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  1. Who are these ladies, please? TIA my scan 1. 2.
  2. I think that is Summer Soderstrom. Both ladies have the same tattoo.
  3. I think it is probably her, too. She’s very pretty! Don’t think I’ve seen her before. 👏
  4. I checked her IG. She has some swimwear photos in her IG stories, but no brands or labels were tagged.
  5. She looks a bit like Brenda Kranz... I can't tell for sure. I'll check her IG.
  6. @clo_fashion I thank you for guiding us in the right direction to find her! I was looking everywhere with no luck. I didn't think to look at Mikas.
  7. I thank @clo_fashion for pointing us in the right direction 👍
  8. Vogue Japan August 2020 PH: Luigi & Iango musenyc.com
  9. Don’t think it is Natasha. Just wearing same dress.
  10. I don’t think the model in your original photo Is Natasha. She just wearing the same Gucci dress in the editorial.
  11. Apparently, Ebba Jonsson
  12. A photographer tagged her IG account - she apparently is Ebba Jonsson. When I checked her IG, it’s set to private.
  13. @clo_fashion I found her listed as ‘Ebba J’ - I’ll try to find her full surname.
  14. I think you mean ‘Ebba J’ at Mikas. I’ll try to find her full surname.
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