebrities of "legal age" . Of the few agencies I know of that show their kids/children's board online, they make you log-in with a client account. I have client access to many New York & Florida agency boards, but I am always reminded to not share my log-in info.
  8. Argh!! I knew she looked could I forget Ljupka???
  9. I believe this is Kate Moss
  10. @Cazerty Identified her as Alina Egorova in one of your previous posts.
  11. Estella Boersma
  12. 2. Masha Gutic 3. Laura Bailey 4. Chandra North
  13. 5. Egle Tvirbutaite ?? 10. Nane Feist ??
  14. I think it is Carolina Piovano