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  1. Yes, also she is located in Montreal, as is Le Chateaux, so it is probably her. Thank you for the assist again!
  2. She is featured on Le Château. Thank you to anyone who can help https://www.lechateau.com/style/browse/subcategoryBanner.jsp?categoryId=cat37630709
  3. Hello Thanks for IDing her. It is indeed Alex Denning. I wasn't sure as well so I browsed through her Instagram account until I found some of her Red Dress Boutique pics. Also she didn't have a topic here so I created one: Thanks again!
  4. HEIGHT 5 ' 7 " BUST 32 " WAIST 24 " HIPS 32 " DRESS 2 SHOES 8 HAIR BROWN EYES HAZEL The Block Agency https://theblockagency.com/women/alex-denning/
  5. I found this lovely model on Red Dress Boutique's blog below: https://www.reddressboutique.com/products/classic-summer-red-gingham-top Unlike my previous request, her name isn't on this website. I found the other photos with some fusking (if you haven't discovered fuskr yet you should try it https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/fuskr/glieaboaghdnlglpkekghloldikefofo?hl=en-GB). Any help would be appreciated
  6. Hello Thanks for the IDs and thanks for pointing out they're identified as such. My brain just glided over the "Model Info"
  7. Hello Thank you for any help you can offer in identifying these models.
  8. I found her on Shopbop and I would love to know who she is. I would appreciate any help. https://www.shopbop.com/madeline-sheath-dress-black-halo/vp/v=1/1542868327.htm
  9. Metric: HEIGHT 170 BUST 76 WAIST 64 HIPS 86 DRESS 8 SHOE 39 HAIR BLONDE EYES LIGHT-BROWN Imperial: HEIGHT 5'7½" BUST 30 WAIST 25 HIPS 34 DRESS 8 Vivien's Models
  10. I think you may be right. Thank you!
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