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    I am particularly interested in British (and international) catalogue and online brands such as Agent Provocateur, Artigiano, ASOS, Banana Republic, Beija Flor, Boden, Fleur of England, the much lamented Gray & Osbourn, JD Williams, Joules, Kaleidoscope, Laura Ashley, Lascivious, Little Mistress, Littlewoods, Long Tall Sally, Myla (seems to be gone now too), Next, Peter Hahn, Peruvian Connection, River Island and White Stuff.

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  1. OldShirburnian

    Jude Rea

    A few of the lovely Jude from JD Williams/Julipa/Nightingales.
  2. OldShirburnian

    Marcela Vivan

    A few of the delicious Marcela from Fleur of England, May 2018.
  3. OldShirburnian

    Fleur of England Lingerie Brunette

    Marvellous! Thanks, kimflorida.
  4. OldShirburnian

    Fleur of England Lingerie Brunette

    Anyone have any idea who this goddess is from the latest Fleur of England Signature lingerie campaign? I feel I ought to know who she is, so it might be an easy one!
  5. OldShirburnian

    Eliza Cummings

  6. OldShirburnian

    Eliza Cummings

    A few of the goddess Eliza from the Agent Provocateur Valentine's Day campaign 2018.
  7. OldShirburnian

    Agent Provocateur Brunette Model, Valentine's Day Campaign 2018

    Many thanks! I probably should have recognised her as she's an AP regular!
  8. Anyone any idea who this AP goddess from the Valentine's Day Campaign 2018 might be?
  9. OldShirburnian

    Redhead from Closet London

    Thanks, Cazerty, that's great!
  10. OldShirburnian

    Julia Johansen

    ...and the last batch.
  11. OldShirburnian

    Julia Johansen

    ...and some more...
  12. OldShirburnian

    Julia Johansen

    Some more...
  13. OldShirburnian

    Julia Johansen

    The goddess Julia for Closet London, AW2017.
  14. OldShirburnian

    Jude Rea

    And some more...
  15. OldShirburnian

    Jude Rea

    Some more of the delicious Jude from JD Williams.