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  1. secondaryemail999

    3 Leather Clad Lovelies

    Yes I think so, thank you.
  2. secondaryemail999

    3 Leather Clad Lovelies

    She does although I'm not completely sure. I wish I could remember where I found it. It was on one of the next websites although I can't remember which nationality. The best I could find is an expired link: http://app.next.co.uk/gl02534s2
  3. secondaryemail999

    3 Leather Clad Lovelies

    Hello. I'm hoping someone can ID these ladies. The first is from Bebe: http://www.bebe.com/PETITE-FAUX-LETR-SURPLICE-DRS/101952.pro?selectedColor=blk&source=PJ_AD:Z:BEBE_BEBE&affiliateId=58012&clickId=2381407984&extid=af_58012&affiliateCustomUrl={deeplink}&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_source=EEAN&utm_campaign=58012&utm_content=1-6671&cvosrc=affiliate.pepperjam.58012&cvo_cid=2381407984 The second is from La Canadienne: https://www.la-canadienne.com/rose-garden/robe-patineuse-cuir-noir-irise.html The third is from Star by Julien Macdonald but I havn't been able to refind a high res pic like below Thanks to anyone who can help.
  4. secondaryemail999

    Linda Winkowski

    More Soft Surroundings
  5. secondaryemail999

    Where did I find this picture of Daniella van Graas?

    Thank you, it didn't turn up when I tried. I'll see if I can refind the fullpic again rather than just the bottom.
  6. secondaryemail999

    Where did I find this picture of Daniella van Graas?

    That was my first thought as well however the filename is ta_ta031.jpg and Soft Surroundings uses ones that are either 5 digit numbers like 29850 or a mix like 2AG42.
  7. secondaryemail999

    Almliebe Collection

    I don't know the names of these models but they sure are lovely
  8. I found this picture of Daniella van Graas in my collection and I can't remember where I found it. I did an image search (obviously) and searched the file name but found nothing. It looks like either Chadwicks, Soft Surroundings, or one of the Orchard Blair brands but the file name doesn't match any of file name formats for those websites. Thanks to anyone who can help
  9. secondaryemail999

    Caitriona Balfe

  10. secondaryemail999

    Aline Nakashima

    From lots of different sources. Sorry for any duplicates
  11. secondaryemail999

    Jennifer Rose Koelfgen

    Various sources, sorry for any duplicates
  12. secondaryemail999

    Marina Theiss

    Mostly Chadwicks, Soft Surroundings, & Nordstrom. Sorry for any reposts
  13. secondaryemail999

    Daniella Van Graas

    Thanks for the correction. Also I forgot one:
  14. secondaryemail999

    Daniella Van Graas

    Chadwicks, Soft Surroundings, & Orchard Brands
  15. secondaryemail999

    Kristine Szabo

    Soft Surroundings, Chadwicks & Blair brands