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  1. I didn't expect anyone to post anything here after this amount of time. Thanks!
  2. From Aetrex Comfort Shoes and Insoles | Aetrex
  3. From draperjames.com https://cdn.shopify.com/s/file
  4. She' lovely, an ID would be appreciated. Thanks
  5. Hello Found her on topshop. Any assistance is appreciated.
  6. Modcloth model Sorry, but I can't find any current links. Thanks!
  7. There was no bellazon page for her so I made one:
  8. MELANIE FRIEDEL Height: 5'8"Dress: 2 USBust: 32BWaist: 24"Hips: 34"Shoe: 8 USHair: BrownEye: Blue https://www.instagram.com/melaniefriedel Photos all from https://galmeetsglam.com/
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