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  1. @modelknowledge I don’t think I’ve seen her before.
  2. These four are Carolina Garzón
  3. That's what I thought too, but I didn't know if she was modeling anymore.
  4. Could the blonde be Teresa Baca Astolfi or Caroline Winberg?
  5. @mcentm Here is a good thread for ID'ing Venus models. Maybe you can scroll through and find a match...
  6. According to Filmfeed.com, she started her career as a model. That's where I found the little tiny image I posted.
  7. {name}

    Elle Oriental

    maybe, Adriana Cernanova?
  8. Yandex says Rachael Emrich. I've never heard of her before IDK
  9. ^ oh, YES! I think you are right!!!
  10. Yay! That's who I was hoping it was! Thank you!
  11. I think she is Kitrysha (Kit Rysha)
  12. This one looks like Amber Heard. She did a 2012 campaign
  13. I thought I had an answer, but it was a false alarm
  14. 1. 1995 my scan 2. 1998 my scan 3. 2006 (I have an opinion of who this is, but I want to see if I am right) my scan I'll be adding others as the days go on as I am sorting my collection. TIA
  15. so was Fendi not a major campaign back in 1997? I'd still like to see additional images before I am 100% positive of Yfke.
  16. Anyone know the female model, please? TIA uomoclassico.com
  17. @modelknowledge According to Google and Wikipedia, The 1997 Elite Model Look contest crowned it's winner Yfke in September 1997. So, would she have been booked for a Spring 1997 campaign (shot in 1996) before even being a winner? I could understand if it was the Spring 1998 campaign, but not the Spring 1997 campaign. 1997 was before my time, but with my knowledge of how things work now, that seems rather improbable.
  18. Iliana Chernakova 🥰
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