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  1. 1. possibly a model named Krista (Kristina) Leia. I found both of her IG accounts and the current one is set to private and says she is no longer modeling.
  2. maybe, Amanda Lopes?? maybe, Mimi Roche??
  3. @BlueAcadia please make sure to number the photos when you have multiple photos in one post. Makes it easier for those doing the IDs Darla Baker Denisa Dvorakova Lonneke Engel Lily Donaldson Noot Seear Olga Sherer Siri Tollerod Coco Rocha Anja Rubik This also might be Siri Tollerod - can't tell for sure...
  4. Ohhh... this one is driving me crazy. She looks so familiar!
  5. She's tagged in this post as Hollie Ford...
  6. I think possibly, Karolina Czarnecka. She's got some Esprit work on her IG feed.
  7. I did a little research and found model in the center - Coralie Jouhier.
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